Friday, 25 January 2013

Day 5

Another good day. I made a breakfast that I watched MrsLeafyGreens make on her You Tube. It was made with a base of cauliflower and I have to say, it was rather nice and refreshing, of course you need to like cauli as it can be tasted.

Shredded Cauliflower
Almond Milk
MrsLeafyGreens used slightly different ingredients but it is basically the same and I did enjoy it and I will be having it again..YUM!
I had the above for my breakast and a lovely, DELICIOUS, big salad for my evening meal. I am so into my salads!!
I have managed to get some of the foods made that I had on my list. Sprouts; mung bean and alfalfa...Two of my favourites! And buckwheat to make buckwheaties. I will maybe dehydrate the buckwheat tomorrow depending on if they have little tails.
Also, I made these little beauties below that are in the dehydrator now.
Kate Magic's flapjacks, page 215 'Raw Living'. I have made these before and they are AMAZING! I also made vanilla macaroons with a 1/2 tsp of almond extract in also...WOW! That almond extract smells just like marzipan..LOVE marzipan!!
Tomorrow I plan on making Russell James' bread and almond crackers, fakin bacon and maybe some cheesie kale chips, and then on Sunday I will make some more things, I want that freezer stocked up a tad.
I had to have my Cuisinart food processor changed for a new one last year because the first one just stopped working so Cuisinart very kindly just replaced my food processor for the same model and tonight was the first time I have used it:) I suspect I will be using it a tad more again now.
The snow had cleared in my town but today it started snowing again and now we are back to square one with the snow...boohoo - ah well!
Well, that is all for today.
Night, Night


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