Sunday, 18 December 2011

One Week

Only one week to Christmas day...WOW! The older we get, the quicker it comes and goes.
I still have a few things left to buy and some housework to get done. I cleaned my bedroom, landing and stair carpet yesterday, a good deep clean with the Bissell machine. I am going to clean the bathroom blinds and window today and my hubby is going to clean the stair window and blinds, I can't reach those blinds and window.

We went to Costco on Thurday and stocked up on all my fruits and veggies. I also bought 2 boxes of gorgeous big persimmons....I LOVE those!! They are still hard so they need to ripen. I always try to buy things that aren't quite ripe so they last a tad longer. I also put my veg in green bags which helps to reduce the gases which then keeps things fresher for longer.

Not a lot to report at the moment so if anything happens today then I will be back.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Long Time.....

No Blog.
I don't make New Year resolutions but what I do do is write a list of my goals for the New Year and blogging daily is on that list. I have goals to achieve and I plan on sharing all about them right here on my blog, but one things I want to share right now is this:

Tanya Alekseeva's NEW 101 DVD. If any of you are looking to start a raw food lifestyle and also for those who want to know more about raw foods then this is a MUST!
Tanya lives here in the UK - Here is where you can purchase Tanya's NEW 101 DVD

Tanya also has just released her NEW Festive E-Book. Click HERE to check it out and purchase it.

Nut milk   Nut Nog (egg free nog)  ◈  Hemp Chai    Immunity Shooters    Kombucha Mimosa    Cashew cream   Cranberry chutney   Raw food mushroom Gravy    Caramelised onions    Mushroom jus   Spreadable cheese    Chilli Mango boats    Sweet potato mash    Cream of pea soup    All the trimmings salad    Stuffed peppers    Mini Raw Pizzas    Beetroot soup    Chinese Winter salad    Raw Food Nut Loaf    Candied nuts    Dehydrated Cinnamon cookies    White Chocolate Orange Cream Berry Cake    Ginger crunch cookies    Christmas pudding   Raw Food Christmas Mince pies   Vanilla frosting    Boozy Cream   Very berry raw food trifle    Raw Chocolate fudge.

Well, what have I been up to? I have been preparing the house and ourselves for Christmas yet I still have 4 more pressies to purchase but, as long as I am done in time.

Keep checking back for more but I will be blogging daily commencing 1st January 2012 so, by the end of 2012 I will have posted 365 times.....easy peasy!

Monday, 28 November 2011

New Forum

I just HAD to share this with you. A new forum
Go here, sign up, gain and share knowledge to help one another on the raw food lifestyle. There are recipe's, weigh in page, blog page etc etc etc this list is endless!! 

Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!


Here we are, into another Halloween....ALREADY! As I get older the years get shorter.
The kids are knocking down our doors for money, NO! Sweets wont do, they want money at Halloween and Christmas times which they then go and spend on sweets.....where is the logic in that?! Ah well!

I have kept up with my moving and housework and my beauty but again my raw hasn't been consistent although it hasn't been non existent either which is always a good thing!
I have and still got a nasty headache, I have had it for about 3 or 4 days now, maybe it is the change in the weather and pressure, but it isn't helping me much!

I have cleaned and steaped my Eva Spring Water filter parts in a water and lemon juice solution ready for a brand new month tomorrow.

Oh! Our clocks went back an hour on Sunday 12.00am so our British "summer" time has officially ended.

I am trying to remember what I have done over these last few days, but you know what? I just cannot remember....ummmm

I will say, "nighty night" for today and I will be back tomorrow.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Day 10....Humm

I haven't done so good today, lazy, yet not. I say lazy because I have consumed mostly cooked and all of which I don't particularly enjoy, so, why? Lazy because I couldn't be bothered to prepare raw, so I just snacked on Rich Tea biscuits and also a few chips that I cooked for the families meal, I HAVE had fruit and grawnola today, so not ALL bad. Not so lazy today because I vacuumed and cleaned all my floors, I swear if floors could breath then they would have been gasping for air...not like me to not keep on top of pun intended. My floors are usually the first thing I do every morning even if nothing else gets done. I threw all my rugs and doors mats into the washing machine, I could because they are machine washable which I LOVE! I vacuumed my bedrooms, landing and stairs, not so lazy today! AHEM! Except for the fact that I had an afternoon nap for 3 hours, yep! I did say 3 hours!

