Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Nut Butters And...

I haven't been very raw over these last so many days, infact, I haven't been eating a great amount at all!! But today I decided to make some nut butters; almond butter and peanut butter. My almond butter is nearly done and then I am going to make some peanut butter.
I have also just boxed up some alfalfa seeds which are now in my fridge.

I have been having a lot of trouble with my family during this time. Throughout my dads illness the family often failed to let us (me, my hubs and my boys)  know that my dad had gone into hospital, and in December 2011 my dad suddenly ended up back in hospital after the year being at home. My dad had to let us know 2 weeks later that he was back in hospital, we think he realised that no-one had told us. When we got there he got very upset saying he was just SO pleased to see us! This, no-one letting us know has gone on throughout the whole horrible time. When my husband and myself went to see my dad on Thursday gone, my aunt and uncle came in and they done nothing but go on about myself and my hubs going home to have our evening meal...HINT OR WHAT?????....Okay, message recieved, we left, but we only left out of sheer politeness, that is what we are like, my aunt and uncle were NOT polite in their manner when hinting to us to leave, I would rather they said outright...hinting is so horrible and tacky. They had been vsiting my dad loads and staying with him overnight. I DEEPLY regret leaving just for them!!!!!! Especially as my dad died the next day; Friday 27 January 2012.
My step mother, well, she seemed to be more bothered about cleaning and in December during one of our visits to see my dad at home she even asked us, "would you stay with your dad because I must get out to the shops to buy some cleaning products?" these were her actual words. Yes cleaning must be done but she done nothing but complain about my dad being sick, she is one evil person!!!!! She left her very young son with her first husband then came in and wrecked our family!!!
My youngest sister kept putting us last to visit my dad and we felt she was trying to put us off...FULL STOP! We went to visit as often as we could ONCE we got to know when he was in hospital each time. We of course visited him as often as we could at home as normal which was when we thought my dad was going to be alright after his first operation last January 2011. My sister has gone on to call me names on Face Book to around the world to folk who don't know the full story or me. I will NEVER forgive her or the other family members. I feel robbed of precious time with my dad!!
"We can choose our friends but we can't choose our family".....PITY!!!
I am going to try to be as normal as possible and put my boys who are greiving so badly, my husband and myself first.

I am quite aware that I have put some nitty gritty and personal stuff on here today, I could tell you more but I will spare you the rest of the nasty, vindictive details, I just needed to get this little lot off my chest as it appears that I have no family to talk to. I know I have my darling husband and 3 brilliant sons.

Never Forget
Your presence is a present to the world.
You're unique and one of a kind.
Your life can be what you want it to be.
Take the days just one at a time.
Count your blessings, not your troubles.
You'll make it through, whatever comes along.
Within you are so many answers.
Understand, have courage, be strong.
Don't put limits on yourself.
So many dreams are waiting to be realized.
Decisions are too important to leave to chance.
Reach for your peak, your goal and your prize.
Nothing wastes more energy than worrying.
The longer one carries a problem the heavier it gets.
Don't take things too seriously.
Live a life of serenity, not a life of regrets.
Remember that a little love goes a long way.
Remember that a lot of love goes forever.
Remember that friendship is a wise investment.
Life's treasures, are people . . . together.
Realize that it's never too late.
Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.
Have health, hope and happiness.
Take the time to wish upon a star.
And don't ever forget . . .
For even a day . . .
How very special you are.

-- Author Unknown

Monday, 30 January 2012

Caramel Sauce

1/2 c Coconut Oil
1/2 c Maple Syrup
1/3 c Almond Butter
1/4tsp Himalayan Salt
1tsp Vanilla liquid or 1 full Vanilla Pod

Saturday, 28 January 2012


My dad passed away yesterday; 27th January, 8.40pm. He has been unwell for quite a while now but things got the better of him, so if I dont blog for a day or so, you will know why.
I am going to try to blog because I want to do the normal things that I do daily, I don't want to dwell and go deep within mind. I suffer with depression and I dont want to sink, so if I try to keep things normal and work with my own mind then hopefully I will get through this.


Friday, 27 January 2012

Comments Are Now Sorted!

