Sunday, 8 January 2012

It's My......

Birthday today....another year older and another year wiser....supposedly...teehee I feel another year older but I'm not so sure about another year wiser.....pfft...teehee.

My eldest baby boy (25 years old), Michael came along today with 2 Birthday cards; one from him and one from my grandchildren, and also presents. Yes my eldest baby boy is 25 years old, but hey! They NEVER stop being our babies do they?

No matter how many eating plans OR diets us girlies go on, our babies and hubs always buy us choccies....TeeHee

I have been rather productive tonight which always feels great.
I have boxed my lovely alfalfa seeds that I have been growing and these are now in the fridge.

I then decided to crack open 4 of the green coconuts and WOW! These are fab despite the outsides being a tad brownish.

Look at all the coconut meat, and from only 4 coconuts. The water is in the picture also but I had already drank about 1 coconuts worth of water...YUM!
I have put the meat in the freezer; it freezes really well. I will be making some Almond and coconut yogurt soon. Some of the meat was thickish and so I might use some of that for noodles, maybe mix it in with some courgette noodles to bulk it out - Oh! Actually I think the coconut noodles would be lovely with a raw...of course, sweet n sour sauce.

Want to say, "thankyou for the Birthday Wishes B!"

Back tomorrow...PROMISE!


bitt said...

Happy Birthday!

My husband was smart enough to get me raw chocolate at least for Christmas. It's the thought that counts, huh?

Raw Bluebells said...
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Raw Bluebells said...

Yep, it is the thought that counts but my son wouldn't have a clue where to buy raw choc....teehee so I thanked him and hugged him tight! I was just so pleased that he remembered but because he wanted to get me something, that pleased me that HE chose what to buy for me, although he certainly did not need to buy even a card, just the fact that he took the trouble to say, "Happy Birthday Mam" is enough for me and as long as he and my other loved ones help me to help them to ALWAYS STAY SAFE, then I'm happy.

Hugs, Linda

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