After I showered this morning and whilst getting dressed I noticed the top of my left arm, just near the underarm but at the front, it was looking a bit patchy and swollen, "what is that? I must be allergic to something or something more sinister is happening." Thinking something more sinister, how we do, but then on closer inspection...."Oh my goodness, never in this world!" Stretch marks, two of and very swollen and red looking and not nice to see AT ALL! And itchy, they have been itchy. I have been managing not to scratch them. I have noticed over the last year or two, especially over this last year that my body has changed, the skin has changed i.e. loosness, there such a word? Cellulity? I am looking more podgy in my belly, back and arms. My legs have changed shape, and no! It isn't just because of weight because I have been losing albeit a little bit, but even when hovering around the same weight, my body, skin etc has definitely changed. I think I might be peri-menopausal because other things have been happening a little more which could explain as to why my skin has changed. 
I have GOT to move and exercise, so to get back into things I will keep on top of my floors daily.....moving those arms! I am going to do the school walks daily again and also do my exercise DVD's. I have so many new exercise DVD's, some of which are still in their cellophanes. I haven't even done my Zumba which I got for Christmas last year. I have been lazy for too long. I have had rough patches this year, like we all have sometimes and it is time to stop wallowing in my problems and, "put myself first and take more care of myself, my health!!" Turn my negative thoughts into positives!!...BE ME!!...JUST, BE ME!! Get the old me back again, a RE-NEWED ME!! That sounds contradictory, the old me yet a re-newed me, by that I mean, the old me by getting my routines back again but a re-newed me because everything will be better with more determination, more gusto, happiness, healthiness, calmness, more energetic, more pride, more awake, being positive, less NO negatives...MORE ALIVE!! I just WANT TO BE ME!!

I feel like blogging more lately which I am enjoying doing!
When I feel that I am lacking that raw motivation I always watch You Tubes and Michelle K is one of my favourites! So I was very pleased to see another raw un-cooking upload today.
Here is a link to her You Tube, 'It's A High Raw Life' She is so inspiring!

I am thinking of making some kale chips tomorrow - Oh! AND some RAW caramel Popcorn, ANNND I am thinking of drinking a lot more juices throughout my days, not doing a juice feast, just getting those good ole liquids into my body. Juices are always a good thing and I could make them in the morning and have them throughout my day when I feel, "laziness" coming on.

Well, I think that is all for now and ramblings done for today so I will say, "nighty night" and I will be back tomorrow - Oh! I still need to do my October Buy which I will do tomorrow also, it's another good one, but then it would be or I wouldn't have bought, durrr.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Day 9 & Weigh In

Time: 8.34am.
Weighed in this morning as Thursday's are my weigh in days and I have had another small loss of .7 I have updated this on my 'Weigh In' Page.

I have eaten a pear so far this morning. I didn't get my granola made last night because I need to soak lots of things so I am going to soak them today and get the granola into the dehydrator tonight.

I was awake just before 5.00am this morning to clear up cat sick. Peaches is sick sometimes, she brings up fur balls and of course it has to be cleaned up straight away, so, I am feeling tired again this morning.....what's new there?!

Peaches. The pic is a tad blurry but she is so cute!!!

I have just finished making the granola and it is now in the dehydrator for tomorrow's breakfast, of course it wont all be eaten tomorrow, there is 3 sheets of it so it will last for some time and it stores well in an airtight container.

It is now 10.05pm and I am normally in bed before now so I will say, "night night"

Back tomorrow.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Day 8 & Halloween Drink

Bugs In Blood

Bugs In Blood...although not very bloody colour, yummy though! I simply vitamixed some strawberries with 2 dates, topped it with carbinated water, poured it into a glass and dropped a couple of washed blueberries into the glass to simulate the bugs. My 2 boys loved it! Which is always a good thing when it comes to getting fruits and veg into them.

I haven't eaten much again today, but I think it is because I fell asleep this morning for about 3 hours, that was after I had already got out of bed, showered, dressed etc. I lay on the settee and that was that. I have done this for about 3 mornings in a row now. Totm arrived and went last week and I always feel very tired before, during and a day or two after totm but I thought I might have started to get some energy back by now, I did feel more energised after my morning nap. After my morning sleep I cleaned two bedroom blinds and windows inside and out, and by the time I had done that it was time to prepare the evening meal, so sleeping and being busy is probably why I hadn't eaten AND because I simply have not felt hungry these last few days. I'm sure my appetite will come back with a vengeance!

