Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Metamorphic

I couldn't get back yesterday but here are the photos of the METAMORPHIC. Did anyone know what I was talking about?

It is a........cupboard - AHA! But it isn't just any old cupboard, this cupboard is between 40 to 60 years old and are hard to come by, but there is more.

It is actually a Metamorphic/Home Office.

It can be a cubby hole type office ORRR

It can be opened right up
Click to enlarge the photos.
I have all my jewellery making things in this. The desk pulls in and out and has a lovely red leather top and a leaf on either side of the desk to extend the desk space, there is also a draw under the desk top.....FAAABULOUS! LOVE IT!
The sale pictures when we purchased this Metamorphic/home office.

Eating going well today although it wasn't great yesterday:(
May get back later today.


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