Sunday, 31 March 2013

Night Night My Little Peachy

My little Peachy went to sleep for ever at about 7pm. She is out of any pain, discomfort and misery now. We have sobbed and sobbed and no doubt will sob some more.
The vet said she was very very poorly and will be feeling absolutely rotten. Her kidney's had shrunk soo much and she was sooo weak aswell as the other problems, her stroke, her dizziness, sickness, she had only pee'd once in a week and when she did she pee'd blood, she kept falling and she developed a head tilt, it was time for her to go to sleep forever. We all knew that today was Peachy's day, we just felt it. We miss her SOOO much, it hurts SOOO much too!!


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Happy Easter!

Nothing to report as yet but I will be back later today.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

No Kale

Absolutely MAD! Asda have stopped selling bags and bunches of kale, I can't understand their reason behind it because often when I go to buy kale there is only one bag left or none of the bunches of kale, so why the HECK have you stopped selling kale asda?!?! Well, I am going to have to buy it from Tesco instead.

Peaches is pretty much the same:( She is still not eating:( Her walking is a little better but that is about it:(

I am starting my raw tomorrow. I have been creating trackers and charts and if I can find a way to put them on here I will, infact, can or will someone PLEASE tell me how to do that as a PDF I think it should be. These might help anyone following a raw eating plan or any other plan. I will try to figure it out in the meantime.

I have managed to put my charts and graphs on here for you to print. Click on my Trackers & Charts page. Let me know how they print off for you if you do print them.

That is about all for now. I will be back tomorrow.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday

We have had an exceptionally lazy day.
Peaches is still very unwell. I wish she was better!! But to honest people, I am starting to think she isn't going to pull through this to be able to cope. She is stumbling and just hiding away all the time, I do know cats do that when they aren't well. she still hasn't eaten and only had one wee since she took bad, that in itself can kill her because she will be poisoning her body but the vet knows she isn't peeing. We of course are giving her her meds, that is about all we can do now, and love her which is so easy to do, that is why it is so painful to watch our pet be so unwell.

Im still working on my file and trackers etc for my raw file. I am going to have to get back on track with my raw. I am going to get back to 100% or as near as tomorrow. I forgot to weigh in this morning also which will be down to everything going on in my life lately:(

Our eldesto son, Michael visited today on his motorbike, Suzuki big bike. I worry about him on that. He is going on the Easter Egg run tomorrow. This is where all bikers from ALL OVER bring Easter Eggs to a meeting place and then they all go in convoy to hospitals etc to give them to sick kids.

Well that is about it for today.
Back tomorrow.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Update Lots

My cat, Peaches is walking a lot better but she is still leaning to her left side. Her meows are sounding different, she is drinking milk, not eating though, but she had made improvements! We take her back to the vets today, I will be back to blog about that later today.

I am starting to get the dizziness again:( but I am going to steam tonight because that usually helps. The dizziness happens because of problems with my ears. I have had ear troubles for quite some years now and this dizziness happens occasionally. I remember one time I was dizzy for 7 weeks but now I nip it in the bud as soon as it starts.

I came downstairs this morning to our dowstairs loo pipe leaking, so I have put an old dish underneath to catch the drips and hopefully it will be fixed later today. It is leaking fairly quickly and I am having to empty the dish often.

I am going to pop out at some point for a few groceries.

Peach is back home with medication; two different types. She was given three further injections at the vets. The next couple of weeks are the most important, if she doesn't improve then we need to think about letting her go to sleep forever. She has improved since yesterday so we have hope! Peach is asleep under James' bed at the moment, the injections seem to knock her out.

I went grocery shopping and I took James. I wanted kale but they still didn't have any...boohoo:(
HEY! The sun is out..WooHoo how long for is anyones guess but out it the moment.

Hubby came home and tried to fix the pipe in the downstairs loo, we are now waiting for the plumber...DOH!  Dynorod is coming in a few minutes. Luckily we haven't been flooded out but the downstairs loo floor will need drying out...could have been worse!

