What Being Overweight Really Means


Hi gorgeous,

If you are struggling with your weight, by now you would’ve tried many options to shake it off (strict raw food diet included) and it’s highly likely you’ve heard this: "If you are overweight, you most likely don't have a "fat" problem, you have an acid problem".

But what does that even mean?

Many people are blaming their genes and their metabolism for not being able to lose weight. Are you one of them? Have you been working out hard at the gym to no avail?

When your body is extremely acidic it can't take in much oxygen and when it doesn't- your entire system slows down, including the metabolism.

You may be working out hard, but this is building even more acids,then your bodygoes into alert mode to scrabble for any water it has to retain it in order to protect your cells, produces more insulin and all while storing... FAT!A vicious cycle, that must be addressed if you are finally ready for change.

So in order to push the acids into the blood stream and out of the body, you require proper nutrition and energy to do so!

It is not exactly easy to figure this out yourself, especially to find out how to detect acidity in your body, figure out which foods are acidic (and it’s not lemons) and which are alkaline, what music you can listen to and thoughts to acquire that will affect your PH balance majorly, how to breathe to be alkaline, how many days you should cleanse for to de-acidify your body and what recipes to incorporate into your life!

This is why I am so pleased to tell you about Tanya Alekseeva’s brand new program called the Acid-Alkaline Breakthrough, where she will walk you step-by-step through the most practical ways to change your diet to a betteracid-alkaline balance, lose those unwanted pounds, all while easily dealing with cravings and purifying the system and unleash the full potential of your body not just to heal and renew itself, but to stay that way!

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With Love, Linda

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PPS. This is not just for weight loss. No disease will ever claim an alkaline body!