Friday, 20 January 2012


I have been feeling a tad down lately. I am currently taking anti-depressants...boohoo - have been for a few year now. I have suffered with depression since I was 18 years old. I would love to stop taking them but, I have to confess that for the time being I do feel as though I need them. It was because of depression and a few more ailments as to why I started a raw food diet....just have to increase my raw on a more consistent basis!!

I came down stairs this morning feeling the way I do. I went into the kitchen and there they were....the biscuit (cookies) just lying there on the hob top. I glanced at them then grabbed 2 bananas instead....phew!! And NOW I feel much better and satisified enough to carry me through until I prepare something a tad more substantial. If I had eaten the biscuits I would definitely have made myself feel worse and more down, and to be honest the biscuits weren't calling my name as they normally would have.

I want to get a few things prepared i.e. strawberry flax (linseed) crackers, kale chips etc.

Oh! Just to mention, the Quantum cake, well, it wasn't really my cup of tea, a tad too strong for me, a little sweeter would have done the trick.

After the bananas this morning I sat and drank a litre of berry smoothie...YUM! And then promptly fell asleep for 3 hours...*GASP!*

Here is a pic of the DVD and video I bought a few days ago.

The 'Raw for Life' DVD is a double DVD and is packed full of information from all the leading raw food experts. It states on the back of the DVD. "Raw for Life: the ultimate encyclopedia of the raw food lifestyle.
There are interviews from people like:
Fred Bisci Ph. D.
David Wolfe
Gabriel Cousens M.D.
Brian Clement Ph. D.
Victoria Boutenko
Rev. Michael Beckwith
Bruce Lipton Ph. D.  - To name but a few.

Here is just some of what's covered in this amazing set:
  • How to Get Started with Eating Raw Foods
  • The Benefits of Eating Raw for your body and mind as well as for your community
  • The Basics to Beating Diabetes
  • The Science Behind Raw Food from Some of the Nation's Leading Doctors
  • How to Lose Weight with a Raw Diet
  • What to Expect When You Detox and Cleanse Your Body and How To Get Started
  • How to Compete for Optimum Performance as an Athlete
  • Step-by-Step Instruction on How to Prepare Raw Foods from Some of the World's Top Raw Chefs
  • And Much More!!!
This DVD is well worth every penny.

The 'Living Foods' video is an old video and looks like it was filmed in the 80's...I LOVE it! The video runs for only about 37 minutes. It starts right from the beginning with sprouting and then goes onto show a few recipes using sprouts. The lady, Elaine Bruce was originally taught by Dr Anne Wigmore in Boston in 1980.
Elaine now is founder and runs her own living foods centre here in the UK.

The Thankyou is for B who always leaves me comments...(((HUGS)))

Okay, I will be back tomorrow!!


bitt said...

Sorry you are down, it can happen this time of year especially. I initially felt some relief with depression on a raw diet, it can be biochemical. Hope it helps you.

Raw Bluebells said...

Thnkyou my friend

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