We managed to get Peaches first tablet down into her tummy. It is so hard to get cats to take tablets but what you do is swaddle the cat up in a towel and then open her mouth and put the tablet at the back of her tongue, we also put a little water into a small feeding syring and put water into her mouth as well as the tablet so she would swallow otherwise she just spits the tablet back out. Word of warning, you will not escape without injury to your fingers from your cat:)

When I was in Asda this morning I bought a file and punch pockets for a file I am starting for my raw, menus, weigh ins, motivation, raw food pyramids, food combining, detox, rotas, exercise and other logs etc. Below is a pic of my new has CUPCAKES on it...teehee

Have to say that I will be getting back to blogging about raw. We have nothing but things going wrong lately and I have been blogging about most of that for now.

Downstairs loo is repaired and plumber has just left:)

Well, that is all for today, so I will be back tomorrow. 

Back tomorrow.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I was up bright and early...not bright eyed that's for sure after waking up on and off all night to check on Peach, she is sleeping a lot which will do her more good!!
Anyway, I went to my doctors and had all my bloods taken. I have an appointment with my doctor in a couple of weeks and I will get the results back then. I must remember to hand him back a form he sent to me to fill in with details about my family history, this is so the 'Centre For Life' can decide whether I need to have a colonoscopy or not, I hope I dont!! I will have to wait and see.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

My Cat....

Is not well AT ALL! We have an appointment for her for 2.15pm today with the emergency vet. I will let you know what the vet tells us. I am so worried about her!!

We got very little sleep last night because of Peaches not being well. I haven't had anything to eat yet either, don't feel much like eating at the moment. I just want my Peaches to be well!!
This picture was taken a year or so ago. Peaches LOVES getting into things, as soon as we bring a box into the house no sooner is it opened then Peach is in it:) She is so funny!

 The photo above was taken October 2012, she is just SOO Peachy!!

My Peach has had a stroke. The vet gave her two injections and we brought her home, but she has to go back in two days time. She is very tired and is sleeping peacefully. She does appear to be a lot more restful but obviously still not well, this will take time!

I have to go to the doctors tomorrow to have my bloods taken and I have to fast for 12 hours, so from 8pm tonight all I can have is water until after my appointment tomorrow morning.
All I have had to eat today is a banana so I really need to grab something before 8pm.

Back tomorrow

Monday, 25 March 2013

Sleep In

My goodness! I didn't get up until 11.30am. I kept waking up and before I knew it I was waking up later each time and then nodding straight off again. This is MADNESS! The amount of times I am tired and sleepy...I have GOT to get off my anti depressants! Obviously when and if I don't need them any longer, but having said that, I have suffered with depression since I was 18 years old..any hope of getting off them...umm

Not a lot happening today. The snow keeps coming down, not lying though...phew!
My Mother is popping in for a visit, and I am going to make a recipe for my evening meal tonight, apart from that, nothing.


I have discovered something about myself today after my Mother left. I am an emotional eater, definitely! All I wanted to do was to nose dive into the food cupboard and I did end up having a cooked evening meal:(

Anyway, enough of that, I'm going to bed soon and I don't want to go to sleep with anger or dwelling on things that aren't important!!

The parcel we received today were a couple of filters for our water filter tap that my hubby installed a month or so ago. When we bought our filter tap we had to fill in a card so the company can email us every 6 months to remind us that our filter needs to be replaced and they sent us a couple of new filter replacements. So nice of them!

