Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year - 2013

A fresh New Year....WooHoo!

Okay, I weighed in this morning but I am not telling my current weight, but I will be saying the loss each week....yes, I did say loss because I am hoping that I reach goal with no gains:)

My food today:
BREAKFAST: Smoothie and a banana
LUNCH: Raw cakelet
DINNER: Salad with romaine, avocado, cheese salad sprinkle (raw), cucumber, nutritional yeast, grapes, dijon mustard & vegan mayo
Raw cakelet for dessert.

Exercise today:
None today

We didn't stay up or go out to see the New Year in but we did hear the fireworks go off and the neighbours shouting "YAY!" We never do anything on New Years Eve, we are happy just snuggling up and watching TV in bed.

It is my Birthday in one weeks time so feel free to say, Happy Birthday next week:)

Well, I am planning on updating daily but for now there is nothing to say, I mainly wanted to write down what I have eaten today, so I shall bid you goodnight and I will be back tomorrow. Night Night and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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