I have fixed the comments...WooHoo - I wasn't aware that no-one could leave comments until a lovely lady told me...Thankyou Tanya! Tanya is the lady who has released the 'Rawfood 101 DVD', check it out on the right of this page, or click on the link; it truly is a very good and informative DVD. I sat two nights ago and wrote out all the recipe's from the DVD so now I am looking forward to trying some of them. It was on Tanya's DVD that I discovered that we can sprout amaranth seeds, so of course me being me I went out and bought some amaranth to give it a go. The amaranth sprouts do look yummy!!

Okay, I will be back later today...PROMISE!!!

Thursday, 26 January 2012


I have managed to fix the comments so feel free to now leave comments

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A New Day

I have started my morning off with:
1 banana
1 Persimmon
Raw fudge...oops - but thankfully it's raw. I made last night

I am going to be making a few things today for snacking i.e. strawberry flax crackers, Russell James bread and other things as I feel like making them.


Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Over these last few days I have eaten lots of fruit and veg and I have to say that I am noticing a few improvements. I have had less headaches and my toilet visits are better, you wanted to know that didn't you...teehee. I also haven't felt the urge to sleep on Sunday and today, but it has to be said, there is a lot more room for improvement.
I am going to list all the health problems that I have and I will keep a record of improvements. I will list these on the progress page.

Many times in the mornings I have wanted to make a quick juice uisng my centrifugal juicer but I haven't incase I wake the boys up before they need to be up, but this morning I decided to just get on with it and suprisingly, it didn't wake the boys up..WOOHOO - so now I can use the quick juicer any time I like. I do have my Green Star and Samson which are considerably quieter but because my centrifugal juicer (Jack la lane) is all ready to hand that is the one I tend to go towards.
I had a few items in my fridge that needed using/eating so I decided to make a green juice.

Below I had:
2 bags of Kale
1/2 bag Spinach
1 Lime
6 Kiwi
Romane lettuce leaves and stalk.

This juice was SOOO YUMCIOUS!

I am going to get a lot more raw foods made and find lots of QUICK to make meals.
I really need to have snacks to hand also because I am a snacker AND I have heard it said that eating little and often is good to help keep the metabolism elevated and thus in turn helps burn body fat more efficiently.

I will be back tomorrow to show you what I have made.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

New Template

I decided to change my template, actually I have changed it a few times until I found this one, which I like.

I have started off this morning with 1 banana, I am still hungry so after my hubs has finished cooking bacon & egg for himself and the kids then I will get in the kitchen and prepare something else for myself...raw of course.

Today I have eaten:
4 bananas
5 persimmons
1 rawliving bar
1 satsuma

A very fruity day today.

I came across Tony Robbins today and I just had to post.

BACK later but if not then I will be back tomorrow!!

Friday, 20 January 2012


I have been feeling a tad down lately. I am currently taking anti-depressants...boohoo - have been for a few year now. I have suffered with depression since I was 18 years old. I would love to stop taking them but, I have to confess that for the time being I do feel as though I need them. It was because of depression and a few more ailments as to why I started a raw food diet....just have to increase my raw on a more consistent basis!!

I came down stairs this morning feeling the way I do. I went into the kitchen and there they were....the biscuit (cookies) just lying there on the hob top. I glanced at them then grabbed 2 bananas instead....phew!! And NOW I feel much better and satisified enough to carry me through until I prepare something a tad more substantial. If I had eaten the biscuits I would definitely have made myself feel worse and more down, and to be honest the biscuits weren't calling my name as they normally would have.

I want to get a few things prepared i.e. strawberry flax (linseed) crackers, kale chips etc.

Oh! Just to mention, the Quantum cake, well, it wasn't really my cup of tea, a tad too strong for me, a little sweeter would have done the trick.

After the bananas this morning I sat and drank a litre of berry smoothie...YUM! And then promptly fell asleep for 3 hours...*GASP!*

Here is a pic of the DVD and video I bought a few days ago.

The 'Raw for Life' DVD is a double DVD and is packed full of information from all the leading raw food experts. It states on the back of the DVD. "Raw for Life: the ultimate encyclopedia of the raw food lifestyle.
There are interviews from people like:
Fred Bisci Ph. D.
David Wolfe
Gabriel Cousens M.D.
Brian Clement Ph. D.
Victoria Boutenko
Rev. Michael Beckwith
Bruce Lipton Ph. D.  - To name but a few.