Back tomorrow.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday Lunch

Up and showered. I have to make the family their Sunday lunch today and I am having none of it. I still have to have meats, cheese, biscuits, crisps etc, all the processed rubbish in my home because the family will no way give it up, but one good thing, they will eat fruits, veg, salads, my raw creations etc:)

It is still very windy and cold but sunny also, which is good. I am going to do some housework today and cook the Sunday lunch.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Blowing A Gale

It is SOOO windy and has been for a day or two and getting worse.
We got up at 8.00am. I jumped under the shower, dressed, eyebrows on, hair sorted and out the door to do some grocery shopping at Asda. We were in there for 9.17am, it was PACKED. People were pushing and shoving...I hate that! All is good though! I'm happy , we are stocked up on some of the things we were running out of:)

When we got back from grocery shopping I put everything away and then got some laundry going in the machine.

That is all for now.

Not a lot else to report today. I napped and tidied around.
When I was in Asda this morning I bought some steak and gravy pies, so I cooked those and potato, carrots and gravy for the families evening meal. I had a salad and a banana for afters with a dusting of PB2, I know PB2 is not raw.

Jennifer Cornbleet Raw In A Rush DVD Review.
This DVD is just over 1 hour long and consists mainly of blender recipe's, smoothies, soups and salad dressings with a few salad recipe's thrown in. It has some lovely recipe's and easy to make too, one recipe has only 2 ingredients. There are no fancy ingredients so everything should be easily found is all or most supermarkets.
The DVD also comes with a Raw In A Rush guide covering, kitchen set up, shopping, recipe's and resources. A good DVD for the raw beginner!

Back tomorrow.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Housework & Weigh In

The alarm woke us up at 7am...time to get up. My hubby got up and brought me my meds and a cuppa upstairs to me, he is such a love, he does this every morning, even on his work days. My hubby has now taken our youngest, James to his ICT and Adam is off to college, so I now have the house to myself until lunch time, so, I have 3 hours to get through the housework. I didn't do the floors yesterday so I am going over the lot this morning and general housework and sorting out.
I have eaten a banana already this morning.
Back in 3 hours!

Well, wasn't that a long 3 hours:) I haven't been back all day:)

I vacuumed and cleaned all my floors, it took ages but WOW! They look GORGEOUS! I machine washed all the rugs. I always buy machine washable rugs, love them! The rugs are all dried and back in their right places. I tidied around and guessed it, I dozed off:(

I have eaten banana's and a salad today, that's it...ummm no where near enough. I might have some fruit, although it is getting late for eating now, it is 9.35pm

I weighed in this morning and I have stayed the same this week. I am going to try to do better this next week because as I have said in a previous blog entry, I haven't done as well with my raw these last so many days. I need to do better!! Not only for weight loss but for my health aswell!!

I am going to watch my Jennifer Cornbleet DVD that I received this week, I still haven't watched it yet.

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Back tomorrow.

Thursday, 21 March 2013


I woke up at 3.48am with a migraine...OUCH! I took some tablets which helped ease things and I did manage to fall back to sleep. I slept until 9.30am.

I forgot to say yesterday as to why I have the chest pains. My doctor told me it was to do with my stomach. I do have Gerds disease and this is what causes the chest pains, and the fact that I was lying down at the time of some of the pains. I can help stop the Gerds by sticking to a healthy diet...all the more reason to stick to raw. Also the coughing, tiredness, dreams etc etc are all down to the medications I am having to take. I am taking Citalopram and Lansoprazole and these medications have a lot to answer for. I have had a lot answered for how I feel so often. I need to eat well and possibly get off these meds, I just know that I will feel GREAT!

My Mother went to see Jan De Vreis and he told my Mother that chocolate, cheese and milk cause blockages in the body and that one of the best things to eat are raw grated beetroot, carrot and apple. I had this for a meal a week or so ago and I enjoyed it.

I am going to vacuum and clean my floors today, but first, BREAKFAST...errm chia seeds I think.

Well, I didn't have chia seeds for breakfast, instead I had a yummy bowl of fruit: pineapple, blackberries, raspberries and mango and because I am constipated (TMI) I washed and threw a few medjool dates into the bowl. I did enjoy it!

