Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 10

I weighed in on Monday and I was very pleased with my weigh in because I lost 4.3/4lb...YES! I'm not sure what my next weigh in will be because I have been eating more snacks, raw snacks of course and nut butters, I have been craving them and I haven't exercised at all this week either. I have had a few things going on hence the snacking and lack of exercise, an excuse? Maybe but at the same time it can be a tad difficult. I'm still doing okay though and I am feeling a lot better in myself in general:)

I popped into the new Morrisons supermarket tonight and I discovered vegan cheese, I was going to make some raw cheese but it will be handy to have some of this in the fridge. You can view the product here: CHEEZLY.

I made some of the raw things that I had on my list but still more to make.

We went to my Mam's tonight and WOW did we have a laugh, my Mam and step Dad are so funny and my husband can really give us a laugh when he winds my Mam up:)

Back tomorrow

Friday, 25 January 2013

Day 5

Another good day. I made a breakfast that I watched MrsLeafyGreens make on her You Tube. It was made with a base of cauliflower and I have to say, it was rather nice and refreshing, of course you need to like cauli as it can be tasted.

Shredded Cauliflower
Almond Milk
MrsLeafyGreens used slightly different ingredients but it is basically the same and I did enjoy it and I will be having it again..YUM!
I had the above for my breakast and a lovely, DELICIOUS, big salad for my evening meal. I am so into my salads!!
I have managed to get some of the foods made that I had on my list. Sprouts; mung bean and alfalfa...Two of my favourites! And buckwheat to make buckwheaties. I will maybe dehydrate the buckwheat tomorrow depending on if they have little tails.
Also, I made these little beauties below that are in the dehydrator now.
Kate Magic's flapjacks, page 215 'Raw Living'. I have made these before and they are AMAZING! I also made vanilla macaroons with a 1/2 tsp of almond extract in also...WOW! That almond extract smells just like marzipan..LOVE marzipan!!
Tomorrow I plan on making Russell James' bread and almond crackers, fakin bacon and maybe some cheesie kale chips, and then on Sunday I will make some more things, I want that freezer stocked up a tad.
I had to have my Cuisinart food processor changed for a new one last year because the first one just stopped working so Cuisinart very kindly just replaced my food processor for the same model and tonight was the first time I have used it:) I suspect I will be using it a tad more again now.
The snow had cleared in my town but today it started snowing again and now we are back to square one with the snow...boohoo - ah well!
Well, that is all for today.
Night, Night

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Day 4

Another good day but no exercise today, I am hoping to get some exercise in tomorrow but if not then Monday I will exercise. I have still done more exercise this week than I have done in a LONG time!! I have done two sessions of Tae Bo and vacuumed my bedrooms, landing and stairs and other housework this week which I do housework anyway..of course, but I have still been more active than I have been for ages.

I am planning on having a raw un-cook day tomorrow and maybe over this weekend so I will be stocked up on snacks. I am going to have a freezer or a couple of freezer shelves dedicated to just raw foods.

These are the foods I am planning on making:
Start some sprouts growing
Make raw butter
Protein balls
Caesar or Ranch dressing
Kate Magic raw flap jacks...these are soo yumcious!
Raw Vegan cheese
Fakin Bacon
Cheesie kale chips
Marinated mushroom
Kate Magic Raw chocolate cake
Russell James' bread
Russell James' crackers
And possibly some raw cupcakes:)

I also want to do something with some brown coconuts that I have, I might attempt making some raw yogurt with these, I have done this before.
I am also wanting to make some eggless salad, YUM! Love this stuff!
There you have it, how much I manage to make is anyone's guess but I am going to see how much I can do.

I am THOROUGHLY ENJOYING this raw at the moment and plan to be organised food wise with this!
I am going to make different breakfasts over these coming days that I have found on You Tube, so that should be fun!

I am still feeling a lot better in myself, a tad headachey today but I didn't feel the need to take anything for it, it did go itself..woohoo

Well, I'm off to start soaking a few things to make some of the above.
Back tomorrow and I will attempt to get a video done also, I did upload a video yesterday, not great but a video:)

Night, Night

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Day 3 And....

Still going great guns...WooHoo I exercised again this morning, I done Tae Bo, so that is twice this week...YES! My raw is going great ANNND I haven't been craving naughties, maybe I have finally realised that I want to get fit and healthy, maybe it has FINALLY sunk in!!

