Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!
All my housework is done and all the house revamping dirt and dust is cleaned out of this house...WoooHooo - WOW! I have scrubbed every corner, nook and cranny. Bathroom and loo and the downstairs loo wall tiles cleaned, pictures and frames cleaned, carpets cleaned, on top, inside, behind, underneath, EVERYWHERE CLEANED!! THE LOT! The house is warm, clean and cozy, just the way I like it at Christmas time.

My hubby and our boys go out every Christmas Eve for a walk through the town to see the lights and my hubby managed to get a few pictures. The pics aren't very good because he took them on his phone and the pics certainly do not do the lights justice but you get the idea.

The market square in our town.

I had a slice of the raw Christmas Cake today so here is a photo of that. I bought it from Raw Living and it was YUMCIOUS! I also bought some raw sweet mince pies which I will probably post a picture of those tomorrow but for now, here is the Christmas cake.

Our eldest son, Michael visited today and he brought 3 of our Granchildren to see us, Ebony, Ellie and Michael. We gave them their Christmas presents which they opened in front of us so we could watch them and our Michael opened his also, it was so nice to watch them all. One of the things we bought our Grandson were walkie talkies, he was soo funny with them, I think they are going to be played with a lot!
Michael didn't bring baby Jaydon with him because he said he was being a tad difficult, well he is only 10 month old...bless!
My Mother and step Dad visited this morning and as usual we had a really good laugh with them, they are crackers those two!!

Well, one week and I will be back on the raw wagon...WooHoo!

I will probably pop back tomorrow with pics of my Christmas pressies:)

Today has been a lovely day even with having to do a tad more cleaning, so worth it. Our house is revamped and cleaned...GREAT!


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