This afternoon I had a nap, I will be so pleased to get off my meds so I wont keep getting tired, although raw will help in itself anyway, it seems to help when I am consistent with my raw.
For my evening meal I had a salad of romaine and nutritional yeast, I did also throw a few french fried onions on that I bought from Costco, my avocado's are not ripe yet:( no excuse because I didn't have to have the onions.

Well, that is it for today, back tomorrow:)

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Doctor Visit

BIG SMILES!! I nearly slept in this morning for my doctor appointment but then my hubby woke me telling me it was 7.45am (he is off work this week) My appointment was for 8.40am...ARRRGGGHH! I jumped out of bed with that doesn't happen very often:) I jumped under the shower...using the new shower rail and head...ah bliss! I was out the shower, dressed, eyebrows on, no makeup which is good for the doctors because they can see any problems with our health that shows up in the skin/complexion. I was at the doctors for 8.35am...WOW! I started off telling him about my Mother being diagnosed with bowel cancer about October last year, and I also reminded him about my Dad passing away with colon cancer in January last year. He asked for their ages and he is going to get in touch with the, 'Centre For Life,' in Newcastle to check if I need to go for the colonoscopy. I asked my doctor if I could just have a blood test but he told me he would prefer me to have the colonoscopy as this is accurate, whereas the blood test is just a guide. I will do what my doctor tells me, I am good like that, as much as I wouldn't like it! I may not even need to go for a colonoscopy, I will have to wait and see what he tells me in 2 weeks when I have to go back...I REEEAAALLY HOPE I DON'T NEED TO!!!
Next week I am having all my bloods taken and checked, along with my cholestrol level...YIKES! And then the week after I go back to my doctor for the results and to see whether I have to have the colonoscopy or not.
I then went on to tell my doctor about the chest pains etc. He listened to what I had to say, he asked me questions and then checked my heart, pulse and blood pressure (blood pressure is always good:)) and he is happy that I do not have Angina...WoooHooo:) So I am one happy bunny today:) I have been on a bit of a high today, except for when I dozed off...Oops! YEP! I did doze off for about 2 hours...oh dear, but I put today's tiredness down to relief.

I remember when I was a kid I wasn't bothered so much if I was poorly because we got molly coddled off our parents and siblings, but as we get older NO WAY do we want to be poorly, it gets more scary the older we get, and I for one come out of the doctors surgery with smiles on my face when all is well:)

I received another small parcel today, a DVD. Jennifer Cornbleets, 'Raw In A Rush' latest DVD.

I had nothing to eat all day, nothing until I made a salad at 7pm. I had romaine lettuce, fresh pineapple chunks that I bought from Costco, nutritional yeast and I confess to a dash of salad cream. I thoroughly enjoyed it too.
I am going to take an avocado or two out of the fridge to ripen, I do like my avocado's!

I bought pineapple for some of the recipe's that I have found lately, so tomorrow after I have sorted all my floors out I think I will make the recipe...sweet n sour veg...YUM! There were other recipe's which I will have to look in my book where I write them to see what else to make.

Now I have to confess to not being good at all with my raw lately and I have noticed a difference, I am constipated and very tired again, but happy in myself though, which is good.

Anyway, that is me for today so I will be back tomorrow...NOTICE that I have been blogging every day lately? I am back into daily blogging:)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


My eldest son, Michael came along this morning to take our car for it's MOT re-test....It passed!....Woohoo that feels like a relief just to know that I have the car useable again - useable, is there such a word?:)

I received a delivery this morning, I will post a pic of it here later today.

All I have had to eat so far is a banana...not enough I know.


Here is a photo of my latest purchase, a Breville Tea Maker; it is FANTASTIC!LOVE it!!

My first tea flavour to make in my new tea maker was, raspberry and vanilla tea...YUM! I put a little bit of honey into my cup also. I do feel that this tea maker will help get me off coffee or definitely reduce it dramatically.