Here is just some of what's covered in this amazing set:
  • How to Get Started with Eating Raw Foods
  • The Benefits of Eating Raw for your body and mind as well as for your community
  • The Basics to Beating Diabetes
  • The Science Behind Raw Food from Some of the Nation's Leading Doctors
  • How to Lose Weight with a Raw Diet
  • What to Expect When You Detox and Cleanse Your Body and How To Get Started
  • How to Compete for Optimum Performance as an Athlete
  • Step-by-Step Instruction on How to Prepare Raw Foods from Some of the World's Top Raw Chefs
  • And Much More!!!
This DVD is well worth every penny.

The 'Living Foods' video is an old video and looks like it was filmed in the 80's...I LOVE it! The video runs for only about 37 minutes. It starts right from the beginning with sprouting and then goes onto show a few recipes using sprouts. The lady, Elaine Bruce was originally taught by Dr Anne Wigmore in Boston in 1980.
Elaine now is founder and runs her own living foods centre here in the UK.

The Thankyou is for B who always leaves me comments...(((HUGS)))

Okay, I will be back tomorrow!!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Oh Dear!

I blipped nicely there didn't I? I haven't blogged since Friday 13th...I'm here now!

We went out on Saturday and stocked up on all our fruit and veg etc. It is always nice to be well stocked up with all the good things.
We started off at Asda where I got some fruit and veg and all the everyday items and some of the YUKKY! Processed things the family will just NOT go with out!! They still eat their meats, cakes, biscuits etc BUT one good thing, I have managed to cut them right back on red meat which I am rather pleased about.
After Asda (Walmart) we went to my favourite place, Costco. I LOVE that place! I buy loads of fresh fruit and veg from there, it is super quality! I bought lots of persimmons and sharon fruit, I thought persimmons and sharon fruit were the same but the labels say otherwise....ummmm *puzzled* I also bought a box of clemintines ETC ETC!

I decided to buy myself a belated raw Birthday cake and here it is below. I bought this from Raw Living and it is the small Quantum Cake. This cake is quite sufficient for six people despite it being the small cake.

And here it is sliced.

I also decided to treat myself to a raw order from Raw Living. I bought a few new products that I haven't tried before, the Dream Creams; honey and chocolate, the multifloral honey, tomato powder, strawberry powder and the caramel bar which I thought was quite expensive for the size....nice though. 

On our way back from Costco I always go to Tesco to buy my sweet onions, no where else seems to sell them. Whilst in Tesco I popped into the Nutricentre. I didn't buy much from the Nutricentre this time, just some more nutritional yeast, sesame bars for my boys, they love them! I also bought some coconut flour for making cupackes and some amaranth to sprout. I didn't know amaranth could be sprouted until I watched Tanya Alekseeva sprout it on her 'Raw Food 101' DVD.

When we got back to our local town I realised that I needed to buy some cashew nuts, so we went to Holland & Barrett for them and of course whilst in there I also bought:
green tea
Golden and the brown linseeds.....had none of those, so I had to buy some more.
Nakd cashew cookie bar.

I think that was it for my latest stock up.

I juiced up a load of fruit and veg yesterday that I still had lying around in my fridge from the previous week, it was very yummy and that is what I had for my evening meal yesterday.

I have noticed over the last two-ish weeks that I have been having less and less of the processed foods and when I have been hungry my mind is immediately going towards a raw snack....PERFECT!!

Oh! I bought a new DVD which I will post about tomorrow and an old raw living video which I will also post about tomorrow, so until then, night night!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th

Well, today has sort of lived up to it's reputation. I have had 3 awkward things happen today that wouldn't normally happen, but they aren't really worth mentioning.

I am hoping to get out for a big grocery shop. If I do I will let you know.
I am going to go through my fridge tonight and juice what I can and give my fridge a general clean and tidy up.
I also want to maybe get some Almond butter made.

Not a lot has happened again today....pffft

Back later today or tomorrow...PROMISE!

Thursday, 12 January 2012


I updated yesterday's blog.
Today I have pictures of the fruits of my labour. You can click on the pictures to see them larger and clearer.

Check out how it tears..amazing!
My 12 year old son has already eaten half a loaf. This recipe made 2 loaves.

THE garlic loaf...ummm maybe I could have shaped it better...doesn't matter.

This Macadamia cheese is so cheesey and creamy that even my FUSSIEST EVER 12 year old son LOVES it, now, that IS AMAZING!
I was going to put this cheese into a ring mould and shape it as Russell James suggests but I decided to just put it into the tub.