I am going to have a quick look at a granola recipe and if I have time then I am going to quickly whip up a batch and get it into the dehydrator for breakfast tomorrow.

Back tomorrow.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Day 7 & Green Jewels

Green jewels...I don't think so!
I bought a jar of olives some years ago out of curiosity to taste them (the jar below is not the jar from years ago I hasten to add) because so many people seem to enjoy eating them, but I have to say, I didn't like them at all! But as the years have gone on and I have been eating lots of raw over the years, actually, I think since 2007 on and off I thought that I would buy another jar of olives because I am finding that people use them a lot in raw foods.
I chose a jar of the green olives for only 46p no way was I going to pay £1.46p for a jar of olives when I still may not like them.

I opened the jar feeling convinced that I would enjoy them. I grabbed a cocktail stick and pierced the green jewel, telling myself, "yes, this looks yummy," and thinking of all the raw recipe's I could use these in. I popped it into my mouth....BLEURGH! I still DO NOT LIKE THEM AT ALL! I wont be buying them again.

Over the last two days I have not eaten much, I haven't felt like eating, I haven't been feeling hungry. Yesterday I had a banana and a salad. Today I have eaten a satsuma, a small bar of raw chocolate and I have to confess to eating two sausages that I had left over after cooking the families evening meal. I am feeling that I am/have going/gone off any meat, it tastes like raw flesh, even when cooked...obviously, that pinkness it has is so unappealing to me now and doesn't taste like it used to. I am thinking of what I am eating; animals that were once living. They didn't die of an illness or old age like humans, they were killed to feed humans. No! I don't feel that even a small bit of none raw is for me any more!!! I am NOT enjoying any of it any more, my taste buds must be changing. Since eating the sausages and the olive I have been feeling decidedly sickly in my tummy. A nights sleep should hopefully put that to rights ready for a raw day tomorrow. I am thinking of making a raw strawberry soda tomorrow...YUM!

Oh! I was forced to colour my hair last Sunday, I was sporting a halo of white/grey...I call it, my natural blonde....teehee but I didn't like it, it looks better now! I hate having to colour my hair, such a tedious job to have to do.

I am still cleaning my cupboards and throwing things away, I am having to be strict with myself because there are some things that I just know I wont ever use, so despite them being in good condition I am chucking them. I am finding it hard to throw away clothes in smaller sizes that I once used to fit into, maybe I will keep some of them as gauges of my weightloss to come.

Well, that is me for now. I will be back tomorrow.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Day 2

I wanted to make some coconut yogurt but I didn't have any young coconuts in the house. Lately the young coconuts haven't had any meat in them just water so I haven't been buying them, but because I wanted to make a coconut yogurt I thought I would have another go (sure I've tried this before) making some yogurt using the brown coconuts. Brown coconuts are so cheap to buy at only 49p each but unfortunately they are so much harder to work with. I cracked, drained and de-meated the coconut and cleaned it up. I wanted to grate the meat first to make it easier for the vitamix to cream it but it was going to make such a mess using the box grater and I could not be bothered to get the cuisinart out, so I just whacked the meat straight into the vitamix along with the water, but as I thought, it didn't cream it down and the longer I was blending the warmer it was getting so I had to keep stopping. I blended it for as long as I dare but it still had a slight graininess to it. I poured it into a glass jar, added a probiotic and left it to ferment over night in a warm place. This morning I checked it but unfortunately it hadn't expanded or got little bubbles in it, so I am assuming it hadn't worked; I'm still eating it anyway.

Here is a pic inside the jar that I have just taken, I think it does look mildly bubbly, maybe it IS fermenting...I don't know, actually, it might just be looking grainy.
I was thinking that maybe I should have added a small amount of sweetener when I added the probiotic because the brown coconuts are less sweet than the young coconuts, maybe that is what it needed, but what what sweetener to use?....Errrm - coconut nectar? Zylitol? I'm sure that the probiotics feed on the sugars that are present in the foods which helps with the fermentation...if I'm wrong them someone please correct me! Next time I make this I am going to grate the meat before blending it so as to help it to cream better.

I had some of this coconut yogurt, dates, a few nuts and a diced pear for my breakfast this morning and I have to say, it was very yummy!
After breakfast I popped to Asda for a pumpkin, I have a few recipe's I want to try.