I am going to have a salad for my evening meal. I have found some good recipe's lately and I did buy the ingredients when I done the grocery shop so I can make these recipe's, so I plan on making some of them this week.

Back later

Monday, 18 March 2013

What Can I Do?

"Lovey, lovey," I open my eyes and there was my hubby standing with a cup of coffee for me...bless! I drink my cuppa then do my baby steps downstairs to feed the cats.
I jump under the shower before the gas man arrives. Our gas boiler has developed a problem with the pressure, and the overflow is, overflowing.

The gas man arrives, it took him about an hour to sort the problems. My hubby then tells me that our son, Michael has just pulled up in his car BUT! He has his girlfriend with him. We don't want her in our home. One day last week my son came along and he had his girlfriend and his youngest in the car so I told him to bring them in because of the cold, but now she is just coming along with our son and just walking in:( We don't want her in our home!! We took her to court a couple of years ago for committing fraud in mine and my husbands names, buying loads of things in our names. A few years ago she also tried to cause trouble in my marriage. I don't know how to stop her coming into our home without upsetting my Michael.
Michael brought baby Jayden with him/them, Jayden is a little poppet, he is GORGEOUS!!
I had to put up with Michael's girlfriend for a few hours because Michael had come along to do the repairs on our car so we can book it back in for the re-test.

My raw has been none existent these last few days...grrr I was so into my raw and doing EXCELLENT! A few days ago, but then it has just gone again, maybe because we have been quite busy lately. I have noticed that I find it difficult to stay on track when things are going on, so I need to get organised and ready for busy days.

I am off to my doctors in the week to ask if I need to be checked for any cancers after my Dad passed away from colon cancer and my Mother being diagnosed with bowel cancer last year. My sister also wants me to mention another little problem to my GP. After talking to my sister who done nurse training and Pam who we visited on Saturday and who is a nurse and my nephew who is a male nurse, they all think I could have angina, so I will mention this to my GP and no doubt I will be sent for tests...ummm...I'm dropping to bits, maybe.

Well, that is all for today, back tomorrow.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Handy Dandy

My eyes open and I glance at the clock...8.38am....ahhh bliss! No alarm today. I slowly close my eyes again and drift back off for another hour. Squeak the bedroom door opens and in walks my hubby with a lovely cup of coffee for me...BLESS! I sit and drink my cuppa. Meeeeooooow, "come on then, you want your dinner?" I say to my cats, they do actually understand the word dinner. I get out of bed...Meeeooow, oooowww, meeeeoooow, eeeoooow both cats are at my feet, looking up and trying to show me the way to their food cupboard. As I do my baby steps down the stairs my cats keep stopping every step and look back waiting for me, "I'm coming," I say to them. I feed them and they tuck right in to their food:)

Well, nothing on today, and there was me saying that nothing happens around here but these last couple of days  it has been all go.

As the day goes on I glance at the time again then all of a sudden...knock, knock, knock. My hubby opens the door, "hi," he says. Another small parcel. The things are handy dandy things..woohoo.

Two nut milk bags with collars that are pulled down to help squeeze the bag, the collars of course come off. The bags are FANTASTIC quality, I do want to buy more of them. The roller is a small roller, so instead of using fingers to flatten a raw crust I will just roll the roller over the crust in the tin, you can see this in the picture on the leaflet.

Back tomorrow.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Busy Day

Oh dear...uuurrrrggghhh..yaaaawwwwn, the usual hustly sound from the alarm, 7am time to get up. First the shower, so I shower holding the shower head above my head, hair soaked and ready for shampoo, I slowly lower the shower head to dangle in the bath...nope the new shower rail isn't fixed up yet. Shower done and getting myself sorted and dressed.

