Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothers Day

Good morning! We had the snow which fortunately melted but then it came back then melted again....ummm...typical!

It is Mothers Day here in the UK. My son, Michael came to visit with our 4 GORGEOUS Grandchildren, Ebony, Ellie, Michael and Jaydon. They brought gifts for me, here they are

Mothers day card from Michael
Mothers day card from my Grandchildren
Photo frame with my 4 Grandbabies in.
Keyring with my 4 Grandbabies and my Son in
Diamanté pen
Best Mum mug and coaster
Grandma shower gel, bodywash and scrunchie
Box of Milk tray chocolates

WOW! Loads of things. I don't care how corny this sounds but a big hug and kiss would have been great which I got also:)
My husband wrote a lovely verse from him and our sons which was FANTASTIC!

I have put my keyring on my bag. I was going to put it on my purse along with a little charm called Boofle that I got from Michael last year on Mothers day but I thought the keyring would get scratched so I have attached it to my bag.
I opened the chocolates when our Grandbabies were here so they could help me eat them. When they left I let Adam and James tuck in and I do confess to having some myself, well, I wasn't not going to have some after my baby bought them for me but now I feel very tired and my eyes just want to close. I think I will have a cup of Moringa tea because that does energise!

I will have a salad for my evening meal which I am looking forward to and it is my last avocado...boohoo I think I will have to buy 4 nets of avocados when I go to Costco next.

Well, that is all for now, might be back later, if not then I will be back tomorrow.


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