Monday, 18 March 2013

What Can I Do?

"Lovey, lovey," I open my eyes and there was my hubby standing with a cup of coffee for me...bless! I drink my cuppa then do my baby steps downstairs to feed the cats.
I jump under the shower before the gas man arrives. Our gas boiler has developed a problem with the pressure, and the overflow is, overflowing.

The gas man arrives, it took him about an hour to sort the problems. My hubby then tells me that our son, Michael has just pulled up in his car BUT! He has his girlfriend with him. We don't want her in our home. One day last week my son came along and he had his girlfriend and his youngest in the car so I told him to bring them in because of the cold, but now she is just coming along with our son and just walking in:( We don't want her in our home!! We took her to court a couple of years ago for committing fraud in mine and my husbands names, buying loads of things in our names. A few years ago she also tried to cause trouble in my marriage. I don't know how to stop her coming into our home without upsetting my Michael.
Michael brought baby Jayden with him/them, Jayden is a little poppet, he is GORGEOUS!!
I had to put up with Michael's girlfriend for a few hours because Michael had come along to do the repairs on our car so we can book it back in for the re-test.

My raw has been none existent these last few days...grrr I was so into my raw and doing EXCELLENT! A few days ago, but then it has just gone again, maybe because we have been quite busy lately. I have noticed that I find it difficult to stay on track when things are going on, so I need to get organised and ready for busy days.

I am off to my doctors in the week to ask if I need to be checked for any cancers after my Dad passed away from colon cancer and my Mother being diagnosed with bowel cancer last year. My sister also wants me to mention another little problem to my GP. After talking to my sister who done nurse training and Pam who we visited on Saturday and who is a nurse and my nephew who is a male nurse, they all think I could have angina, so I will mention this to my GP and no doubt I will be sent for tests...ummm...I'm dropping to bits, maybe.

Well, that is all for today, back tomorrow.


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