We are expecting a guy to do some work in the loft, "here he is," said my hubby whilst looking out of the window, my hubby goes to let him in and helps him with the tools, I sit at the computer. A while later...knock, knock...a parcel for me...woohoo I sign for my parcel then sit back at the computer. Knock, knock....another parcel for me....yeehaa, I go back to the computer....knock, knock - oh no! Oh yes it is, my sister coming to pick me up, she wants me to go to Bishop Auckland with her to visit a family member...urgh, I don't want to go...blaaahh:) I open the car door and plonk myself onto the seat, off we go. About an hour later we arrive. We stay there for an hour or so then take the hour long journey home. On the way back my sister pulls into a carpark, I find myself walking into Costa coffee...MMmm a nice cup of coffee. I glance at the clock and it is 5.30pm and finally home, I wasn't expecting to be out that long. As we pulled up outside my home, there he is, my eldest son, Michael fixing his car on our drive, actually, he was putting a toe hitch on his car. I open the front door and there is one of our grandsons running around having fun along with one of our grandaughter and baby grandson.

A couple of pics taken from my mobile of the country side. I should have taken a photo or two of the Angel of the North, next time.

Oh, I suddenly see another parcel on my desk, another parcel arrived whilst I've been out...woohoo

My first parcel was 2 jars of PB2, I know, not raw but less fat and should be helpful. The second parcel, a new mandolin, a Benriner mandolin...yeehaa and the third parcel is a bottle of Braggs apple cider vinegar. The other items I bought yesterday from Tesco; a small strainer which will be ideal for small amounts of fruits and nuts, I also bought a couple of smaller loose bottom tins, and the mug stack is just so cute I couldn't resist.

When we were at JTF yesterday I spotted these racks below, these should be good to put into my fridge I thought instead of having things stacked on top of each other and falling off and going every where, especially when I cut the nets open, so I bought two sets.

I glanced into my hall and oops!..heehee I have left a huge pineapple sitting on the cupboard in my hall, then I looked up and remembered, I just bought two light pendants yesterday which are called Pineapple pendants:)

These pendants are SOOOO much nicer in the real. I bought two of them, one for the hall and one for the landing..I LOVE them!

Well, that is me for today. I will be back tomorrow.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Need Groceries

The usual hustle of noise from the alarm...6.00am...sigh...time to rise; I lie there for a few more minutes. About 10 minutes later I lift my body up and out of bed, slippers on and that baby step down the stairs - OH! It's weigh in today; i'll do that after my morning shower.

My hubby gets up and makes me my cup of coffee. I take a look online and OOoo - that looks good, and that...paid for, yep, I bought a few goodies; I will show you them when they arrive.

Time for my shower...grind, crunch, click, crinch, knee making it's usual noise, I need a stair chair, maybe not! Showered and now to step on the scales. Weigh in page updated.

Our car is due the MOT today but James needs to be taken to his ICT lesson, so Michael will take our car for the MOT whilst my hubby takes Michael's car to get James to his lesson and I will wait in for a visitor we are expecting. As soon as the visitor has been then we can go and buy some groceries. Michael is here, hubby is talking to me...I'm trying to give Michael money for the MOT and talk to Michael and listen to hubby, infact, everyone is talking, I'm getting in a tizz, right, deep breath..innn and out, take stock, right then all sorted and everyone is off to their places, Adam at college, hubby off to take James and Michael off to take our car for the MOT...PEACE AT LAST!

Well, what a day. I waited and waited, no visitor...ummm - I'll give him until 2.30pm.
Didilly dim dim dim dim dim diddly dim dim dim phone is singing away to me with the Miss Marple tune, Oh it's my hubby..Arrgghh..awwww...hummmfff the garage phoned him, the car has failed the MOT, we just bought the car in November I think it was, ah well, we will just have to sort it. More expense.
My son, Michael arrives with our car from the garage. He refuses for us to pay garage fees so he is going to sort what it needs.
Hubby arrives home with James, just need Adam home now. I reserved a couple of things from Argos, I glance at my hubby, "no problems my love, i'll go to Argos for you," he says, that is all I need to do, glance and smile:) We needed to replace the shower rail because the shower head holder snapped...grrr I also spotted some new light pendants for our hall and landing...gorgeous and even better in the real, so pleased with them!

