Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Teaser Tuesday-No Teaser Today

I'm back to my daily blogging as of today!!....YeeHaa

Over the last week-ish(?)..heehee I have been busy helping my husband with his loft. We bought the carpet and that is now laid and items that were in there are now in their storage places. The loft is looking FABULOUS! We are very pleased with it. It has taken us some time to get it into a functioning room, not a bedroom because that is more involved and has to pass health and safety inspections even though we do own our home, everyone that wants to change their loft into a bedroom has to have it passed by health and safety but hobby room or storage room in fine. We started off with a loft ladder...obviously...heehee, then electrics; sockets and lights, then the old water tanks had to come out which was just as well because the tank was about to burst any day. Our next door neighbour had just had that exact thing happen to them just a few months prior to us finding out that our tank was about to go...a blessing in disguise that my hubby wanted the loft, but to remove the tanks was a little more involved because we had to change our whole heating system, a bit of a cost but still worth it to avoid a flood if nothing else. We put down a new floor but before we could complete the floor we had to have the chimney removed and a window installed AND apparently when the man came to remove the chimney he said it was looking decidedly dangerous....phew...just in time again! After the chimney was removed we could then floor the rest of the floor where the chimney had gone through. Then insulation which makes a huge difference in the Winter, then a guy had to alter some woodwork and make everything safe, and last but not least, the carpet, it looks GREAT! Worth the time, effort and expense! And it is rather a large loft!
I do want to eventually buy some of those large plastic tubs with lids so I can start and put the stored items in them instead of in old brown cardboard boxes.

I have been buying some more jewellery making items.

Consists of a
Jewellery carry bag with 5 divider boxes
Tool kit
Helping hands
2 DVDs
Booklets and guides
Tool stand

I also bought which are not shown a
ring mandrel
Hammer with nylon ends
And various other bits and pieces

I need to buy more beads, wires, threads etc.

Back to today. I have hung some laundry out on the line and I have just put another load into the machine. I am going to get my bathroom cleaned and my house vacuumed today.
I have had breakfast of oats, dates, banana and hazelnut milk...YUM! I also had some hot lemon and agave:)

Vacuuming all done:)

After watching Mrsleafygreens You Tube video making an asparagus and mushroom meal I now have asparagus marinating in a tad of olive oil and garlic powder for my evening meal.

My evening meal was mushrooms, marinated asparagus and salad...YUM!

well, that is all for now so I will be back tomorrow.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Lazy Sunday-Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there!

It is quite warm today and bright:)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Big Catch Up!

I know I am not doing a 'Salon Saturday' theme day today, I am getting back to those as of tomorrow:) instead I thought that I best do a catch up, so here goes.

My 'Thrilling Thursday' photo:

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Yes, it is my first jewellery making collection. I think this will be good for helping me relax, especially when I get stressed. I suffer with stress which has been diagnosed by my doctor, so now I do like to do relaxing things, listen to relaxing music and think differently to what I used to think.
I feel that I can control my stress levels more than I used to be able to; it used to get totally out of hand. I also thought that this little interest/hobby will be good as a motivator as I am going to create a charm bracelet and for every 5lb that I lose then I can give myself a charm. This little starter set does have charms in it and I have also ordered more sets to help me along. I have made my first item which is a little charm which is going to be my first 5lb loss charm and here it is:

An Angel. My first ever piece.
I have received another starter set.
Jewellery Start Set.

I also ordered special wires and more plier tools, a ring mandrel and a few other bits and pieces that I am waiting for. I have never made jewellery before and over this last week which is when I was starting to get interested I have learnt SOOO much already and what things are needed to make what, the names of things etc etc

We went grocery shopping yesterday to  Asda and Costco

Not a great pic as I took this with my Blackberry yesterday.
I LOVE this place AND I spent far less than I usually do...AMAZING! AND even though I spent much less, about half actually, I even managed to buy some very much needed new mugs AND this below:

The NEW Tefal Fresh Express Max.

It is now much better with a wider mouth and bigger cones etc and also has turbo speed...BRILLIANT!

It now has special cones for dicing.....WooHoo:)
I will post photo's of foods that I prepare using this. I do have the first Tefal Fresh Express which has since been put to the back of the cupboard:) this will be much better!
I also want to make more of my own sauerkraut and I have wanted some things to help with the fermentation so I bought some airlocks with the caps and of course the bungs which my hubby is going to have to fit into the lids of the Kilner (Mason) jars for me:
Airlocks and bungs
Here is a photo of our youngest Grandson, Jayden:
He decided to put his bib on top of his head...HeeHee
Well that is me for today and I WILL be back tomorrow and every day with my themes. I like doing my theme days!
Night Night

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

I have to say that I am FANTASTIC at maintaining my weight!!! But I don't particularly want to maintain my weight yet, although this isn't just about weight loss it is about gaining health and I have definitely felt a difference lately what with the not needing to sleep through the day:)

Back later today

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Teaser Tuesday-I'm Suprised

I have been very slack with my blogging lately....shocking!

I was up at my usual time of 6.00am. I saw my hubby off to work, fed and watered the cat and jumped under my shower, as I do every morning. Before 8.00am I had already cleaned the two rather large back bedroom windows inside and out and stripped my bed and got some of that into the machine to wash. I did have a doze for one and a half hours mid morning which was much less sleep than usual, but what is surprising me a LOT lately is that I haven't felt the need to have naps throughout the day for days now except for this morning, and it also surprised me that I naturally woke up after the one and a half hours and got straight up and on with things whereas I would normally struggle to keep my eyes open, something has definitely changed with me and it feels good! I LOVE THIS!!!!!

After I made the boys some brunch and saw them on their way I then got the vacuum out and vacuumed all the upstairs and down the stairs and downstairs. I also use the little rubber hand brush to help get the cat hair up from the stair carpet. There is much less cat hair since my little Peaches passed away.

Anyway Teaser Tuesday. Can anyone guess what it is? This is something not raw related but will act as a motivator to stay raw.

There you go. I might think about giving a prize in the future to anyone who guesses my Teaser Tuesday photos.

Oh! Hi to my new follower!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

I lost 2lb this week, not the 5lb but then to be honest I wasn't strict enough with myself but the 5lb would have been easy to lose in a week had I been better.

I have uploaded my evening meal photo on Monday's blog below.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Manic Monday-Cleaning

I have been feeling rather happy lately which has felt great, I still feel happy which is even BETTER!!
I'm not going grocery shopping today because my hubby popped out over the weekend and we do have a stocked fridge:) I am getting on with my cleaning rota because I am determined to get myself into my routines REGULARLY! I never failed with them at one time but then because of depression flare ups I kept slipping. I always feel better when I stick to my routines.

Monday Housework

  • Clean Bathroom and bathroom loo
  • Clean downstairs loo
  • Clean patio doors/patio windows/Kitchen Window & Back Door
  • Clean 1 kitchen cupboard

  • I am going to soak some sundried tomato's for a recipe for my evening meal, Faster Pasta from Ascension Kitchen

    I have had a fruit smoothie for breakfast this morning.

    *UPDATE* - 9.22am
    Back windows done before the sun went around to the back of my house.

    I made the Faster Paster for my evning meal and although nice it wasn't for me. I found that there were far too many sundried tomatoes in the recipe and so tasted very strong. I much prefer Alissah Cohens pasta sauce.

    Night Night