I made a dessert this afternoon, well, actually it was meant to be a smoothie but maybe I was meant to put water in also, anyway, it was a recipe from, 'Yourproduceguy' on You Tube. I used the can of coconut, a little agave and two mango's but it came out thick like a yogurt consistency, but oh so yummy! I am going to make everyday video's so this is the sort of thing when I make something that I will video and upload each day.

I haven't any more vegan mayo that I love to have on my salads so this evening I just used a little olive oil and WOW! My salad was THE BEST YET!
I used shredded iceberg (no romaine in my fridge:()
Nutritional yeast
and because I had a small amount of cheesie Purple Corn kale chips left I decided to throw them onto my salad also to give it a little crunch, these just finished my salad off..PERFECT! And I didn't miss the vegan mayo either.

I am still going to be using vegan mayo, nutritional yeast, canned coconut and one or two other small things that aren't officially raw but are sometimes used in the raw world. Maybe canned coconut is raw, I'm not sure, I don't think so, I will have to check on that one.

Today I didn't feel the overwhelming need to sleep but I did still have a nap but I could well have not had the nap.
I am feeling more energetic, just better in myself and my tummy is feeling good, no nausea which I often feel, this might sound odd but my tummy is feeling clean inside, that is the only way I can describe it;) and it is certainly feeling less bloated.
I can do this, EASY!

I still have some of the coconut and mango dessert left so I am thinking of having that for my breakfast in the morning.

Back tomorrow, and I MUST do some vlogging!!

Night, Night

Monday, 21 January 2013

Day 1

I exercised this morning, I done Tae Bo...woohoo. After my exercise I drank coconut water and then had my shower. I done a body scrub, a sonic facail and body moisturise which I am going to continue to do these extra beauty things, I am thinking it will spur me on that little bit more!! I am planning on doing a DVD exercise about three times per week and maybe increasing it further. Anyway, after I had my shower I had a strawberry and banana those! I snacked on bananas for pretty much the rest of the day. Later, around tea time I had a little bit of cheesey kale and then a gorgeous salad for my evening meal.
I did have one chocolate muffin that I bought from Costco last week, I had these in the freezer. I am alright about having the muffin because I planned it and so I looked forward to it, it finished off my meal and has satisfied me for the rest of the evening and until breakfast in the morning when I will have a raw breakfast and stay raw throughout the day, day 2.
I have two more Costco muffins in the freezer so I might have one per day after my evening meal for the next two days until they are gone, I will then think about things that are raw that I can make for that little something for after my evening meals, or better still, eat fruit! I have some lovely persimmons, soft fruits and mangoes in my fridge at the moment.

I have made a second video for my RAWlief vlog but as yet not uploaded it.

Well, that is all for today, Oh! I did have a nap later this morning for one and a half hours, less sleep than I normally have:)

Night, Night

Sunday, 20 January 2013

First Video

Here is my first video: Intro RAWrelief  I am going to vlog pretty much daily so subscribe so you know when I upload a new video.
Of course I am still going to blog daily also.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Cold Snowy Blizzard Day

WOW! The weather warnings are in place. Supermarkets in Wales are apparently out of food because folk have been panic buying.
Our satellite is acting up because of the weather, I hope it isn't broken!

I took a pic from my bedroom window. It has been snowing for hours and is still snowing.

I had to go out this morning but I was thankful the snow wasn't as bad as it is now but still not great having to drive in any bad weather conditions.
When I got back I then went to my Mothers for an hour and then home all safe and sound, tucked up in my warm home...BLISS!:)
Back tomorrow
Night, Night

Thursday, 17 January 2013

28 Day Winteraw Challenge

Yep, I'm starting a 28 day raw challenge on Saturday 19th January 2013. I want to set myself small challenges to help myself to not crave the processed rubbish.
I think this is a good time to start because the Christmas celebrations are all done and the Birthday tea's and celebrations are all done.

I have been getting symptoms of a fatty liver, of course without going to the doctors to have it comfirmed I cannot be sure, but I am fairly sure it is that that I am feeling i.e. pain stitch type feelings, nausea, loo problems after eating high fat foods and other sypmtoms. I am going to see if this improves with a raw eating plan.

I used my tempering machine a few days ago.

