Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Little Bit Of....

Jewellery making.

I was sampling a few jewellery making techniques and here are my results, nothing completed though.

A little bit of beading

A little bit of macramé - a mans bracelet technique
I am starting my own raw  Christmas challenge, yet another challenge, as of tomorrow.
Night, night

Friday, 27 September 2013

Cutting Right Back

I was up and showered by 8.45am and then had my lemon water. I dozed off at around 12.30pm for a couple of hours and woke up at around 3pm...WOW! I had my first cup of coffee at 3.30pm-ish and a second cup at around 5pm, so that is ONLY 2 cups of coffee today, I would have had an easy 8 - 10 cups by now, but not today...GO ME!                                                   
I ate a banana whilst making the family their evening meal and then I have to confess to sneaking 6 Jaffa cake biscuits...TUT TUT 
I am just sitting down to my evening meal 5.50pm.

A gorgeous salad consisting of:
Romaine, shredded
Cherry tomatoes
1/2 Avocado
1/2 Peach
and a baked potato, diced
I did put about 1tb of low fat mayonnaise onto this salad.


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Getting Colder

It is certainly getting colder here in the UK - I am starting to think about putting the heating on, and socks :) When I opened my blinds this morning I noticed that there was dew on the grass, It feels Christmassy when it gets like this.

I was up and out of bed at 6am, showered, dressed and then downstairs to drink my litre or so of lemon water, no oils just pure unadulterated filtered water and fresh lemon juice which I have to say that I don't particularly enjoy drinking but feel good after it has gone down :)

Benefits of drinking lemon water, and others

I am going to get stuck into housework today and maybe make some raw crackers...not sure yet.

Back later today.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Getting Started :) Free E-Book

Time to kick A**....I don't swear so A** is the best you get :)

I started my day with Lemon water and orange oil. I had the same yesterday using two new oils that I bought; lemon and orange oils and I did buy food grade. I drank my water yesterday and as the day went on I had a terrible headache ALL DAY and that night I felt quite sickly. The next morning I checked the oils and on the label it stated, EXTERNAL USE ONLY! I was so angry because I had consumed about 10 to 15 drops total and I had ordered food grade, or that is what they should have sent me, I should have checked the labels as soon as I got them but after ordering food grade oils I just trusted the company to have sent me the correct order. I hope there is no lasting effects to my body.
This morning I made sure I used a food grade oil for my lemon water but I only had orange oil which is fine.

I drank the whole jug of lemon water before any coffee, infact, I didn't have my first cup of coffee until 11am which is very good for me!!

For lunch I had two bananas and I confess to sneaking a few pieces of fudge...well I am going to be brutally honest and list everything. It is the only way!! I am aiming to be 90 - 100% raw but at the moment I am happy aiming to be 85% raw.

Oh! I did also have two cocodamol pain killers because I still have a headache, although not as bad as yesterday and could be down to not having my morning coffee until 11am.

Well today has been foggy and it was foggy through the night also....GORGEOUS, LOVE IT!! The fog horn has been going.

Free e-book. Go to Amazon and search for: '220 Raw Recipes - A complete guide to raw enzymatic diet, secrets and lifestyle'. I found this free for the Kindle. If you don't have a Kindle then there is an option at Amazon to download a free PC Kindle.

Back later.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Okay! That's It! Enough IS Enough!

I have had a bad week and gained back 3lb and feeling tired. I am assuming because of the gain that this is the reason as to why I am feeling SOOO tired this week, AND I am sick and fed up with feeling this way!
I know I said no more setting myself challenges but I am going to do my ABSOLUTE BEST to stay at least 85% raw from now until Christmas, and hopefully beyond. All I can do is my best! I am also going to do my ABSOLUTE BEST to incorporate exercise and to blog daily starting with my theme days again as of tomorrow.

I stocked up with more fruit and veg yesterday including melons and frozen spinach. I thought that frozen spinach would be a better option for green juices as fresh spinach doesn't stay fresh for long and frozen is perfectly acceptable in the raw world.

Our new next door neighbours are moving in today. My husband spoke to them yesterday and they seem very decent and keep themselves to themselves so at least they wont add to the noise etc that seems to be on the increase in this avenue lately. The house next door was sold in 48 hours of it going on the market...pretty good!!

Okay, I WILL be back tomorrow.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Metamorphic

I couldn't get back yesterday but here are the photos of the METAMORPHIC. Did anyone know what I was talking about?

It is a........cupboard - AHA! But it isn't just any old cupboard, this cupboard is between 40 to 60 years old and are hard to come by, but there is more.