2.30pm...nope! the visitor clearly isn't going to arrive, strangely enough I've had a feeling that he wouldn't turn up. "Lets go then," I say to the family, so we pile into the car and off grocery shopping we go. Costco is our first port of call. I swear that every time I shop at Costco my bill is getting larger £220.33 this time, that is ridiculous! I am going to ask my hubby to go next time with a grocery list so I can't buy everything in sight. I have GOT to cut this right down. Right then, Tesco and the Nutri Centre...homeward bound now...for now.
Unload all the things and then JTF. Oh! 2 of those and those, oh I need one of those, "go on then," I say to the boys, rustle, plonk, clatter into the trolley, fizzy drinks, popcorn and pringles go. Homeward bound again.

Now to start putting things away - oh! I need to clean the fridge first, Oh NOOO! Screeaacchh..I have shaved off 3 tiny slithers of glass from the edge of one of the shelves when I was pulling it out of the frame, well I like to clean things thoroughly. oh it's fine, no-one will get cut, the shaved parts of the shelf go into the frame...DONE! Yep, another job done and all the groceries put away and into baskets that I bought from JTF, I'll put photo's on here today or tomorrow.

Definitely time for bed now.

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Real Raw Housewife

5.30am.....a hustle of noise as the alarm goes off for my husband to get up; I gently doze back off for a few more minutes until my hubby brings me a cup of coffee upstairs, yep I am still drinking coffee, I simply can't stop...YET! My hubby sits in the bed drinking his cup of tea, then...aahhh bliss he starts massaging my head as he sips his tea. Okay, 6.20am and time to get up and get sorted. I sluggishly sit up and fumble for my slippers. The cats come into the bedroom meowing and purring because I am the one who puts their food out.
I step down the stairs like a baby, one step at a time because of my right knee, infact, both my knees are painful but my right knee especially, and the noise...crunch, grind, crackle, crunch...that horrible grinding noise in my knee...YEEUU. My hubby and I give each other a kiss and cuddle and say the usual bye and loves you's.

I have a shower every single morning but this morning I am being a scruff and not showering straight away because I want to get into cleaning and polishing these floors. I make another cup of coffee....ahhhh that smell of coffee is just the best...still! I take my coffee and sit at the computer...*YAAAWWWN* I am doing it again, getting sleepy, so I decide not to deny myself and I crawl back onto the bed and proceed to drift off to sleep. Four hours later my mobile rings, it's my sister, I ignore it until I wake up. I phoned my sister back and we chat for about 30 minutes.

I think about getting on with these floors...ummm Suddenly James is beside me asking for lunch, I make that and then I start the floors.....drat, the trigger for the bottle of spray wont work. I change it with another spray trigger, then another, I then go onto to pour the polish into a different spray bottle NOTHING! For some reason it just wont work....grrr. I vacuum the floors and the rug, roll the rug up and lift it off the floor so I can polish the floors. I have to drizzle the polish onto the floors and then quickly polish with the polishing mop. DONE! Now for the kitchen floor, I use the swiffer for that....allll done! Another cup of coffee and a second banana, that is all I have eaten today, 2 banana's, I'm not so hungry.

Grrrr....some idiot who cleary doesn't know his highway code has parked RIGHT outside my drive blocking me in...I HATE THAT! IGNORANCE AND BAD DRIVING! I hear next doors front door closing and a car door shut, then an engine start, I look out of the window....ahhhh now that's better, the idiot has driven away.
Rat tat tat tat rattatatat....that is James' knock at the door, I open the front door and yep it is my babies back home. I take their cotton wool blankets and wrap them back up, I HATE having to unwrap that cotton wool when they want to go out.