I only made a small batch of raw chocolate. You can see the shine on the chocolates below and they had a perfect snap.
We are having terrible weather here in the UK with lots of snow and with bad snowy weather warnings for this weekend also. I took some pics on my mobile phone.
The snow is very pretty but cold...of course.
We went for a big grocery shop a few days ago. I also went to the shop where I buy my green coconuts but they didn't have any:( because of our cold weather they were apparently going black too quickly so the guy told us to give it a couple of weeks and hopefully he will have them back in stock:) Because I couldn't buy my green coconuts I decided to stock up on the coconut water instead, so when we were in Costco I bought two boxes of coconut water.
I think that is all for today but I will be back tomorrow.
I am maybe going to start some video's also.
Night, Night

Saturday, 12 January 2013

That Cupboard

I went and bought a shelving unit today for that cupboard. I already have one of these shelving units in my kitchen with a load of my other raw things on and that is why I decided to buy another one of these shelves to put inisde this cupboard rather than put shelves up inisde the cupboard. These shelves are very sturdy and they seem to hold quite a lot of things.

Here is the BEFORE picture.

Can you see my cat, Princess having a snoop in the cupboard? As you can see things are just shoved into this cupboard.
Here is the AFTER picture.
A lot tidier eh? I am thinking of changing things around a little so I can get one of my other machines in there also but so I can just grab them easily.
We are going to Costco in the week, I really need to stock up on good things although I did buy a few things today: carrots, bananas, courgettes (zuchinni) mushrooms and celery.
Well, not a lot else to report today so I shall bid you all goodnight, until tomorrow, Night, Night.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Another New Day!

I am thankful for another new day! A day that I am going to do the best I can! A day to gain health! A day to be happy! A day to be grateful! I have a lot to be grateful for!

Back later

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

So UnPrepared

I seriously need to get myself more prepared. I am just eating things like raw mince pies, kale...easy things that I have bought from raw companies, don't get me wrong, I am very grateful that these companies are out there but I need to get myself shifted and prepare things and freeze things. I have no energy to do these things but I have no energy because I am not healthy and am overweight for my height....a vicious circle me thinks...I need to break it. I fell asleep for about three and a half hours this morning and this is about two hours after I had just got up....what is going on?!?! I need discipline!!! And I need it NOW!!!
How do I get? The only thing I can think of is to keep a time table and stick to it and to remember, slow and steady wins the race!

Well, today I have picked at raw snacks...ummm:( My husband brought in a twin Mars Bar which I would normally eat but once again I told the boys to have them:)

We went to visit my Mother tonight because she was back in hospital last night but fortunately she was back home this afternoon which we are pleased about, Kids and parents are such a worry!!

Oh! You know, I forgot to say about my weigh in yesterday, I was side tracked with it being my Birthday, anyway, I lost 3lb...WoooHooo - yep, I'm happy with that!

I have been making a list of things to make and prepare and to maybe put into the freezer. I have two freezers, the big one is the American fridge freezer and then I have an under bench smaller freezer so I was thinking of making the smaller freezer my raw freezer, I also have my raw food cupboards, two of.

I have set myself a project especially after getting more equipement for Christmas, anyway, I have a larg-ish sort of walk in cupboard in my kitchen which I am thinking of buying another shelving unit to put in it so I can keep all my equipment in there, it was my Mothers idea actually and a good idea it is aswell! I'll do the photos of it.

I need to get started on my timetable. I bought a whiteboard timetable thingy a month or so ago so all I need to do is write what I am doing in the time boxes, I'll show photos, maybe tomorrow but for now I'm off, so back tomorrow.
Night, Night

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Birthday & Weigh In

It's my Birthday and I have already received, texts and phone calls and a knock at the door with these from my four GORGEOUS Grandbabies, Ebony, Ellie, Michael and Jayden.


My eldest son, Michael visited and brought me these, Dove body washes, impulse products that come in their own little shocking pink bag and Milk Tray and Birthday cards...BEAUTIFUL!

I have had a lovely Birthday!
Next week we are going to have a little belated Birthday tea to celebrate both mine and James' Birthdays. James has his Birthday in December, two weeks before Christmas and mine is two weeks after so we are bringing them both together for a little Birthday tea.
Nothing else to report today.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Much Better!

I am feeling much better today!

I have had 2 persimmons for breakfast this morning and a few cheese kale chips. I am still not eating enough.
I am going to watch one of my new DVD's again and write down the recipe for wraps so I have them to hand.

