Monday, 21 January 2013

Day 1

I exercised this morning, I done Tae Bo...woohoo. After my exercise I drank coconut water and then had my shower. I done a body scrub, a sonic facail and body moisturise which I am going to continue to do these extra beauty things, I am thinking it will spur me on that little bit more!! I am planning on doing a DVD exercise about three times per week and maybe increasing it further. Anyway, after I had my shower I had a strawberry and banana those! I snacked on bananas for pretty much the rest of the day. Later, around tea time I had a little bit of cheesey kale and then a gorgeous salad for my evening meal.
I did have one chocolate muffin that I bought from Costco last week, I had these in the freezer. I am alright about having the muffin because I planned it and so I looked forward to it, it finished off my meal and has satisfied me for the rest of the evening and until breakfast in the morning when I will have a raw breakfast and stay raw throughout the day, day 2.
I have two more Costco muffins in the freezer so I might have one per day after my evening meal for the next two days until they are gone, I will then think about things that are raw that I can make for that little something for after my evening meals, or better still, eat fruit! I have some lovely persimmons, soft fruits and mangoes in my fridge at the moment.

I have made a second video for my RAWlief vlog but as yet not uploaded it.

Well, that is all for today, Oh! I did have a nap later this morning for one and a half hours, less sleep than I normally have:)

Night, Night


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