I haven't had any lunch yet, I have a bit of a headache and I am going to sit and close my eyes for a while to see if it lifts.

Oh! We got up to frost on the roof of my car this morning.....brrrr

Bitt, I am happy to post pics/fave meals etc here on this page aswell as in the other pages so it is quicker.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

New 66 Day Autumn Challenge

A tad late in the day for an Autumn challenge but hey! Why not eh?
Okay today is day 1 and the last day is Christmas Eve...not planned but a good day! I choose 66 days because that is how long it takes to create a new habit; I always thought it was 30 days but nope, not according to psychologists at the University College, London.

You may have noticed that I have added a few new pages to the right of this blog, this is where I am going to post pics and recipes of my favourite meals for that particular page.....more accountability.

I have posted todays breakfast on my 'Breakfast' Page.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

SOOO Busy!

I have been SOO busy for the last couple of weeks. I have been clearing the little bedroom/spare bedroom of all it's rubbish and clutter and WOW! There was a LOT of things in that room, everything would get thrown into that room and although not a big room it certainly could hold a lot of things. We have done 2 trips to the amenities and two big lots have gone into a bin wagon. I threw away an old but barely used and still in excellent condition manual treadmill, I have my electric treadmill and the manual treadmill was simply taking up extra room. The things that I have kept have gone up into the loft.
Doing all that work has certainly exercised my body, so much so that I have lost on the scales for 3 weeks in a row.
I still want to go through more things in my bedroom also i.e. my wardrobes etc I LOVE throwing away rubbish, it is very theraputic!
The reason I have been sorting out the spare bedroom is because James has been asking for his own bedroom. In the new year we will be skimming and re-flooring that room but in the meantime James has his own bedroom now, he is one happy chappy!!

I walked into town, around town and back yesterday and I can feel it today in my legs despite doing all that lifting and sorting over these last couple of weeks. We done our big grocery shop yesterday too, so that was also more walking.
I bought some new Green Bags yesterday for my fresh produce, hopefully things might last a tad longer, the Green Bags also help to keep the nutrients etc in the food.
I have started my Christmas shopping for James and my OH, so that is their main pressies in, still need to get lots more and to start Adam's, Michael's and our grandchildren's pressies. Christmas seems to have come earlier this year, the shops have loads of Christmas decorations and toys etc in and their Christmas catalogues are all out.

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks.

Before and after of creamed Cacao Butter.
I had never creamed Cacao Butter in my stone grinder, I wasn't sure if it would even grind down because it is rather hard, but after grating it with ease on my microplane box grater I sprinkled the grated cacao shavings into my stone grinder and it creamed it beautifully. When I added the other ingredients that were needed to make raw chocolate it thinned out even more.

I made mint shells and nut butter cups...BEAUTIFUL!

A raw pizza
I should have added more colour i.e. red pepper, spinach leaves. This was very YUMCIOUS! But I sprinkled on too much onion as the onion was quite strong.

Well that is all for now. I will get  

Saturday, 1 October 2011

A New Month

Yes, October 1st, I love a new month. The birds are singing and we appear to be having an Indian Summer....all good!
I have been SOOO good with my raw food lately and it is becoming easier and more natural which I am pleasd about because it is a lifestyle change, not something that has to be forced.

We have just done a grocery shop at Asda for good healthy things which needs to be put away. 
I currently have grains sprouting for a pizza base that I am going to be making and I am feeling SO positive! Oh! And I did have a loss on the scales on Thursday of 1.9lb.


Sunday, 25 September 2011

Feeling Good

I have started going out with my hubs for an evening walk, I am hoping to get into my morning exercise also but an evening walk is good because I have been lacking in the exercise department for quite some time.
I am feeling good to be getting into all my rota's...FULL STOP! So it's all good!

I am planning to get stuck into the kitchen today and get that ole dehydrator filled up.

Okay, must get on!

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Just to update you all. I have to say, I had a laugh the other day....teehee I am a member of a particular forum and when I posted my cheese photo's some folk were asking for the recipe and so I linked them to the blog page ON THE FORUM and gave folk a choice to click on my blog link that was on the forum so they could get the recipe and watch the video of Matt making the cheese, but then, my post was deleted and the person who helps with the forum said that I cannot use MY photo's to link to my blog....DESPITE the fact I was linking to another page on their forum and giving folk a choice....teehee but then I noticed that this person used MY photo's to link folk to selling places to buy books so the forum benefits, also, she used my photo's to links to pages ON THE forum...HAHAHAHA...I did think that was rather funny and bloody cheeky!!

