Sunday, 6 January 2013

Uncomfortable Today

The sun is shining! Nice!
I've just had my morning shower and now I think I am going to make breakfast, not sure what yet, I was thinking of making a persimmon pudding but I might make it later because I am not feeling very comfortable at the moment, TMI here but the raw food is going straight through me, maybe that is a good thing, maybe not, I am usually the opposite. I wish I had some banana's because they have been known to help me not need to go so much, they usually do anyway, I do have one but it is over ripe for me, anyway enough of that. I think it is just housework on the agenda for today and maybe make something raw, maybe start thinking about stocking up the freezer with RAW! It is too easy to get caught out in this house, although I have resisted lots and the more I do that the more it will become second nature.

Well I haven't felt the best today...the loo thing, I know, way too much TMI. Anyway, I remembered that I had put some banana's into the freezer so I made an icecream in my vitamix with a little raw almond butter.

This was the only thing I had eaten today and as soon as I had eaten it I immediately felt more hungry so I confess to having a few pieces of toast also which I know also helps but I wish I hadn't, doesn't matter I don't feel as though that this is it...i've blown it, it was a tiny blip and I know that I am still on the raw wagon.
I am still having issues with lethargy which I am hoping in time will pass with more raw food I am eating.
Back tomorrow.


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