Saturday, 29 December 2012

Getting Ready!

I am getting prepared and ready to start my raw living lifestyle on 1st January 2013.
I walked into town and back yesterday but today I drove but still walking yesterday was a good way to prepare and ease back into things on 1st January.

Well, Christmas, BOY! Did I get some fantastic Christmas presents and all ready for 1st January 2013, but first, here is a pic of the raw sweet mince pies.

Raw Christmas Sweet Mince Pies
You wouldn't think these are raw and they are so deliciously sweet, better than any cooked and processed sweet mince pie!!! I have put some into the freezer.
Okay then, onto Christmas pressies. I will start off slowly:)
This was from my son, Thorntons chocolates, Blossom hill wine and a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana Perfume. The box is a velvety texture...GORGEOUS! As is the perfume of course.

A single tea pot. The tea is masted in the pot and instead of pouring the tea, I simply lift the pot and sit it onto the cup and it filters into the cup with no loose tea going into the cup....INGENIOUS!
I am going to start and drink more tea's and attempt to cut out or certainly cut right down on my coffee consumption.
A raw living order with some new products, Festive Pie bar, Date & Walnut bar and a Furikaki sprinkle and a Pizzeria sprinkle...BRILLIANT!

Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine Part 2 DVD. I wanted part 2 first as it looked like it had better recipes but my hubby has sent for part 1 now for my Birthday which is in just over a weeks time.

Yantra Mat. This is a modern day bed of nails. It helps with sleep, stress, soothes back problems, increases energy and improves metabolism...WOW! That will do me!!

A Breville Whole Fruit Juicer. 1000 watt Pro Kitchen Juicer.
I do have a Jack La lanne but to be honest it leaves the pulp rather wet so I asked for this Breville juicer instead. I have heard lots of good things about the Breville.

A chocolate tempering machine, can you believe it? How fantastic is this? I will be making raw chocolate with this.

 And now the Daddy! A Thermomix!!! This does raw and cooks food and much MUCH MORE!

There are also lots of You Tube video's to watch of the Thermomix being demonstrated, just type in Thermomix into You Tube.

Well, there you go, my Christmas presents. What did you get for Christmas?!?!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!
All my housework is done and all the house revamping dirt and dust is cleaned out of this house...WoooHooo - WOW! I have scrubbed every corner, nook and cranny. Bathroom and loo and the downstairs loo wall tiles cleaned, pictures and frames cleaned, carpets cleaned, on top, inside, behind, underneath, EVERYWHERE CLEANED!! THE LOT! The house is warm, clean and cozy, just the way I like it at Christmas time.

My hubby and our boys go out every Christmas Eve for a walk through the town to see the lights and my hubby managed to get a few pictures. The pics aren't very good because he took them on his phone and the pics certainly do not do the lights justice but you get the idea.

The market square in our town.

I had a slice of the raw Christmas Cake today so here is a photo of that. I bought it from Raw Living and it was YUMCIOUS! I also bought some raw sweet mince pies which I will probably post a picture of those tomorrow but for now, here is the Christmas cake.

Our eldest son, Michael visited today and he brought 3 of our Granchildren to see us, Ebony, Ellie and Michael. We gave them their Christmas presents which they opened in front of us so we could watch them and our Michael opened his also, it was so nice to watch them all. One of the things we bought our Grandson were walkie talkies, he was soo funny with them, I think they are going to be played with a lot!
Michael didn't bring baby Jaydon with him because he said he was being a tad difficult, well he is only 10 month old...bless!
My Mother and step Dad visited this morning and as usual we had a really good laugh with them, they are crackers those two!!

Well, one week and I will be back on the raw wagon...WooHoo!

I will probably pop back tomorrow with pics of my Christmas pressies:)

Today has been a lovely day even with having to do a tad more cleaning, so worth it. Our house is revamped and cleaned...GREAT!

Friday, 21 December 2012


I popped back out to the shops today to get a few more things to put into the hamper for my Mother and step Dad.
Here are some pics of the hamper I have put together. Unfortunately I didn't have a bigger box so I couldn't angle things to display them better, ah well, I'm sure they will be pleased with this. I have put sweet mince pies, Christmas bar cake, fudge and choccy biscuits in also which they like, it's nice to have a treat at Christmas time.
NOT the best photo's.

I think I may have used too much cling wrap over the box this time but it was coming to the end of the roll so I just used what was left..oopsie!
I will drop this off at my Mothers tomorrow especially as I have put a net of clemintines in there also.
Well, that is all my Christmas shopping done for this year.

I received a package today of raw Christmas sweet mince pies, I also ordered a portion of raw Christmas cake which I will take a pic of and show you tomorrow.

I have decided to start my day off tomorrow with a bowl of raspberries for breakfast and to try to be more raw for the next couple of days but to well and truly get back on the raw food wagon as of 1st January.

Today has been another cleaning day and laundry day, not much more of the Christmas cleaning to do now but I did have to do a deeper clean of the house anyway after all the work that has been done around here.
Today I have cleaned another 3 sets of blinds (a couple more to do) , cleaned another 4 windows (a couple more to do) cleaned 1 radiator, stripped and made our bed, done 3 loads of laundry, dried and folded it. More to do tomorrow.