Here are my meal pics that I took a couple of days ago.

YUMMY salad


Weighed this morning....pfft! I will post it later.

I have been eating loads of fibre rich foods lately because I have been suffering with constipation for about 4 weeks now. I have been eating fresh fruits, fresh veg, pureed fruit sauces, above. I had a couple of glasses of pure orange juice the other day also. I have been taking Chlorella, Physillium and probiotics and still not good. If it doesn't get better very soon then I am going to have to visit my GP, although I am not looking forward to that.


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Raw Dairy Free Cheddar Cheese

Well, I made the cheese, this is actually the second block I made.
Here are the pics. Have to say, my youngest son, James LOVES this cheese and he is a fussy eater.

A home made block of dairy free chedder cheese

This cheese can be sliced, grated and even melted, could it possibly get any better than this? A raw cheese the tastes like cheese and does everything cheese does.

This is THE book that I got the recipe from. There are many cheeses in this book i.e. mozzarella, boursin, feta etc etc

Agar Agar cooled to 115°F

To make the cheese set the recipe states to use Agar Agar which is used in the raw food world BUT Agar Agar has to be boiled and simmered. I boiled and simmered the Agar Agar but then to keep the recipe raw I allowed it to cool to 115°F before adding the other ingredients so it wouldn't cook anything.
I also had to use tomato paste/pureƩ so instead of using this I soaked a couple of sundried tomatoes overnight. The next day I drained them and chopped them very fine and blitzed them with my stick blender and then used the 2tb in the vitamix as stated in the recipe.

Here is a You Tube video of Matt making this cheese which is where I found it and so I bought the book to make the cheese correctly myself.

Let me know if you make this recipe and what you think?! It's FAB!

I juiced some oranges last night and poured it into a jug and put it in the fridge ready for this morning. I noticed that I didn't have any almond milk made and I wanted some for my breakfast in the morning so I put some almonds in soaking in some spring water from my Eva water filter...I LOVE that filter!! this morning I made the almond milk and I had oats with 5 dates and almond milk for my breakfast....YUM! I then had a glass of orange juice, banana and 2 chlorella tablets. For lunch today I am thinking of having strawberries blended with more dates (constipated, you wanted to know that) then I am going to pour this over fresh figs and more strawberries...DEEELICOUS! I have had this before and it is very nice. I will try and remember where I got this recipe from and I will let you know, actually, I think I have alread mentioned this recipe on a previous blog post.


Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Great North Run

I'm watching the Great North Run on TV this morning. My brother in law with his brother and sister are running it to raise money for Cancer Research. Just to let you know that the run starts off at Newcastle which is about 15 miles (15-20 minute drive, depending on traffic) away from me. We go shopping in Newcastle often.
I'm not sure if the run is televised around the world but if it is then take a look as there are many athletes that come from all over the world to take part in this run, there are also a few celebrities running it.

I've vacuumed and polished my floors and vacuumed my stairs today.
I have eaten 3 or was it 4?.....Umm I can't remember, anyway, I have had a few of the chocolate crispies that I bought from Raw Living and I have also had a banana and 2 Chlorella tablets which are said to help with metabolism, getting rid of toxins and they also have other health benefits. I plan on having a salad with some FABULOUS sauerkraut and avocado for my evening meal tonight - Oh! And I really would like to get the cheese made.

That is my block chedda cheese made and in the fridge, pictures will come tomorrow as it is nearly time for bed.

For my evening meal I had salad consisting of: romain, cucumber, tomato, sauerkraut, mango, avocado, cashews and raw mayo, not good food combining there but I enjoyed it.

