Monday, 6 June 2011

Challenge Ended

Well the challenge has ended and how poor have I been at updating and being raw???? No excuses but I have been experiencing a few life problems.
We had to let the dog go back to the previous owners because he was biting more and harder, he bruised me several times and drew blood from my hubby.
 I have been going through the most HORRENDOUS ear infection. I have had a lot of pain and the actual ear canal had closed up.....BooHoo - I have had drops for the last 5 days which seem to be working now but there was no improvement for most of the time, only today I have noticed a difference. I have other life problems which I wont go into - the main thing is I am trying hard to be positive and pick myself up.

I am thinking of starting another challenge but maybe a shorter one but I have to say that I have lost a couple of pounds on this challenge so it has been a success in that area.

I am waiting for something coming through the post in a day or so and when it does I am going to make something using the item and so you will have to check back to see what it is I create.

Hope to get back later today.


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