Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 10

I weighed in on Monday and I was very pleased with my weigh in because I lost 4.3/4lb...YES! I'm not sure what my next weigh in will be because I have been eating more snacks, raw snacks of course and nut butters, I have been craving them and I haven't exercised at all this week either. I have had a few things going on hence the snacking and lack of exercise, an excuse? Maybe but at the same time it can be a tad difficult. I'm still doing okay though and I am feeling a lot better in myself in general:)

I popped into the new Morrisons supermarket tonight and I discovered vegan cheese, I was going to make some raw cheese but it will be handy to have some of this in the fridge. You can view the product here: CHEEZLY.

I made some of the raw things that I had on my list but still more to make.

We went to my Mam's tonight and WOW did we have a laugh, my Mam and step Dad are so funny and my husband can really give us a laugh when he winds my Mam up:)

Back tomorrow


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