Just incase you wanted to know a little about Chlorella then here is a small write up about it:


New research from Japan suggests that this green algae could be effective in fighting major lifestyle diseases. It has been shown to reduce body-fat percentage and blood-glucose levels and help those suffering from Type 2 diabetes, obesity or heart disease. Its benefits include boosting energy, aiding digestion and fighting depression.
What excited the scientists, including the notable Carnegie Institute in Washington DC, was that this green algae proved to be almost a dream food. It is packed with protein – twice as much as spinach – and about 38 times the quantity of soybeans, and 55 times that of rice. It also contains nine essential amino acids, as well as vitamins and minerals.
These are the latest in a long line of health claims – ranging from boosting the immune system in cancer patients to improving the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Nadia also believes chlorella is highly protective against toxins. "We are bombarded with chemicals in pesticides and fungicides; chlorella helps to get them out of the body. It is a fantastic detoxifier and deodorant."
Tests have shown that chlorella stimulates the growth of probiotic or friendly bacteria, and its cell walls absorb toxins within the intestine and encourage peristalsis – the muscular contraction that moves material through the bowels – preventing constipation and toxic material in the stool being reabsorbed into the bloodstream.
As it is a natural food, chlorella is safe for most people to take; but one exception seems to be those who are prescribed warfarin. This is because chlorella contains vitamin K1, which is important in helping blood clotting – the very opposite of warfarin, which acts as an anticoagulant.

Well, night night and I will be


Friday, 16 September 2011

September Buy

It has rained nearly all day, Autum is pretty much here and it is GLORIOUS!!
Anyway, here is my September buy:

A Flaker

This is FABULOUS! I couldn't get an electric flaker here in the UK but to honest I think this wooden flaker is so much more nicer and it looks rather good clamped to my work island. This wooden flaker is also better because the hopper is removable for cleaning whereas the flaker with the metal hopper isn't removable....ummm thats not good, we need to clean things. This flaker also came with a good quality and very strong adjustable, threaded clamp.
My new flaker wont break down like an electric flaker.....definitely a PLUS!
Here are a few more pics to show you what results I can get. It flakes any type of oats/grains and as long as the oats/groats you buy are raw then you get raw flaked grains.

A few oat groats in the hopper, turn the handle and you get flakes of oats.

Yummy flaked oats groats

 Before and after results

The full package. I received the grains free with my new GORGEOUS wooden flaker.

Now for a few other pictures.

I wanted to try the new Raw Chocolate Crispy Cakes and the new Chocolates from Raw Living and I have to say, they are SOOO YUMCIOUS!

Mimi Kirks new book, 'Live Raw'

When I was at Costco yesterday I decided to buy these Microplanes, I know, I already have Microplanes but I didn't have the box grater and the long thin Microplane.

Well that is all for today but I will be getting my raw dairy free cheese made and a pic put on here, I will hopefully get that done tomorrow or Sunday but I will be back tomorrow anyway.

Oh! I forgot to weigh in on Thursday so I thought I would weigh in this morning...I forgot again!


Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Grocery Day

I did go to Costco today and bought plenty of fresh produce, I also bought another couple of Microplane's, pic tomorrow.
I haven't had time to do my pics today but tomorrow should be a lot quieter so I will have time to do them then.

On our way back from Costco we popped along to visit my dad which was and is always fab!

Well, that is all for now. I know today is short and sweet but it's been a busy day and now it is time for bed. Back tomorrow.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

What A Day

We had to get a new computer today because the new printer was ridiculous with that ole computer we had, believe me, when I say ole computer, I mean VERY old computer but because it worked we just kept it, but! The new printer dictated to us that it was definitely time to renew, so, today has been spent with my other half hogging the computer installing the internet, virus protection etc.

I need to do a grocery shop so I am going to try to pop out to do that tomorrow and then hopefully I will get those pics done and uploaded.

Apart from that I don't have anything else to report. My eating hasn't been great and it is my weigh in tomorrow so I will have to take what the scales give me and make sure that I start and think of my health etc all this next week and beyond and eat better!!
By the way, I am still feeling GREAT!

So, I will say, "night night" and I will be back tomorrow.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Simply THE Best

YEEEAAAH!!!!...I am feeling GREAT lately! The depression has really lifted and I am getting and WANTING to get into my routines, I feel more energised and happier! Oh I LOVE THIS!!! I think that when I have been feeling better on and off over the last few months it hasn't been a deep happier feeling but now it is SOOO much deeper, stronger, I am feeling FAB!

Okay, I need to get a few pics on here and a BRILLIANT cheese pic from a recipe I found. This cheese recipe is a set, firmish chedda cheese that melts and slices and apparently can be grated, so watch this space it will be on here. I received a book today, 'Live RAW' by Mimi Kirk, so I will have a good ole look through that and see what shouts out, "make me"
Oh! I have just remembered that I need to take a my pic of my September buy, so I will get that done tonight or tomorrow, it depends if I will get the pics done tonight because my eldest baby boy is visiting tonight and I love to spend time with him. We have had trouble with him over the years but he has really grown up lately and he also seems happier, he is the BEST! Love, love LOVE him!

