Saturday, 21 September 2013

Okay! That's It! Enough IS Enough!

I have had a bad week and gained back 3lb and feeling tired. I am assuming because of the gain that this is the reason as to why I am feeling SOOO tired this week, AND I am sick and fed up with feeling this way!
I know I said no more setting myself challenges but I am going to do my ABSOLUTE BEST to stay at least 85% raw from now until Christmas, and hopefully beyond. All I can do is my best! I am also going to do my ABSOLUTE BEST to incorporate exercise and to blog daily starting with my theme days again as of tomorrow.

I stocked up with more fruit and veg yesterday including melons and frozen spinach. I thought that frozen spinach would be a better option for green juices as fresh spinach doesn't stay fresh for long and frozen is perfectly acceptable in the raw world.

Our new next door neighbours are moving in today. My husband spoke to them yesterday and they seem very decent and keep themselves to themselves so at least they wont add to the noise etc that seems to be on the increase in this avenue lately. The house next door was sold in 48 hours of it going on the market...pretty good!!

Okay, I WILL be back tomorrow.


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