It is my Birthday early next month....BAH HUMBUG! Another year older...HEY! And wiser....well, maybe :)

Night Night

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Shopping, Cleaning & House

WOW! I/we have had a busy week.
We went for our big grocery shop on Friday. It never got light all day what with the rainy, gloomy weather....LOVE IT! We picked my Mother and step Dad up and we took them to Costco where I bought my usual. After dropping the oldies off we went back out to JTF to buy the boys some Christmas tree lights for their little Christmas tree's that they have in their bedrooms. I bought some smellies for my sons and walkies talkies and Ben 10 things for our eldest Grandson, Michael's Christmas presents. On our way back from JTF we dropped in at Tesco to buy my usual sweet onions and a few other bits and pieces for Christmas, Oh! And some hair dye...WOW! I needed my hair coloured! The grey was coming in thick and fast...Done now...PHEW!

Saturday I cleaned my stair and landing feels better just knowing that job is done. My hubby done a few more little jobs around the house.
I have cleaned for the rest of the week and done a little internet Christmas shopping for presents.

Today the weather has been dark, rainy and windy all day, although it has been a tad lighter in spells than what it was last Friday. I drove to the bank first thing this morning to put some cash into the bank and when I got back I cleaned 3 large window blinds.

I need to go to the supermarket over the next day or two because I am making a hamper up for my Mother and step Dad for part of their Christmas present. I used to make hampers for my Dad and he loved them! I fill them with tins and treats that they wouldn't normally buy themselves.
I get a box and cut the front and sides to shape to display the contents, I then wrap the box inside and out with Christmas wrapping paper, then I display the items in the box, I then cover the box with cling film so the items can be seen but nothing falls out, I will take a photo of it when I have made it up so you can see what I mean.

I have to say that my raw has and still is bad but I am alright with that because I know that I am going to get back on the raw wagon on January 1st...actually, I think I said that in a previous post...*smiles*

Well I am going to get a few more bits of cleaning done tonight and then go and watch TV in bed whilst drinking a warm drink.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Motherhood

I had to share this, it is BRILLIANT!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Nearly two weeks

It has been nearly two weeks since I was last here...Oops! Anyway, we have made great progress and the house is looking very festive. There are one or two little touch ups to do and that is it.

I am doing our big grocery shop at the weekend and buying any last minute presents. I am also going to buy my Mother a little get well present. My mother had her operation but has to have chemo to kill any last remaining bits of the cancer and hopefully it will do the trick and she will have many more years of life to live. My gran was in her 80's when she passed away, my Mother is only 67 years old, my Dad was only 69 when he passed young!!

I am plouging through my Christmas cleaning i.e. under kickboards, cleaning blinds and windows etc. The house is is lot cleaner anyway after getting all that decorating and revamping done around here but I doing the under, behind, on top and inside cleaning and throwing out no good things now.

My raw has not been great over these last few weeks but I am not going to worry too much at the moment because come January I will be back on the raw wagon and on that raw wagon I will stay especially as I do not want to get the same disease my parents.

I have been able to get my exercise machines out after doing the revamping which I am going to try to get a lot more use out of. I have a treadmill, power plate, rebounder and a pilates machine and not forgetting all my DVD's, I am a lady of leisure so what excuse do I have to not be using them?! NONE!! So come January 1st that is it! I am going to use them...YeeHaa I am going to use them aswell as my new kitchen machines that I am getting for Christmas, I'm not telling you yet what they are but you will see, probably on Christmas day I will post pics of them.

Well that is all for now so I shall bid you night night and I will try to get back tomorrow but if not I will be here on Friday.

Chimney Removed
Loft Window Installed
James' Bedroom Walls
James' Underlay & bedroom Carpet
James New Lightshade
James' New Desk

James' Bedroom New Window Sill
Adams New Desk
Adams Bedroom New Window Sill
Adams Bedroom WallsAdams New Bedroom Carpet (probably next year, he got a new carpet about 2 year ago)
Our bedroom Walls
Our Bedroom New Window Sill
Our Underlay & bedroom Carpet
Our New Lightshade
Tile Kitchen Floor
Tile Kitchen Under Cupboard Wall Tiles - Half doneKitchen Under Cupboard Lights to be fitted and wired in
Replace Back Garden Fence Post
Replace Front Garden Gate Posts
Paint Front Door
Paint 2 Little Windows
Paint Stairs, Hall and Landing
New Carpet Stairs and Landing (probably next year for this)
Insulate remaining Loft
Carpet Loft (probably next year)
Livingroom New Window Sill
Livingroom replacement chair

Saturday, 1 December 2012

December 1st....


My Mother is back home, very sore but doing GREAT! We went to visit her but I had to keep my distance somewhat as I still have a cold.

My hubby has started doing more tiling in the kitchen which hopefully he will have done by next weekend. The last under cupboard light is now installed, so that is another job to scratch off the list.

I know my blog hasn't been very raw food orientated lately but it will be as soon as I can get FULL use of my kitchen again.

I have been doing some Christmas cleaning today ready to set up the Christmas tree tomorrow.

Well, not a lot else to report at the moment so I shall bid you all goodnight! I should be back tomorrow.