Weigh day tomorrow and my Birthday.

Back later.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Uncomfortable Today

The sun is shining! Nice!
I've just had my morning shower and now I think I am going to make breakfast, not sure what yet, I was thinking of making a persimmon pudding but I might make it later because I am not feeling very comfortable at the moment, TMI here but the raw food is going straight through me, maybe that is a good thing, maybe not, I am usually the opposite. I wish I had some banana's because they have been known to help me not need to go so much, they usually do anyway, I do have one but it is over ripe for me, anyway enough of that. I think it is just housework on the agenda for today and maybe make something raw, maybe start thinking about stocking up the freezer with RAW! It is too easy to get caught out in this house, although I have resisted lots and the more I do that the more it will become second nature.

Well I haven't felt the best today...the loo thing, I know, way too much TMI. Anyway, I remembered that I had put some banana's into the freezer so I made an icecream in my vitamix with a little raw almond butter.

This was the only thing I had eaten today and as soon as I had eaten it I immediately felt more hungry so I confess to having a few pieces of toast also which I know also helps but I wish I hadn't, doesn't matter I don't feel as though that this is it...i've blown it, it was a tiny blip and I know that I am still on the raw wagon.
I am still having issues with lethargy which I am hoping in time will pass with more raw food I am eating.
Back tomorrow.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

A Little Shopping

When I got up I jumped under the shower, dressed, makeup and hair done and then we decided to pop into town because we needed to buy James a new pair of shoes and I also wanted to buy that light shade for our bedroom. We bought the light shade but James didn't like the shoes we found because he had seen a pair in Tesco that he liked the last tiime we were in Tesco but as far as I could remember they didn't have his size but we went back to Tesco anyway....none in his size so we went back to our local town and bought the first pair...he's a happy lad now!
We seen my Mother and step Dad in town also and my Mother has taken her second lot of chemo medication, she said she felt a tad sick this morning but overall she is still feeling okay...which is good!

I forgot to get something to eat before we went out, purely because I didn't feel hungry so when we got back home at about 1.45pm I had three Laughing Giraffe snackaroons/macaroons.
Oh! And last night I finished my day off after my salad with two rather large persimmons...YUM!
It is now 2.50pm and I don't feel hungry still so I will eat something later.

I am managing to upload my pictures but blogger is still not playing nicely so I have had to upload them using HTML...awkward

Not a lot else to report at the moment but I should be back later today.

I had a nap this afternoon....grrr - I was very tired as I didn't get to bed until after 1am last night/morning which was because I was watching some of my new DVD's.

I had a salad again for my evening meal and for after my salad I thawed out 1 raw sweet mince pie that I put into the freezer a few days before Christmas. Shortly after my salad and sweet mince pie I was still feeling hungry and I did look at my husbands none raw jaffa cakes but I just knew that if I had one I would fall into the processed trap again and I would wish I hadn't eaten one so I did resist:) I then remembered that I had a bag of dried durian left which I was keeping for making raw chocolate with my Christmas present but because I have just ordered more durian I decided to have the bag of durian and a glass of water afterwards. The durian will swell up in my tummy and help make me feel satisfied, which it has.
I know why I am feeling more hungry today, it is because I am no where near eating enough so tomorrow I will eat more but of course it will be more fruits and veg, as long as it is raw.

Well, I have one more DVD to watch which is one and a half hours long, so I am now going to watch that and then to bed, earlier than last night.

Back tomorrow

Friday, 4 January 2013


I haven't had any of those fainty spells today, not one! Which I am very pleased about.

I started this morning off with 3 Laughing Giraffe almond snackaroons/macaroons, those really satisfied me, I then proceeded to have a morning I do and which I am definitely going to get out of the habit of...I really want to!! After I woke up I had another raw date and walnut chocolate bar, and you know, I think that is it! And I don't feel hungry, no faintness, heavy headedness...NOTHING! Could it be because I am eating better overall? Oh! And I am doing nothing but having to visit the smallest room for number 1's...TMI...heehee but this is a good thing, it means I am losing the water but I also know that this means that any loss on the scales will be just water, but HEY! All is good...gotta start somewhere and at least I have started and i'm going to continue.