It is actually a Metamorphic/Home Office.

It can be a cubby hole type office ORRR

It can be opened right up
Click to enlarge the photos.
I have all my jewellery making things in this. The desk pulls in and out and has a lovely red leather top and a leaf on either side of the desk to extend the desk space, there is also a draw under the desk top.....FAAABULOUS! LOVE IT!
The sale pictures when we purchased this Metamorphic/home office.

Eating going well today although it wasn't great yesterday:(
May get back later today.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Nearly Home

I was up at 4.00am with my hubby because he is off to pay for and collect my Metamorphic. Adam and James also wanted to go along, I told them that there wouldn't be enough room in the car but insisted they did. Our eldest son, Michael also went to share the driving because it is 190 miles away. My hubby wanted to get there for 8.00am but they didn't get there until about 9.00am-ish. They have now got the Metamorphic and are on their way home.

I popped to the small Asda supermarket across the road to get a few things. I had just got into Asda when I heard, "there's Grandma" I turned around and there was our Michael's other half with our youngest grandson, Jayden, as usual he wasn't best pleased to see me, he is going through a only wanting his Daddy and Grandad phase at the moment. He was like that over the weekend, he will be for me and his Mammy again soon...he's a dafty, he makes us laugh with all the cute things he does. His Daddy and Mammy picked him up late afternoon yesterday.

The gas man is late, I booked the appointment for between and 12.00pm and he is just on his way here now...ah well, he is on his way so it doesn't matter.

Should be back later today with Metamorphic photo's

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Baby Jayden

We have our youngest grandchild, Jayden for the weekend again. His Daddy and Mammy are back tonight when they will take him home. Jayden is no bother and he sleeps really well for us, not his Daddy and Mammy though :) and of course we always tell them how long he sleeps for...just to annoy them...evil smiles.

It is raining here in the UK today and it is definitely getting colder, infact I have had the heating on a few times over this last week.

I done a big grocery shop yesterday but I haven't managed to get to Costco for my usual but I will go there when I can. I have to wait for the gas man tomorrow because our yearly maintenance check is due. We decided to take up the gas insurance which we pay a monthly fee and part of this gas insurance is a yearly boiler etc maintenance check and they insist that this is done every year so I booked an appointment for tomorrow. We have had to take advantage of this gas insurance a few times after the new boiler was installed because of teething problems and we have been very pleased we have it, and yep, it saves a small fortune at the end of the day.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Weigh In Again

I lost 3lb this week.....WooHoo Lilly Slim chart updated on the left there for you to see.

My hubby was going to collect a Metamorphic desk for me today, a space just for me to create my jewellery but he can't go today so hopefully tomorrow or Monday at the latest.
You curious as to what a Metamorphic desk is? I will show you when I have it, feel free to post comments about what you think it is/looks like.

So much for my Septembers challenges i.e. blogging everyday etc....Bah Humbug. I don't think I should set myself any further challenges because I am bound to not stick to them :(

That's all for now.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Weigh In

Lost 1lb today....WooHoo

It is raining today...lovely! I like the rain :)

I have had a glass of orange juice this morning that I juiced myself. I am thinking of salad later today.

I made some white chocolate. I made Amy Levin's (Ooosha) recipe. If you want to watch the recipe's click HERE. The video's will only be up for so long. You can download the video's and the PDF's.

I have just finished pouring the chocolate into the moulds here on the pic.

I poured half the recipe into the moulds and then I split the last of it into two and added a few drops of Hazelnut Medicine Flower extract to one 1/4 and a few drops of White Chocolate Medicine Flower extract to the other. It is firming up now.
I didn't think at the time but the chocolate that was stuck to the inside of the vitamix jug I should have added Almond milk and made myself a warm white chocolate drink but I washed the jug out before I realised...DURRR. Ah well, I'm sure there will be a next time :)
That is all for today. I will be back tomorrow. Oh! We have our youngest grandchild, Jayden staying with us tomorrow until Sunday...should be fun :)
Nighty Night

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Dirty Windows

I was up at my usual time and showered. I decided to clean my windows before the sun got on them...OH MY GOODNESS!! I was hit by the clearness and sharpness of my windows after I cleaned them...WOW! They were so dirty before.

At 7.45am the neighbours across the road were out of their house and in their front garden, and that is fine but not when they can't talk they all seem to have to shout, and then music starts...if only that family would go!!!!

I am going to hang laundry out in a few minutes and then I will juice some grapefruit...YUM!!