Monday, 30 July 2012

Raw B,M&S 66 Day - Day 43 & 44

Day 43

I have been pretty good except when it came to tea time, I had some chips...OOOHHH NOOO!
I spent time in the kitchen tonight and I've got Kefir flavouring now and I also made some Russell James Coconut yogurt.

My husband bought me a diddy little slow cooker the other day just for me because I am going to have small amounts of cooked grains EVERYTHING else raw though with the odd bowl of quinoa or other grain that is good along with raw foods, so I now have a tub of cooked quinoa in the fridge which I am going to have along with raw veg and a raw dressing for tea tomorrow.
I asked my other half to pop to Asda for a few things last week and one item I wanted was a bag of spinach, now, Asda always has bags of spinach and it usually is pretty good EXCEPT when I ask my hubby to pop to Asda to buy spinach because my hubby being my hubby gets help with the packing from the cashier and to my horror when I unpacked the bags I noticed that the cashier had actually put two 5kg bags of poatoes ON TOP of the bag of spinach....can you believe that???? Wouldn't you have thought that a lady cashier would have more sense than to do that?...UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Day 44
I have been quite good today but I did sneak one of my hubby's blue Riband biscuits.

I tell you what I am DEFINITELY going to do, I am going to do Russell James' weekly menu plans, to do plans and his shopping list plans of the foods that are on the menu for that week, might save an absolute fortune, could do with learning to save money and budget more now, so the sooner I learn the better and it starts NOW! And my raw menu planning starts NOW! The menu planning is in Russell James' first week or two of his main course, not the desserts course. I have printed out a lot of his planning sheets to keep me going.

I had raspberry flavoured kefir this morning...LOVE those raspberries!! Thanks to my friend who is also a raw foodie! I am going to buy a bag of the frozen strawberries from Costco the next time I am there.

My plans as well as the Russell James' menu planning etc is to consume a lot more probiotic and fermented foods because I think my digestion is shot so this will help get it back on the right track. I am also incorporating a few grains into my menu, not much though and just sometimes.

Have you ever watched Cafe Janae on You Tube? She is a raw foodie mostly but she has a few grains, well this is where I have got the idea of the grains from. Here is her link: Cafe Janae

Check out her vids and let me know what you think, she has some fabulous recipe's on there.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Raw B,M&S 66 Day - Day 40

Oh My!!......I'm sure this is day 40

There has not been anything to report lately.
I have started getting the Raw Dessert course from The Raw Chef so I will be starting that soon. I am not sure why I haven't been blogging lately, I suppose laziness.

My mother brought a load of craft things for us to get stuck into which the boys will love! They are going to start a scrap book or I hope they will, I think they will enjoy doing that once they realise what it is all about.

I should be back later today.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Raw B,M&S 66 Day - Day 29 AND...

The sun is shining this morning WOW! This house is such a bright, sunny house when the sun shines!

I have exercised again this morning; 30 minutes of Tae Bo. I can feel that my movements are getting better and doing this 30 minutes felt easier also so I am rather pleased with myself!

I weighed in this morning as it is weigh day and I have actually gained .04 I'm not sure why but next week should be better because of my exercising.

We got a new phone each yesterday as when it came to re-newing out contract with our existing phone company it was going to be more expensive for the same package. We have been with this phone company for about 8 - 10 years but every time we re-new it gets more and more expensive for the same package...time to shop around! So we did shop around and have found a MUCH better contract and less expensive...thats the way to do it! So here is a pic of our new mobiles...both the same!

We used to get different phones but because I am not very technically minded we now get the same phones, that way I can leave all the figuring out to my hubby and he can just tell me what to do...HA!

I am now on week 2 of my Russell James Raw Food Academy course.


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Raw B,M&S 66 Day - Day 28

I didn't exercise this morning but I will be tomorrow morning.
I have had bananas for breakfast until I fell asleep mid morning. I am looking forward to my energy levels SOARING!! My hubs tells me that because I am peri menopausal to get sleep if my body is telling me that I need it...umm I prefer to stay awake though, I don't want to sleep my days away!

I am feeling a tad peckish again so I am thnking of a protein smoothie.

Just had a smoothie.

Water, it should have been nut milk but I didn't have any made so I just used the water. I added banana and vanilla protein powder and blended it in the Vitamix.

Well, I finally managed to make the Russell James raw lasagne and very nice it was too.
It tasted fresh and gourmet!! And I don't mind saying so myself.

I was sooo hungry before I started eating this but after I had eaten it I was rather full, I certainly didn't want anything else to eat.
I only made half the filling ingredients and I still managed to make a second and larger lasagne, pic below. As you can see, I didn't skimp on piling the filling between the courgette pasta sheets.
I have covered this portion and I will have some of it tomorrow although it might be water logged by tomorrow, we'll see.

Here is what I have left of the filling so tomorrow I will soak some flax and make 4 different flavours of crackers.

From left to right: Cheese, tomato sauce, pesto and mushroom sauce.


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Raw B,M&S 66 Day - Day 27

You will never guess what I done this morning? EXERCISE!...WooHoo - I done a 25 minute Tae Bo with Billy Blanks and I feel great!

I am trying to post some pics from the other day but because we have a new whatever it is called on our computer I am struggling to find save to save the pics...teehee I will ask James, he'll know how to do it, afterall, he is 12 years old...who better to ask than a 12 year old? When kids get new technology things they don't read the intructions but have it sussed within minutes and working perfectly WELL within a day...AMAZING!

I am starting week 2 of Russell James' course on Thursday but today, I am going to make his raw lasagne...YUM!

Right then, I will be back later with my pics..."JAAAMMMES!"

Here are some pics of my salad press/pressing:

I have had this press for over a year and this is the frist time I have used it.

Chinese Lettuce, grated carrot, red pepper and celtic sea salt

Veg and salt in the salad press, ready

The veg have now been pressed down. This is left like this for a good so many hours, 4 - 5 hours or over night. The juices start and come out of the veg, remove the juices after pressing as this contains the salt. Once pressed add a little soy or what ever you like.
Garlic or other flavourings can also be added.

I am going to be pressing more veg soon as these were really yumcious!

Back later