Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Day 9 And I Am......

Officially FAT! The inside of my thighs are sore and are chaffing, a lot, this usually happens with overweight folk and for the first time this is happening to me. I have GOT to do something....I know! I will stick to eating raw foods that go through my body quickly and don't coat my body in layers of unwanted, undesirable, unflattering FAT!

I haven't been around lately because I have been SOOOO depressed, yep! The depression flared up quite bad again; despite being on anti-depressants I still get bad/worse days.

Oh! Last week I received my buy for the month of June, I will get a pic and maybe a video up of it...I LOVE it! It's GREAT!! It wasn't cheap and was a tad difficult to track down for delivery and voltage for this country but I managed to find a company down that ships to the UK and to be able to use the item in the UK.
Check back to see what it is and what it does.

Okay then, my son is waiting to get on here so I will be back later, housework is calling me now.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Go SummRAW Day 1

Welcome to my 'Go SummRAW 66 Day Challenge!'

I am feeling SOOO VERY tired this morning! Maybe because I have a few things on my mind and it is tiring me out and/or maybe because my eating up until today hasn't been great so I WILL be full of toxins.
I have also been having an on off iffy tummy these last couple of weeks, we will see what happens over this challenge.

I have had a banana this morning but I have to confess that I am still drinking coffee.....a hard habit to break but you never know, I might just kick the coffee habit...eventually

back later today.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Camera Shy

After a lot of following Princess around the house I finally managed to get a pic of her.


Princess has started to relax a lot now instead of hiding under the bed, whereas Peaches has been relaxed more or less since she got here, she never went off her food either, infact, she eats like mad.....non stop!! Princess has started to eat a lot more now also...thank goodness!

My ear infection came back with a vengeance in the ear it started in, so now both my ears have an infection. I have been back to the GP and I now have a spray. It feels like both my ears are full of cotton wool and they are sore and itchy, now I know how some babies must feel when they get ear infections....poor little things!

I went out for my big grocery shop yesterday so I am well stocked up with healthy things and ready for my new 66 day challenge starting on Monday. I am looking forward to starting this challenge and I feel I will do rather well.....touch wood!!

The sun has just come out....bliss! How long for I wonder?!? Not long no doubt, well I am in the UK.

I will post a pic and or a video of my new monthly buy, when it arrives that is.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

A New Day

It is Sunday yet I was awake at the usual time of 6.00am - my body clock automatically wakes me up at that time because I am up at that time through the week anyway.
I am not sleeping the best because of my ear, although I am not usually a good sleeper.

Well, we are planning on going for our cats later this morning so I will be back later.

We got the BEAUTIFUL Persian cats but unfortunately one of the cats WILL NOT come out from under the bed YET! So I haven't been able to get a pick of her, hopefully she will venture out tomorrow.
The cats are sisters and their names are Peaches and Princess, I'm not sure I like their names but I am not going to change them. The cat that wont come out from under the bed is all grey with tiny hints of beige...ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I am going to have to sort their fur out as it is rather knotted, any idea's will be much appreciated as the previous owner was cutting their fur...I don't think that is a good idea!
Peaches apparently picks her favourite member of the family and clings to that person, and when she is happy she dribbles....from her mouth....PHEW!
Princess cleans/licks faces when she is happy.
Anyway here is a pic and video of Peaches.....check out that TINY squashed up nose, they of course both have squashed up noses but they look more squashed up in real life....CUUUUTE!

Isn't she a PEACH?

I will put a pic of Princess on as soon as I can get a half decent pic of her.

When we got back with the cats we of course had to go to Asda for cat shopping, so we got some cat bowls, cat treats, cat food and cat litter but I am going to do a bigger cat shop next week; cat bed, worming tablets ready for when they are due etc - Oh! And flea spot on just incase they get fleas, although I wouldn't think they would as they are home cats and don't like going out....I will get the flea stuff just incase

I also bought some Broccoli, Cherries, Strawberries, courgettes, Kale, Banana's and of course, Peaches.....teehee

Well, I think that is all for now. Tomorrow I have a LOAD of housework to be getting on with.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Other One Now

Yep! The ear infection has now spread into my other ear....OUCH! It hurts AND it sounds and feels like I have a LOAD of cotton wool in my ear, I am putting the drops into that ear now so hopefully it will heal up quickly and then finally my ears will be okay.

