Wednesday, 8 June 2011

New Challenge Soon

I have planned my new challenge, 'Go SummRAW' Starting 20th June 2011 which will run for 66 days finishing at the end of the 24th August 2011.
I plan on being SOO much better during this challenge and to blog more often. I am planning to start this on the 20th June so I have time to get myself better i.e. my ears.

I have many plans.

  • Blog daily or certainly 6 days per week.
  • Eat at least 90% raw foods.
  • Keep weekly weigh in blog records.
  • Keep daily exercise records.
  • Make more recipes to show on my blog.
  • To get fitter - do more exercise, get my routine on track.
  • Lose so many lbs - to be decided.
  • Get my home routine back on track.
  • Get my beauty routine back on track.
  • To get the chimney stack removed.
  • To get the new loft window fitted.
There, that will do for this challenge, a few things to accomplish during my challenge time.

My item arrived through the post so I will be getting that little recipe done and on my blog, hopefully tomorrow.


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