Sunday, 18 December 2011

One Week

Only one week to Christmas day...WOW! The older we get, the quicker it comes and goes.
I still have a few things left to buy and some housework to get done. I cleaned my bedroom, landing and stair carpet yesterday, a good deep clean with the Bissell machine. I am going to clean the bathroom blinds and window today and my hubby is going to clean the stair window and blinds, I can't reach those blinds and window.

We went to Costco on Thurday and stocked up on all my fruits and veggies. I also bought 2 boxes of gorgeous big persimmons....I LOVE those!! They are still hard so they need to ripen. I always try to buy things that aren't quite ripe so they last a tad longer. I also put my veg in green bags which helps to reduce the gases which then keeps things fresher for longer.

Not a lot to report at the moment so if anything happens today then I will be back.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Long Time.....

No Blog.
I don't make New Year resolutions but what I do do is write a list of my goals for the New Year and blogging daily is on that list. I have goals to achieve and I plan on sharing all about them right here on my blog, but one things I want to share right now is this:

Tanya Alekseeva's NEW 101 DVD. If any of you are looking to start a raw food lifestyle and also for those who want to know more about raw foods then this is a MUST!
Tanya lives here in the UK - Here is where you can purchase Tanya's NEW 101 DVD

Tanya also has just released her NEW Festive E-Book. Click HERE to check it out and purchase it.

Nut milk   Nut Nog (egg free nog)  ◈  Hemp Chai    Immunity Shooters    Kombucha Mimosa    Cashew cream   Cranberry chutney   Raw food mushroom Gravy    Caramelised onions    Mushroom jus   Spreadable cheese    Chilli Mango boats    Sweet potato mash    Cream of pea soup    All the trimmings salad    Stuffed peppers    Mini Raw Pizzas    Beetroot soup    Chinese Winter salad    Raw Food Nut Loaf    Candied nuts    Dehydrated Cinnamon cookies    White Chocolate Orange Cream Berry Cake    Ginger crunch cookies    Christmas pudding   Raw Food Christmas Mince pies   Vanilla frosting    Boozy Cream   Very berry raw food trifle    Raw Chocolate fudge.

Well, what have I been up to? I have been preparing the house and ourselves for Christmas yet I still have 4 more pressies to purchase but, as long as I am done in time.

Keep checking back for more but I will be blogging daily commencing 1st January 2012 so, by the end of 2012 I will have posted 365 times.....easy peasy!