I need to come off the computer for a while because we had to buy a new printer and my hubs needs to install it, I don't know how to do the technical things...teehee Our other printer is fine, it's a Lexmark but the inks are SOOO expensive, nearly £20 each and they don't last very long, so a new printer it had to be.

Back later or tomorrow.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Countdown To Christmas

Yep, when September arrives it is countdown to Christmas for me, countdown to get all the Christmas shopping done but I am going to make it a two in one countdown because I am going to do my best to lose as much weight as possible between now and Christmas.

I was thinking today of all my ailments, yes I know, you don't really want to know about someone's ailments but I am going to put it on here anyway so I can keep tabs of any improvements.
I suffer with:
Sciatica - Medication
Depression - taking tablets DAILY for it
Migraines - Medication
Acid Reflux - taking tablets DAILY for it.
IBS - constipation a lot.
Sinus Trouble - Medication

Now then, the best way to try to control all of this is to be and think healthy. I have heard so many times about people suffering with all sorts of ailments and illnesses and being raw has helped and even healed so many.
I have decided to log down my progress daily.

I will be posting a pic of my September buy very soon, it's another good one.
I am going to make a raw cheese tomorrow so pop back to see that one, it's BRILLIANT!

I am going to try very VERY hard to get myself back into my rota's, I have just not managed to get into them at all for quite a while now.

I am going to come back tomorrow, I need to for ME! I need to keep a log!!!!!

I am now going to tidy the kitchen after making the evening meal and then think about getting settled for bed and watch an ole British black n white film with a nice drink in bed me thinks.


Thursday, 25 August 2011


Up at my usual of 6.00am -showered, hair washed. I still need to have breakfast, I think it will be fruit afterall, it is best to eat only fruit until midday, so fruit it is this morning.

It is dark and raining, nice though. I will just have to have an uncooking day today, all cozy in the kitchen. I made a raw cheese last night which is still fermenting, it's looking good! I will take pics when it is done.

Raw Cheese
2 C Almonds, soaked 8-12 hours and skinned
1 C spring water (I used my water from my Eva filter which filters the water to spring water)
a couple of probiotic caps

Vitamix everything together
Put into a strainer lined with a cheese cloth
Leave to ferment for 12 - 48 hours
After this time, mix in 2-4tb Nutritional yeast, depending how cheesey you like it and a little salt
Put into a mould and shape
You can dehydrate it to form a crust.
Keeps for about 3 days in the fridge

I am hoping to make some dehydrated goodies today i.e. crackers, bacon, kale chips, popcorn.
I also want to make some bread and hummous...YUM!

I will be back later today.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

End Of Rawsummer Challenge

Well, that is another challenge over and again, I haven't done so well. I'm not sure if I am going to start another challenge or just try to stay raw.

I have been making a few raw recipe's lately and tonight I am going to make a sweet n sour sauce, I want to have it with a plate of veg for my evening meal tomorrow.
I am going to be making lots more recipe's because I am getting right in the mood for uncooking lately which is good!
My breakfast this last week has been rolled oats, dates, chopped fruit and almond milk and I have been enjoying it.
Lately I have made strawberry milkshakes, cupcakes and almond flour, I'm sure there was more but I can't remember.

Okay then, watch this space because there is going to be recipe's and pics and monthly buy's.

Speak tomorrow.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

August Buy

Not a lot happening today. I dozed off this morning, I just felt SOO tired. I haven't been so good today, I have eaten a couple of snacky, cheapy Mars bars...TUT TUT.

The weather is terrible here lately and it was quite cold this morning, fine by me because I dont like the heat so much.

Here is my August buy, a Samson Sonic Food Washer. My hubby wont have a sandwich made with lettuce the day after buying the lettuce because it tastes old to him but I made him a sandwich with lettuce that was nearly a week old but washed in the Sonic first and he said it was so fresh and tasted cleaner, when I told him the lettuce was nearly a week old he couldn't believe it, that is how good this machine is...worth every penny:

Back tomorrow.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Not Nice!

