Friday, 4 January 2013


I haven't had any of those fainty spells today, not one! Which I am very pleased about.

I started this morning off with 3 Laughing Giraffe almond snackaroons/macaroons, those really satisfied me, I then proceeded to have a morning I do and which I am definitely going to get out of the habit of...I really want to!! After I woke up I had another raw date and walnut chocolate bar, and you know, I think that is it! And I don't feel hungry, no faintness, heavy headedness...NOTHING! Could it be because I am eating better overall? Oh! And I am doing nothing but having to visit the smallest room for number 1's...TMI...heehee but this is a good thing, it means I am losing the water but I also know that this means that any loss on the scales will be just water, but HEY! All is good...gotta start somewhere and at least I have started and i'm going to continue.

I just received 2 more DVD's which I will post a picture of when blogger will let me, I still can't post any pics.....grrr I received Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine part 1 by Frederic Patenaude and Savoury Raw Dinner Recipes by Veronica & Frederic Patenaude (3hr two DVD set). I've just watched my Christmas present DVD today which was Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine part 2 by Frederic Patenaude...I know a tad back to front, I ordered and watched part 2 before part 1 but it doesn't matter.
Our postman forced my new DVD's through our letterbox (we have our letterboxes in our front doors and our letterboxes aren't huge) but there is no damage...PHEW! I'm sure it takes them longer to force things through our letterboxes than it does to knock at the door with the package...ah well!

I am going to have salad again tonight, I am really enjoying them at the moment. I am going to take a couple of persimmons out of the fridge also to have for dessert. I always store my fruit and veg in green bags and in the fridge to keep them fresher for longer, it works too.

Once again it has been a quiet day.
I need to start and incorporate exercise into my days, probably starting Monday morning with an exercise DVD, I will blog it here of course.

Oh! And my You Tube is called Raw Relief. I haven't made any video's yet but I have created my channel here: Raw Relief

I may get back later today, not sure because I need and want to visit my Mother tonight as she has just started her Chemotherapy today, but if I don't get back then I will be here tomorrow and everyday...that is the idea!!

We went to my Mothers and she is doing alright. She offered the biscuits with a cuppa, peanut cookies....YUM! One of my favourites and also sweet mince pies....YUM! I said, "no thankyou Mam, I'm eating only raw" I DID IT! I said, "no thankyou" my Mother already knows I eat raw and she has not judged AT ALL!

Back tomorrow


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