Friday, 16 September 2011

September Buy

It has rained nearly all day, Autum is pretty much here and it is GLORIOUS!!
Anyway, here is my September buy:

A Flaker

This is FABULOUS! I couldn't get an electric flaker here in the UK but to honest I think this wooden flaker is so much more nicer and it looks rather good clamped to my work island. This wooden flaker is also better because the hopper is removable for cleaning whereas the flaker with the metal hopper isn't removable....ummm thats not good, we need to clean things. This flaker also came with a good quality and very strong adjustable, threaded clamp.
My new flaker wont break down like an electric flaker.....definitely a PLUS!
Here are a few more pics to show you what results I can get. It flakes any type of oats/grains and as long as the oats/groats you buy are raw then you get raw flaked grains.

A few oat groats in the hopper, turn the handle and you get flakes of oats.

Yummy flaked oats groats

 Before and after results

The full package. I received the grains free with my new GORGEOUS wooden flaker.

Now for a few other pictures.

I wanted to try the new Raw Chocolate Crispy Cakes and the new Chocolates from Raw Living and I have to say, they are SOOO YUMCIOUS!

Mimi Kirks new book, 'Live Raw'

When I was at Costco yesterday I decided to buy these Microplanes, I know, I already have Microplanes but I didn't have the box grater and the long thin Microplane.

Well that is all for today but I will be getting my raw dairy free cheese made and a pic put on here, I will hopefully get that done tomorrow or Sunday but I will be back tomorrow anyway.

Oh! I forgot to weigh in on Thursday so I thought I would weigh in this morning...I forgot again!



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