Thursday, 16 June 2011

Camera Shy

After a lot of following Princess around the house I finally managed to get a pic of her.


Princess has started to relax a lot now instead of hiding under the bed, whereas Peaches has been relaxed more or less since she got here, she never went off her food either, infact, she eats like mad.....non stop!! Princess has started to eat a lot more now also...thank goodness!

My ear infection came back with a vengeance in the ear it started in, so now both my ears have an infection. I have been back to the GP and I now have a spray. It feels like both my ears are full of cotton wool and they are sore and itchy, now I know how some babies must feel when they get ear infections....poor little things!

I went out for my big grocery shop yesterday so I am well stocked up with healthy things and ready for my new 66 day challenge starting on Monday. I am looking forward to starting this challenge and I feel I will do rather well.....touch wood!!

The sun has just come out....bliss! How long for I wonder?!? Not long no doubt, well I am in the UK.

I will post a pic and or a video of my new monthly buy, when it arrives that is.


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