If you want to watch the lovely Russell James make this recipe then click Macadamia Cheese

If you want to see the lovely Russell James make the garlic bread recipe then click Garlic Bread

You can download the pdf for the recipe's from the links also.
If anyone makes these recipe's then let me know how you got on and what you think of it.

I am going to re-do my schedules and incorporate walking into my days and I am getting back on track with everything as of Monday. I have been getting back into my beauty routines these last couple of days, I just need to get back on track in other area's, and I will!!

I have been all raw today. I started off with my oats, dates, fruit and almond milk for breakfast, and for lunch I had garlic bread and cheese. For my evening meal I am thinking of making guacamole...YUM!

Back later today or tomorrow...PROMISE!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Good Start

I started my day off with a body and facial scrub, hair washed etc. I then went on to body moisturise and a facial, so now I'm feeling invigorated and ready for a good, positive, raw day.

A quiet day but I did finish off making the Macadamia cheese and the bread is in the raw oven...dehydrator. Pictures tomorrow

Back tomorrow....PROMISE!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I Must Start And Exercise

Not running though because my knee wouldn't take it, but exercise I MUST!!

I have done the 1st part of my raw Macadamia Cheese (Russell James) I am going to make my raw almond milk soon also and the almond pulp will be used to make garlic bread (Russell James)

I have cracked open 5 more coconuts, put the meat into the freezer except for 1 cup of it which I need for the bread recipe which I am doing tomorrow.
I have put 2 cups of the almond pulp into the fridge, again for the bread recipe.

Not a lot else to report. I have done loads of laundry today and made the beds up with lovely clean bedding.
My eldest son, Michael has been today, a few times infact; always great to see him! He didn't bring our grandchildren as they were at school.
Well, that is about all.
I am going to stock up on groceries in a couple of days.

Back tomorrow...I PROMISE!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Hi Nicole

Wanted to say, "Hi Nicole, Yes of course I remember you"
Just to let you know that Nicole has been following me for quite a few years now but we lost touch, she has now found me again...GREAT!!
"Nicole, let me know how things are going and if you are blogging then send me a link!"

I updated yesterday so scroll down if you haven't already read it...if you want to that is...teehee.

Well then, I don't have much to report for today, another quiet day really - Oh! I fell asleep....what is it with me and falling asleep?!?....GRRRRR
I am going into my kitchen now and I am going to get some almonds soaked ready for tomorrow to make my almond milk.
I want to make a batch of things to have to hand ready for those hunger pangs and especially when I am making the families evening meal, so I think I will spend the evening going through recipe's deciding what I want to make and what I need to get soaking etc.

Back tomorrow...PROMISE!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

It's My......

Birthday today....another year older and another year wiser....supposedly...teehee I feel another year older but I'm not so sure about another year wiser.....pfft...teehee.

My eldest baby boy (25 years old), Michael came along today with 2 Birthday cards; one from him and one from my grandchildren, and also presents. Yes my eldest baby boy is 25 years old, but hey! They NEVER stop being our babies do they?

No matter how many eating plans OR diets us girlies go on, our babies and hubs always buy us choccies....TeeHee

I have been rather productive tonight which always feels great.
I have boxed my lovely alfalfa seeds that I have been growing and these are now in the fridge.

I then decided to crack open 4 of the green coconuts and WOW! These are fab despite the outsides being a tad brownish.

Look at all the coconut meat, and from only 4 coconuts. The water is in the picture also but I had already drank about 1 coconuts worth of water...YUM!
I have put the meat in the freezer; it freezes really well. I will be making some Almond and coconut yogurt soon. Some of the meat was thickish and so I might use some of that for noodles, maybe mix it in with some courgette noodles to bulk it out - Oh! Actually I think the coconut noodles would be lovely with a raw...of course, sweet n sour sauce.

Want to say, "thankyou for the Birthday Wishes B!"

Back tomorrow...PROMISE!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Green Coconuts

I'm going out to buy my case of Green Coconuts today...YUMMMMY! Can't wait to get those babies in my home.

Finally managed to get out for my green coconuts. Our eldest son, Michael needed help from his dad so I had to wait until he got back. I could have gone myself but my hubby had the car, didn't matter, I still got my case of coconuts. I also had a look around the 'coconut' shop which I haven't done before, I usually just buy my coconuts and go. I am pleased to have had a browse around because I found some other goodies.