I just received 2 more DVD's which I will post a picture of when blogger will let me, I still can't post any pics.....grrr I received Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine part 1 by Frederic Patenaude and Savoury Raw Dinner Recipes by Veronica & Frederic Patenaude (3hr two DVD set). I've just watched my Christmas present DVD today which was Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine part 2 by Frederic Patenaude...I know a tad back to front, I ordered and watched part 2 before part 1 but it doesn't matter.
Our postman forced my new DVD's through our letterbox (we have our letterboxes in our front doors and our letterboxes aren't huge) but there is no damage...PHEW! I'm sure it takes them longer to force things through our letterboxes than it does to knock at the door with the package...ah well!

I am going to have salad again tonight, I am really enjoying them at the moment. I am going to take a couple of persimmons out of the fridge also to have for dessert. I always store my fruit and veg in green bags and in the fridge to keep them fresher for longer, it works too.

Once again it has been a quiet day.
I need to start and incorporate exercise into my days, probably starting Monday morning with an exercise DVD, I will blog it here of course.

Oh! And my You Tube is called Raw Relief. I haven't made any video's yet but I have created my channel here: Raw Relief

I may get back later today, not sure because I need and want to visit my Mother tonight as she has just started her Chemotherapy today, but if I don't get back then I will be here tomorrow and everyday...that is the idea!!

We went to my Mothers and she is doing alright. She offered the biscuits with a cuppa, peanut cookies....YUM! One of my favourites and also sweet mince pies....YUM! I said, "no thankyou Mam, I'm eating only raw" I DID IT! I said, "no thankyou" my Mother already knows I eat raw and she has not judged AT ALL!

Back tomorrow

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Should I?

I have been thinking of maybe doing the occasional You Tube about my raw lifestyle and health, what do you think?

Yesterday went down the pan at about tea time when my husband came home with chocolate biscuits and chocolates. We went to my Mothers last night and she gave us Allioli dip, a whole cooked chicken, more biscuits and a box of chocolates. I felt so disappointed in myself, if I fail at the first hurdle what hope do I have.
Today is a new day albeit just the 3rd January but I am so determined to feel the benefits of losing weight and getting off my meds and healing my body.

Today my husband came home with a double Mars Bar...umm - straight away I didn't think..OOOoo that'll do for me, I decided to think to myself, ANYTHING that my husband brings in is for my boys from now on. I AM going to get into a raw lifestyle!

This morning I started off with a banana and strawberry smoothie, now I am buying these smoothies which I know are not the ideal but here is a picture of the ingredients in the smoothie, not bad!....For now!


I fell asleep this morning until about lunch time. I woke up at 3.30am and couldn't get back to sleep hence needing to have a morning nap. When I woke up from my morning nap I had a raw date and walnut chocolate bar.

I didn't have anything else until tea time which by that time I was starting to feel quite faint and heavy headed, actually, that has been happening a lot lately. I made quite a large salad for my evening meal which I sprinkled on some raw cheesie salad sprinkles.
I have been craving a thick salad dressing so I did use this, Solesse Vegan Mayo, not the best but I used it anyway.
I mixed a little Dijon mustard into the mayo also. After my salad I had 2....not the whole bag as I would do normally but only 2 raw almond snackaroons which are a macaroon.

I had a few ripe banana's sitting on my kitchen island so I have peeled those and they are now in the freezer.
Well, not a lot has happened today except that I am feeling DETERMINED to do this! I WANT TO! I AM GOING TO!!
Back tomorrow!!!!!!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year - 2013

A fresh New Year....WooHoo!

Okay, I weighed in this morning but I am not telling my current weight, but I will be saying the loss each week....yes, I did say loss because I am hoping that I reach goal with no gains:)

My food today:
BREAKFAST: Smoothie and a banana
LUNCH: Raw cakelet
DINNER: Salad with romaine, avocado, cheese salad sprinkle (raw), cucumber, nutritional yeast, grapes, dijon mustard & vegan mayo
Raw cakelet for dessert.

Exercise today:
None today

We didn't stay up or go out to see the New Year in but we did hear the fireworks go off and the neighbours shouting "YAY!" We never do anything on New Years Eve, we are happy just snuggling up and watching TV in bed.

It is my Birthday in one weeks time so feel free to say, Happy Birthday next week:)

Well, I am planning on updating daily but for now there is nothing to say, I mainly wanted to write down what I have eaten today, so I shall bid you goodnight and I will be back tomorrow. Night Night and HAPPY NEW YEAR!