I let my oldest son, Michael use my car yesterday which was fine. Later in the day I went to pick my hubby up from work, I don't bother to drive when he is around so as I got into the passenger seat I noticed a large scratch right beside the passenger door handle......GRRR I know that it was Michael's nasty piece of work of a girlfriend who done it because firstly, she doesn't drive and would have used the passenger door and secondly, I don't want her back in my house for reasons I wont go into, but nor would you if you knew why!!! I know it was her FOR SURE! She has done evil things against us before, she is the type that likes to get her own sad eh?!?! And all because she done quiet a serious thing to me so I told her not to come back to my home again and I cant and wont forgive her, not any more, I mean, have I got to just allow her to commit crimes etc against me and mine?!?! NO!!!...I am done forgiving her now! She has threatened to damage our car before. Yes, I know! More fool me for allowing Michael to use my car knowing that she would be in the car...lesson learnt!!

Anyway, When I picked my hubby up we went to buy my coconuts, I couldn't go without them...teehee On our way back we went to Tesco and the Nutri Centre to buy some Coconut flour so I can make some recipe's from an Ebook I bought yesterday for raw cupcakes...YUM!

I am going to take a pic of my August buy tomorrow so you are going to have to pop back to see what it is, it's a BRILLIANT piece of kit! I love it!! I had to order it in from America because places in the UK have stopped selling it because there wasn't the demand for it. Places in the UK used to sell it, I have seen it in some of my favourite online places but then I stopped seeing it, ah well! I have mine now.

Today has just been housework.
Back tomorrow with my pic.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Should I or Shouldn't I??...

keep blogging, that is what I have been asking myself for some time now, but I have decided to keep blogging but to be consistent, it's no good blogging once every so many weeks, I need to be accountable if I am to succeed.

Yesterday we went out for our big grocery shop. We were in Asda at about 7.00am and it was bliss! There was barely anyone there and they had minimal lighting, it felt very cozy and a pleasure to be in Asda. When we came home I put some things away and had a cup of coffee, yes! I know, the caffene, I will come off coffee eventually but it will be one of the last things that I do. We then went to town to post a parcel and I remembered that I forgot a letter that I also needed to post....drat! I will have to go back to town in the next day or so, good excuse to walk and get some exercise! Then to the sweetie stall for Cinder Toffee for my Dad, he is quite partial to Cinder Toffee afterall, it was his Birthday....yesterday....TUT TUT we are a day late. After town we went to a shop my hubby wanted to go to then we went to Tesco for my sweet onions and a box of Mango's and then finally to Costco... I LOVE THAT PLACE! I stocked up on a load of fresh fruit and veg at Costco. On our way back we went to my Dads to drop his Cinder Toffee and belated Birthday cards....shocking not getting to my dads until a day after his Birthday, I need my wrists slapped. We love going to my Dads and I just LOVE to give hime wrong for various things....getting my own back for him giving me wrong when I was a, not really but I do tend to give him wrong....teehee
When we got home I realised that I forgot to get my Green Coconuts...ARRRGGHH! I didn't go back for them.

Oh! I didn't post my July buy pic did I? Here it is:

EVA 12L Water Filter.

This filter is FANTASTIC! The things it filters out is amazing. The water goes through 8 different filters literally one drop at a time so of course it takes a little while to filter water, about 1 hour per 1 litre. It produces Spring water. If anyone wants to read more about this then click EVA

Here is just a SMALL description also.

General Description :

The Ultimate filter: the most complete filter cartridge in Europe. Volcanic rocks and remineralisation: EVA water filtration technology lets you drink remineralised water close to the best natural waters…

Thanks to its unique filtration process, the volcanic rocks on different levels of filtration, release a mineral complement rich in oligo-elements, that helps your body get the elements essential for a good physiological balance.

Selected and extracted from regions far away from human pollution, the EVA rocks diffuse a number of minerals into the filtered and purified water. These rocks also help with the stabilization of the pH level of the water after filtration.

Eva Advanced Water Filtration System:

    * Is healthy
    * Is economical
    * Eco-friendly
    * Provides an unlimited guarantee
    * Is accredited and scientifically proven by independent laboratories
    * Comes complete
    * Ideal for the home or small office (Dimensions: 65cm x 25-32cm)

Eva is considered to be the best natural gravity filtration system.

It really is a good filter.

Today, I am going to do some laundry and general tidying around. OH!! I just remembered, I bought Abeba's NEWEST Krazy Kracker book, I have all of Abeba's books now...WooHoo

ABEBA'S More Lip Smackin Favourites

Right then, that is all for now. Keep checking back because I am going to blog regularly!