Saturday, 15 June 2013

Big Catch Up!

I know I am not doing a 'Salon Saturday' theme day today, I am getting back to those as of tomorrow:) instead I thought that I best do a catch up, so here goes.

My 'Thrilling Thursday' photo:

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Yes, it is my first jewellery making collection. I think this will be good for helping me relax, especially when I get stressed. I suffer with stress which has been diagnosed by my doctor, so now I do like to do relaxing things, listen to relaxing music and think differently to what I used to think.
I feel that I can control my stress levels more than I used to be able to; it used to get totally out of hand. I also thought that this little interest/hobby will be good as a motivator as I am going to create a charm bracelet and for every 5lb that I lose then I can give myself a charm. This little starter set does have charms in it and I have also ordered more sets to help me along. I have made my first item which is a little charm which is going to be my first 5lb loss charm and here it is:

An Angel. My first ever piece.
I have received another starter set.
Jewellery Start Set.

I also ordered special wires and more plier tools, a ring mandrel and a few other bits and pieces that I am waiting for. I have never made jewellery before and over this last week which is when I was starting to get interested I have learnt SOOO much already and what things are needed to make what, the names of things etc etc

We went grocery shopping yesterday to  Asda and Costco

Not a great pic as I took this with my Blackberry yesterday.
I LOVE this place AND I spent far less than I usually do...AMAZING! AND even though I spent much less, about half actually, I even managed to buy some very much needed new mugs AND this below:

The NEW Tefal Fresh Express Max.

It is now much better with a wider mouth and bigger cones etc and also has turbo speed...BRILLIANT!

It now has special cones for dicing.....WooHoo:)
I will post photo's of foods that I prepare using this. I do have the first Tefal Fresh Express which has since been put to the back of the cupboard:) this will be much better!
I also want to make more of my own sauerkraut and I have wanted some things to help with the fermentation so I bought some airlocks with the caps and of course the bungs which my hubby is going to have to fit into the lids of the Kilner (Mason) jars for me:
Airlocks and bungs
Here is a photo of our youngest Grandson, Jayden:
He decided to put his bib on top of his head...HeeHee
Well that is me for today and I WILL be back tomorrow and every day with my themes. I like doing my theme days!
Night Night


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