Thursday, 24 January 2013

Day 4

Another good day but no exercise today, I am hoping to get some exercise in tomorrow but if not then Monday I will exercise. I have still done more exercise this week than I have done in a LONG time!! I have done two sessions of Tae Bo and vacuumed my bedrooms, landing and stairs and other housework this week which I do housework anyway..of course, but I have still been more active than I have been for ages.

I am planning on having a raw un-cook day tomorrow and maybe over this weekend so I will be stocked up on snacks. I am going to have a freezer or a couple of freezer shelves dedicated to just raw foods.

These are the foods I am planning on making:
Start some sprouts growing
Make raw butter
Protein balls
Caesar or Ranch dressing
Kate Magic raw flap jacks...these are soo yumcious!
Raw Vegan cheese
Fakin Bacon
Cheesie kale chips
Marinated mushroom
Kate Magic Raw chocolate cake
Russell James' bread
Russell James' crackers
And possibly some raw cupcakes:)

I also want to do something with some brown coconuts that I have, I might attempt making some raw yogurt with these, I have done this before.
I am also wanting to make some eggless salad, YUM! Love this stuff!
There you have it, how much I manage to make is anyone's guess but I am going to see how much I can do.

I am THOROUGHLY ENJOYING this raw at the moment and plan to be organised food wise with this!
I am going to make different breakfasts over these coming days that I have found on You Tube, so that should be fun!

I am still feeling a lot better in myself, a tad headachey today but I didn't feel the need to take anything for it, it did go itself..woohoo

Well, I'm off to start soaking a few things to make some of the above.
Back tomorrow and I will attempt to get a video done also, I did upload a video yesterday, not great but a video:)

Night, Night


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