Sunday, 12 June 2011

A New Day

It is Sunday yet I was awake at the usual time of 6.00am - my body clock automatically wakes me up at that time because I am up at that time through the week anyway.
I am not sleeping the best because of my ear, although I am not usually a good sleeper.

Well, we are planning on going for our cats later this morning so I will be back later.

We got the BEAUTIFUL Persian cats but unfortunately one of the cats WILL NOT come out from under the bed YET! So I haven't been able to get a pick of her, hopefully she will venture out tomorrow.
The cats are sisters and their names are Peaches and Princess, I'm not sure I like their names but I am not going to change them. The cat that wont come out from under the bed is all grey with tiny hints of beige...ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I am going to have to sort their fur out as it is rather knotted, any idea's will be much appreciated as the previous owner was cutting their fur...I don't think that is a good idea!
Peaches apparently picks her favourite member of the family and clings to that person, and when she is happy she dribbles....from her mouth....PHEW!
Princess cleans/licks faces when she is happy.
Anyway here is a pic and video of Peaches.....check out that TINY squashed up nose, they of course both have squashed up noses but they look more squashed up in real life....CUUUUTE!

Isn't she a PEACH?

I will put a pic of Princess on as soon as I can get a half decent pic of her.

When we got back with the cats we of course had to go to Asda for cat shopping, so we got some cat bowls, cat treats, cat food and cat litter but I am going to do a bigger cat shop next week; cat bed, worming tablets ready for when they are due etc - Oh! And flea spot on just incase they get fleas, although I wouldn't think they would as they are home cats and don't like going out....I will get the flea stuff just incase

I also bought some Broccoli, Cherries, Strawberries, courgettes, Kale, Banana's and of course, Peaches.....teehee

Well, I think that is all for now. Tomorrow I have a LOAD of housework to be getting on with.


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