The coconuts aren't as green as they usually are but hey! You got to get what you can, when you can, as long as the water and meat are good!
There are 12 coconuts in this case. The shop keeps a case for me everytime they get a delivery and I only pay £19 for the case of 12.

The other goodies. The bag of sesame seeds is a 1kg (2.2lb) bag and only £2.90 which I feel is a good price.
I bought the red peanuts but I don't usually buy peanuts because of them apparently being toxic but I know there is one type of peanuts that is alright and I am hoping it is these red peanuts, I am going to google it but if anyone knows about the peanut issue then let me know.
I also bought shredded and sliced coconuts. I sometimes make my own shredded and sliced coconut using brown coconuts and my single auger juicer....works great!

I wanted to make some raw recipes today but by the time we got out and then I wanted to pop in to see my dad; he isn't very well, by the time we got back it was 5.00pm-ish

Well, that is it for today so, back tomorrow...PROMISE!

Friday, 6 January 2012


Not much to report today.
I haven't had a very hungry day but I did start my day off with the usual oats etc for breakfast. That is actually all I have eaten today.

Done housework. I am still feeling tired and dozed off yet again for 2 hours earlier today, maybe I am not getting enough sleep at night, I do toss and turn most nights and I have still been having some cooked foods. I need ALL RAW.

Back later tonight or tomorrow....PROMISE!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

1st Official Weigh In Of 2012

I have done my starting weight for this year and I have my 10% marked also so I now know where I am starting from.

I coloured/covered my grey roots this morning, always pleased when that is done! I have decided to go slightly lighter again, not much, just a tad.

I have had a banana but I am going to have breakfast very soon; oats, dates and almond milk...YUM! Eating this in the mornings is doing wonders for my IBS and that is just over the last 5 days...AMAZING!

I had the above for my breakfast and then dozed off...AGAIN! Not for too long this time though...THANK GOODNESS! I am hoping as I get more raw into my system that I will have a LOT more energy because I have lacked energy for such a long time now.

I made a YUMCIOUS!! Smoothie for lunch/afternoon. When doing raw it isn't a case of "having" to eat at a meal time; breakfast, lunch and evening meal, we simply eat when we are hungry.


Blitzed in the Vitamix, no milk added, it didn't need it. It was/is DEEEELICIOUS! I still have a glass in the fridge for later.

Evening meal...umm I wasn't prepared and I did have a few chips and a few cocktail sausages, of which I didn't particularly enjoy, I just grabbed and ate. I HAVE HAVE GOT TO BE MORE PREPARED for this time of day. I find it extremely easy to be raw through the day but when those hunger pangs start and I am preparing the families meal, well. I am going to plan for tomorrow.

We are putting a new book case up and I will be putting my raw books and DVD's on there so I can feel more inspired every time I just see them. I did have all my raw books and DVD's in a unit/side board but that means they are out of sight....not a good idea!

Back tomorrow...PROMISE!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Raw Day

Thank goodness the wind has slowed down! Not a lot to report today but I did say that I would blog daily, so here it is.

Breakfast: Oats, dates and almond milk. I noticed that one of the persimmons was a tad too soft so I cut, or rather mushed that up and put that in with my breakfast also...YUM!
For the rest of the day I have had 2 bananas and the remaining half bar of Shazzie's chocolate. I don't particularly enjoy Shazzies chocolate because I find it TOO strong and bitter.

I dozed off for 3.5 half hours today, I am NOT PLEASED with myself for that....GRRRR

I have started reading the 'Ecstatic beings' book so I will do a review as soon as I have finished that one.

Well, I am busy cooking the evening families meal, chicken curry and rice, not sure what I'm having yet.

Back later today but if not then tomorrow.....PROMISE!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Book Review & a Quiet Day except for the....

WIND!!...It is so strong! It looked like it was going to blow my back garden fence down so I have had to go out and prop a length of wood against it to prevent any damage, incidentally the length of wood is for a new post on the same fence which still hasn't yet been done and if it had I wouldn't have to be using the wood to help stabilise the fence.....ummmm.

It has been quiet here today. I have vacuumed the house and tidied up a tad, that is it!

