Thursday, 9 June 2011

Such a Cookie

I made a recipe last night so I could use the item that I had waited for coming through the post, the recipe is from the 'Sweet Gratitude' raw food book, page 118. The recipe's in the 'Gratitude' books are recipe's that they serve up in their restaurants, unfortunately their restaurants are all in America....ah well, all is not lost because their books are available here in the UK on Amazon.

Well, here is a pic of the item I was waiting for:

A Cookie press

Here are some of the results

Click on the pictures to enlargen them....for a better look.

What do you think?? Excuse any mistakes! I found it quite awkward because the mixture was sticking to the teflex sheets as I was pulling the press away but I think I was starting to get the hang of things.....eventually! They would have looked so much prettier with some colour on them. To make colours in the raw food world we use veg juices etc or cacao for the chocolate. I will make some more at certain tiimes of the year i.e. Christmas, Halloween etc and I will add colour to them then.
Just have to say that us folk in the UK call cookies = biscuits and what others call biscuits we call = scones.

Well, not a lot on the list today except housework, I should do some weeding in the garden also but I might just leave that until the weekend. My strawberries are coming up nicely, the blueberries are starting also but I wont get fruit from them until August. My fruit and nut trees are flourishing but I wont get anything from them until next year.

I made a huge salad for lunch which my two sons dived into and helped themselves and even went back for more, I have to say that they do like their lucky am I eh? Kids that actually like salads!!

Might get back later today or if not I should get back tomorrow.


bitt said...

I totally want a cookie press now. These look amazing!

Raw Bluebells said...

Oh! Do get a cookie press Bitt! I can't WAAAIIIT to see what you make because your recipes are FAAANTAAASTIC!!

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