Because it didn't work out with the dog we have decided to get a cat so we might be getting two Persian cats tomorrow, they apparently like to stay in more than go outdoors which pleases us a lot. My youngest son, James can't get away with big animals; he gets frightened by them but he can't wait to get the cats. We were going to get a Bengal cat.....not the Bengal tiger.....of course....teehee but unfortunately we just missed out on that.
I will be back with more about the cats tomorrow and with pics...all going well.

I am going for a big grocery shop next week, and for my monthly buy....well, it will be a surprise.....all going well on that score too......you will have to wait for that.

I am looking forward and gearing up for my new challenge to start on the 20th June...a week on Monday.

That is all from me for today so I am going to go and watch TV in bed and get my hubby to massage my hands....it is so nice having my hands massaged.

Nighty Night.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Such a Cookie

I made a recipe last night so I could use the item that I had waited for coming through the post, the recipe is from the 'Sweet Gratitude' raw food book, page 118. The recipe's in the 'Gratitude' books are recipe's that they serve up in their restaurants, unfortunately their restaurants are all in America....ah well, all is not lost because their books are available here in the UK on Amazon.

Well, here is a pic of the item I was waiting for:

A Cookie press

Here are some of the results

Click on the pictures to enlargen them....for a better look.

What do you think?? Excuse any mistakes! I found it quite awkward because the mixture was sticking to the teflex sheets as I was pulling the press away but I think I was starting to get the hang of things.....eventually! They would have looked so much prettier with some colour on them. To make colours in the raw food world we use veg juices etc or cacao for the chocolate. I will make some more at certain tiimes of the year i.e. Christmas, Halloween etc and I will add colour to them then.
Just have to say that us folk in the UK call cookies = biscuits and what others call biscuits we call = scones.

Well, not a lot on the list today except housework, I should do some weeding in the garden also but I might just leave that until the weekend. My strawberries are coming up nicely, the blueberries are starting also but I wont get fruit from them until August. My fruit and nut trees are flourishing but I wont get anything from them until next year.

I made a huge salad for lunch which my two sons dived into and helped themselves and even went back for more, I have to say that they do like their salads....how lucky am I eh? Kids that actually like salads!!

Might get back later today or if not I should get back tomorrow.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Challenge Soon

I have planned my new challenge, 'Go SummRAW' Starting 20th June 2011 which will run for 66 days finishing at the end of the 24th August 2011.
I plan on being SOO much better during this challenge and to blog more often. I am planning to start this on the 20th June so I have time to get myself better i.e. my ears.

I have many plans.

  • Blog daily or certainly 6 days per week.
  • Eat at least 90% raw foods.
  • Keep weekly weigh in blog records.
  • Keep daily exercise records.
  • Make more recipes to show on my blog.
  • To get fitter - do more exercise, get my routine on track.
  • Lose so many lbs - to be decided.
  • Get my home routine back on track.
  • Get my beauty routine back on track.
  • To get the chimney stack removed.
  • To get the new loft window fitted.
There, that will do for this challenge, a few things to accomplish during my challenge time.

My item arrived through the post so I will be getting that little recipe done and on my blog, hopefully tomorrow.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Challenge Ended

Well the challenge has ended and how poor have I been at updating and being raw???? No excuses but I have been experiencing a few life problems.
We had to let the dog go back to the previous owners because he was biting more and harder, he bruised me several times and drew blood from my hubby.
 I have been going through the most HORRENDOUS ear infection. I have had a lot of pain and the actual ear canal had closed up.....BooHoo - I have had drops for the last 5 days which seem to be working now but there was no improvement for most of the time, only today I have noticed a difference. I have other life problems which I wont go into - the main thing is I am trying hard to be positive and pick myself up.

I am thinking of starting another challenge but maybe a shorter one but I have to say that I have lost a couple of pounds on this challenge so it has been a success in that area.

I am waiting for something coming through the post in a day or so and when it does I am going to make something using the item and so you will have to check back to see what it is I create.

Hope to get back later today.