Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Getting Started :) Free E-Book

Time to kick A**....I don't swear so A** is the best you get :)

I started my day with Lemon water and orange oil. I had the same yesterday using two new oils that I bought; lemon and orange oils and I did buy food grade. I drank my water yesterday and as the day went on I had a terrible headache ALL DAY and that night I felt quite sickly. The next morning I checked the oils and on the label it stated, EXTERNAL USE ONLY! I was so angry because I had consumed about 10 to 15 drops total and I had ordered food grade, or that is what they should have sent me, I should have checked the labels as soon as I got them but after ordering food grade oils I just trusted the company to have sent me the correct order. I hope there is no lasting effects to my body.
This morning I made sure I used a food grade oil for my lemon water but I only had orange oil which is fine.

I drank the whole jug of lemon water before any coffee, infact, I didn't have my first cup of coffee until 11am which is very good for me!!

For lunch I had two bananas and I confess to sneaking a few pieces of fudge...well I am going to be brutally honest and list everything. It is the only way!! I am aiming to be 90 - 100% raw but at the moment I am happy aiming to be 85% raw.

Oh! I did also have two cocodamol pain killers because I still have a headache, although not as bad as yesterday and could be down to not having my morning coffee until 11am.

Well today has been foggy and it was foggy through the night also....GORGEOUS, LOVE IT!! The fog horn has been going.

Free e-book. Go to Amazon and search for: '220 Raw Recipes - A complete guide to raw enzymatic diet, secrets and lifestyle'. I found this free for the Kindle. If you don't have a Kindle then there is an option at Amazon to download a free PC Kindle.

Back later.


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