Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Raw B,M&S 66 Day - Day 28

I didn't exercise this morning but I will be tomorrow morning.
I have had bananas for breakfast until I fell asleep mid morning. I am looking forward to my energy levels SOARING!! My hubs tells me that because I am peri menopausal to get sleep if my body is telling me that I need it...umm I prefer to stay awake though, I don't want to sleep my days away!

I am feeling a tad peckish again so I am thnking of a protein smoothie.

Just had a smoothie.

Water, it should have been nut milk but I didn't have any made so I just used the water. I added banana and vanilla protein powder and blended it in the Vitamix.

Well, I finally managed to make the Russell James raw lasagne and very nice it was too.
It tasted fresh and gourmet!! And I don't mind saying so myself.

I was sooo hungry before I started eating this but after I had eaten it I was rather full, I certainly didn't want anything else to eat.
I only made half the filling ingredients and I still managed to make a second and larger lasagne, pic below. As you can see, I didn't skimp on piling the filling between the courgette pasta sheets.
I have covered this portion and I will have some of it tomorrow although it might be water logged by tomorrow, we'll see.

Here is what I have left of the filling so tomorrow I will soak some flax and make 4 different flavours of crackers.

From left to right: Cheese, tomato sauce, pesto and mushroom sauce.



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