Saturday, 3 September 2011

Countdown To Christmas

Yep, when September arrives it is countdown to Christmas for me, countdown to get all the Christmas shopping done but I am going to make it a two in one countdown because I am going to do my best to lose as much weight as possible between now and Christmas.

I was thinking today of all my ailments, yes I know, you don't really want to know about someone's ailments but I am going to put it on here anyway so I can keep tabs of any improvements.
I suffer with:
Sciatica - Medication
Depression - taking tablets DAILY for it
Migraines - Medication
Acid Reflux - taking tablets DAILY for it.
IBS - constipation a lot.
Sinus Trouble - Medication

Now then, the best way to try to control all of this is to be and think healthy. I have heard so many times about people suffering with all sorts of ailments and illnesses and being raw has helped and even healed so many.
I have decided to log down my progress daily.

I will be posting a pic of my September buy very soon, it's another good one.
I am going to make a raw cheese tomorrow so pop back to see that one, it's BRILLIANT!

I am going to try very VERY hard to get myself back into my rota's, I have just not managed to get into them at all for quite a while now.

I am going to come back tomorrow, I need to for ME! I need to keep a log!!!!!

I am now going to tidy the kitchen after making the evening meal and then think about getting settled for bed and watch an ole British black n white film with a nice drink in bed me thinks.



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