Thursday, 22 September 2011


Just to update you all. I have to say, I had a laugh the other day....teehee I am a member of a particular forum and when I posted my cheese photo's some folk were asking for the recipe and so I linked them to the blog page ON THE FORUM and gave folk a choice to click on my blog link that was on the forum so they could get the recipe and watch the video of Matt making the cheese, but then, my post was deleted and the person who helps with the forum said that I cannot use MY photo's to link to my blog....DESPITE the fact I was linking to another page on their forum and giving folk a choice....teehee but then I noticed that this person used MY photo's to link folk to selling places to buy books so the forum benefits, also, she used my photo's to links to pages ON THE forum...HAHAHAHA...I did think that was rather funny and bloody cheeky!!

Here are my meal pics that I took a couple of days ago.

YUMMY salad


Weighed this morning....pfft! I will post it later.

I have been eating loads of fibre rich foods lately because I have been suffering with constipation for about 4 weeks now. I have been eating fresh fruits, fresh veg, pureed fruit sauces, above. I had a couple of glasses of pure orange juice the other day also. I have been taking Chlorella, Physillium and probiotics and still not good. If it doesn't get better very soon then I am going to have to visit my GP, although I am not looking forward to that.



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