Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Shopping, Cleaning & House

WOW! I/we have had a busy week.
We went for our big grocery shop on Friday. It never got light all day what with the rainy, gloomy weather....LOVE IT! We picked my Mother and step Dad up and we took them to Costco where I bought my usual. After dropping the oldies off we went back out to JTF to buy the boys some Christmas tree lights for their little Christmas tree's that they have in their bedrooms. I bought some smellies for my sons and walkies talkies and Ben 10 things for our eldest Grandson, Michael's Christmas presents. On our way back from JTF we dropped in at Tesco to buy my usual sweet onions and a few other bits and pieces for Christmas, Oh! And some hair dye...WOW! I needed my hair coloured! The grey was coming in thick and fast...Done now...PHEW!

Saturday I cleaned my stair and landing feels better just knowing that job is done. My hubby done a few more little jobs around the house.
I have cleaned for the rest of the week and done a little internet Christmas shopping for presents.

Today the weather has been dark, rainy and windy all day, although it has been a tad lighter in spells than what it was last Friday. I drove to the bank first thing this morning to put some cash into the bank and when I got back I cleaned 3 large window blinds.

I need to go to the supermarket over the next day or two because I am making a hamper up for my Mother and step Dad for part of their Christmas present. I used to make hampers for my Dad and he loved them! I fill them with tins and treats that they wouldn't normally buy themselves.
I get a box and cut the front and sides to shape to display the contents, I then wrap the box inside and out with Christmas wrapping paper, then I display the items in the box, I then cover the box with cling film so the items can be seen but nothing falls out, I will take a photo of it when I have made it up so you can see what I mean.

I have to say that my raw has and still is bad but I am alright with that because I know that I am going to get back on the raw wagon on January 1st...actually, I think I said that in a previous post...*smiles*

Well I am going to get a few more bits of cleaning done tonight and then go and watch TV in bed whilst drinking a warm drink.


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