Thursday, 14 March 2013

Real Raw Housewife

5.30am.....a hustle of noise as the alarm goes off for my husband to get up; I gently doze back off for a few more minutes until my hubby brings me a cup of coffee upstairs, yep I am still drinking coffee, I simply can't stop...YET! My hubby sits in the bed drinking his cup of tea, then...aahhh bliss he starts massaging my head as he sips his tea. Okay, 6.20am and time to get up and get sorted. I sluggishly sit up and fumble for my slippers. The cats come into the bedroom meowing and purring because I am the one who puts their food out.
I step down the stairs like a baby, one step at a time because of my right knee, infact, both my knees are painful but my right knee especially, and the noise...crunch, grind, crackle, crunch...that horrible grinding noise in my knee...YEEUU. My hubby and I give each other a kiss and cuddle and say the usual bye and loves you's.

I have a shower every single morning but this morning I am being a scruff and not showering straight away because I want to get into cleaning and polishing these floors. I make another cup of coffee....ahhhh that smell of coffee is just the best...still! I take my coffee and sit at the computer...*YAAAWWWN* I am doing it again, getting sleepy, so I decide not to deny myself and I crawl back onto the bed and proceed to drift off to sleep. Four hours later my mobile rings, it's my sister, I ignore it until I wake up. I phoned my sister back and we chat for about 30 minutes.

I think about getting on with these floors...ummm Suddenly James is beside me asking for lunch, I make that and then I start the floors.....drat, the trigger for the bottle of spray wont work. I change it with another spray trigger, then another, I then go onto to pour the polish into a different spray bottle NOTHING! For some reason it just wont work....grrr. I vacuum the floors and the rug, roll the rug up and lift it off the floor so I can polish the floors. I have to drizzle the polish onto the floors and then quickly polish with the polishing mop. DONE! Now for the kitchen floor, I use the swiffer for that....allll done! Another cup of coffee and a second banana, that is all I have eaten today, 2 banana's, I'm not so hungry.

Grrrr....some idiot who cleary doesn't know his highway code has parked RIGHT outside my drive blocking me in...I HATE THAT! IGNORANCE AND BAD DRIVING! I hear next doors front door closing and a car door shut, then an engine start, I look out of the window....ahhhh now that's better, the idiot has driven away.
Rat tat tat tat rattatatat....that is James' knock at the door, I open the front door and yep it is my babies back home. I take their cotton wool blankets and wrap them back up, I HATE having to unwrap that cotton wool when they want to go out.

3.04pm and time to think about the evening meals. Macaroni cheese and sausage for the boys, I am not sure for my hubby...YEP, I am one of those Mothers who will stand and do different meals each meal time, well, at least then they will eat their meal, got to love your family eating! My meal will be a yumscrumdiddlyumcious salad, I love my salads now!! Always did but really love them now!:)

Just need to clean my patio doors now.....WHIIRRRrrrrr.....huuummmmmm...the sound of my new Karcher window cleaner, such a nice sound and WOW! My windows are crystal clear after using this little machine, that is another job done!

Evening meals all done, just need to put some things away; I'll get that done in a few minutes. I think whilst I am in the kitchen I will wash some lettuce, it's good to have that prepared in the fridge. I am going to get some groceries tomorrow, I feel less secure when my fridge is looking sparce...don't like it:(

Well, that is me for today. Back tomorrow.


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