Raw Food Made Simple by Karen Knowler.
This is a small yet thick book. It is a paperback. It is easy to read and very clear and simple. It is colourful and has colour photo's inside.
It includes 15 recipes and raw transformation stories from raw fooders.
This book is for the raw food newbie and starts right from the beginning: what is raw food, benefits, what to eat, how to shop, equipping your kitchen, time and money issues, Q & A, action steps and more. It then goes into a 5 day raw food plan to help get you started and more.
Karen helps us think about things in this book. A good buy for the beginner and actually, the intermediate raw fooder also.

The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg
This book is rather large, heavy and thick. Hardback.
It helps you put ingredients together, how to bring out and enhance flavours. It goes through the table of flavours: Sweetness, Saltiness, Sourness and Bitterness.
It takes you through Flavour and mouthfeel, also the visual, emotional, mental and spiritual  side of food.
There are hints, tips, ideas and how to's for when preparing and balancing food and how to build a recipe; cutting out the richness and adding acids.
This book is mostly about matching flavours by advising on all the foods that add flavour etc with the food you have chosen. There are also details about the item of food i.e. season, taste, weight, volume and techniques
It covers oils i.e. almond oil, avocado oil, pecan oil etc.
Although this book does also cover meat, fish and dairy it also covers oats, nut, seeds, fruit, veg, seasonings, sugars and even raisins. All the foods are listed in alphabetical order.
I recommend this book to the raw fooder, everyone infact.

Well, there you have 2 book reviews, I will have more book reviews soon as I did receive a few books for Christmas. Bitt asked for the book reviews, thankyou Bitt!

I might get back later tonight, but if not then I WILL BE BACK TOMORROW....PROMISE!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Body Clock

ELIMINATION 4am - 12 noon
Helps you live a long healthy life.
Built in weightloss mechanism

APPROPRIATION 12 noon - 8pm
Capable of taking in food efficiently

Uses the food, extracting the nutrients

The above is taken from, 'Fit For Life' and the Diamonds always said that, fruit must be eaten by itself on an empty stomach: 20 - 30 minutes should elapse after eating fruit before eating other foods. Upon waking eat only fruit until 12 noon.

I just thought I would share the above with you, a good start to the day eh?

Last night I went into the kitchen and threw away the last of the sweet mince pies, the 2 tins of chocolates that none of us are very fond of but I would still have eaten them when having a chocolate/sweet craving, and a small Christmas cake all in the green bin outside ready for collection - a big pat on the back for me! At one time I would have put them into the freezer and I would definitely have eaten them at some point...NOT ANY MORE! I GOT THIS ONE SUSSED!

We are popping out for some young green coconuts today.

If you are interested, I am going to be starting my monthly buys again.

I didn't get my young Green coconuts because they didn't have them yet....humph - ah well, I will get them either in the week or at the weekend.

We went to hospital tonight to visit a very special person, can't say who. On the way home from hospital we went to my sisters and as usual, out came all the goodies. My sister likes to offer a drink when she has visitors and I did have a Biscotti Bailey's. She then brought out a huge Panitone that she bought us for a gift and I will confess to having some, doesn't matter though I am still a huge % raw and will become more raw with time.

Today I have eaten and drunk:
Oats with dates, sliced banana and almond milk
2 Satsumas
1 glass Biscotti Bailey's


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Well, here we are in a whole New Year - 2012.
I wanted to pop on to start the way I mean to go on this year and blog, so here is a quick update but I will be back later today for sure!!

I am raw and going to improve in so many ways.

I got some lovely Christmas presents for my raw which I will post pics of later today, so watch out for those.

Here are a few pics of just some of the presents I received

This is a hamper which was ordered from Shazzie's. What a wonderful present! It even has a bath product in there. It all came in this beautiful basket.

Books and DVD's....I did receive the 101 DVD slightly earlier, it really is very good and I have learnt things from it...BRILLIANT!

It's Cuisinart! I already have a mini chopper but I don't find it too great and so when I seen this Cuisinart mini chopper well, I just know this will be good! So I received this for Christmas also.

I also received a small netbook so I can browse to my hearts content anywhere in the house...WooHoo and certainly not forgetting that I received some of my FAVOURITE beauty products....SOOO pleased with those. If you want to see those presents also then leave a comment and I will be happy to post pics.

Today I have eaten and drunk:
1/2 bar of Shazzie raw chocolate
1 banana
a few raw almonds

I am thinking a salad for later. I am going to be making some pat├ęs, crackers and other goodies in the week.

I might get back later today but if not then I will definitely be back tomorrow...PROMISE!