Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Other One Now

Yep! The ear infection has now spread into my other ear....OUCH! It hurts AND it sounds and feels like I have a LOAD of cotton wool in my ear, I am putting the drops into that ear now so hopefully it will heal up quickly and then finally my ears will be okay.

Because it didn't work out with the dog we have decided to get a cat so we might be getting two Persian cats tomorrow, they apparently like to stay in more than go outdoors which pleases us a lot. My youngest son, James can't get away with big animals; he gets frightened by them but he can't wait to get the cats. We were going to get a Bengal cat.....not the Bengal tiger.....of course....teehee but unfortunately we just missed out on that.
I will be back with more about the cats tomorrow and with pics...all going well.

I am going for a big grocery shop next week, and for my monthly buy....well, it will be a surprise.....all going well on that score will have to wait for that.

I am looking forward and gearing up for my new challenge to start on the 20th June...a week on Monday.

That is all from me for today so I am going to go and watch TV in bed and get my hubby to massage my is so nice having my hands massaged.

Nighty Night.


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