Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Raw Day

Thank goodness the wind has slowed down! Not a lot to report today but I did say that I would blog daily, so here it is.

Breakfast: Oats, dates and almond milk. I noticed that one of the persimmons was a tad too soft so I cut, or rather mushed that up and put that in with my breakfast also...YUM!
For the rest of the day I have had 2 bananas and the remaining half bar of Shazzie's chocolate. I don't particularly enjoy Shazzies chocolate because I find it TOO strong and bitter.

I dozed off for 3.5 half hours today, I am NOT PLEASED with myself for that....GRRRR

I have started reading the 'Ecstatic beings' book so I will do a review as soon as I have finished that one.

Well, I am busy cooking the evening families meal, chicken curry and rice, not sure what I'm having yet.

Back later today but if not then tomorrow.....PROMISE!


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