3.04pm and time to think about the evening meals. Macaroni cheese and sausage for the boys, I am not sure for my hubby...YEP, I am one of those Mothers who will stand and do different meals each meal time, well, at least then they will eat their meal, got to love your family eating! My meal will be a yumscrumdiddlyumcious salad, I love my salads now!! Always did but really love them now!:)

Just need to clean my patio doors now.....WHIIRRRrrrrr.....huuummmmmm...the sound of my new Karcher window cleaner, such a nice sound and WOW! My windows are crystal clear after using this little machine, that is another job done!

Evening meals all done, just need to put some things away; I'll get that done in a few minutes. I think whilst I am in the kitchen I will wash some lettuce, it's good to have that prepared in the fridge. I am going to get some groceries tomorrow, I feel less secure when my fridge is looking sparce...don't like it:(

Well, that is me for today. Back tomorrow.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Monday To Today

I have been EXCELLENT with eating raw....WooHoo - oh! My yummy salad on Sunday evening ended up in the bin, why? Because when I had eaten about half of it I discovered a long hair in it, one of mine, not so bad you might think but NOPE! I don't care what or who's is in my food OUT IT GOES...BLEURGH! So out it went.

The raw has been starting to kick in in various ways. My visits to the little girls room has been a LOT better and easier!! So pleased about that!! I also haven't been feeling such a need for sleep throughout the day lately and on Monday night I had trouble sleeping, but that was because I kept thinking of my Dad, so when I did fall sleep I only had about two and a half hours which made me very tired throughout Tuesday. I slept a lot better last night because I was so tired but of course I woke up in the night to visit the bathroom and when I got up, I don't know if it was because I was so tired or what, but I felt so heavy and slow getting out of bed, as if when sitting up I was being pulled back type of heavy...hard to explain. I haven't a clue why that was. This morning I did have a morning nap and when I turned over to get comfortable I got very dizzy, now, I do suffer with sinus problems which can make me dizzy but I don't think it is sinus problems but having said that, because I have been so raw it could be the sinus/dizzy detox. I have been feeling very heavy and slow today also and sort of fuzzy in my head, actually, I felt sort of fuzzy over the last couple of days....puzzled
Is this detox??

Today, well, today..ummm After all my good work these last few days I have had some Minstrel chocolates from my middle son, Adam. He bought them for me today for a belated Mothers Day..bless him! I don't like to seem ungrateful, which I am not! So I did have them:(

I have been busy with housework over these last few days. I am wanting to polish my floors today but I dare not because Adam is insistent that I do nothing today for my belated Mothers day so if I start and polish my floors he will take the things off me and insist on doing it himself so I am going to do the floors tomorrow.

I am going to do a big grocery shop this weekend.

Back tomorrow.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothers Day

Good morning! We had the snow which fortunately melted but then it came back then melted again....ummm...typical!

It is Mothers Day here in the UK. My son, Michael came to visit with our 4 GORGEOUS Grandchildren, Ebony, Ellie, Michael and Jaydon. They brought gifts for me, here they are

Mothers day card from Michael
Mothers day card from my Grandchildren
Photo frame with my 4 Grandbabies in.
Keyring with my 4 Grandbabies and my Son in
Diamanté pen
Best Mum mug and coaster
Grandma shower gel, bodywash and scrunchie
Box of Milk tray chocolates

WOW! Loads of things. I don't care how corny this sounds but a big hug and kiss would have been great which I got also:)
My husband wrote a lovely verse from him and our sons which was FANTASTIC!

I have put my keyring on my bag. I was going to put it on my purse along with a little charm called Boofle that I got from Michael last year on Mothers day but I thought the keyring would get scratched so I have attached it to my bag.
I opened the chocolates when our Grandbabies were here so they could help me eat them. When they left I let Adam and James tuck in and I do confess to having some myself, well, I wasn't not going to have some after my baby bought them for me but now I feel very tired and my eyes just want to close. I think I will have a cup of Moringa tea because that does energise!

I will have a salad for my evening meal which I am looking forward to and it is my last avocado...boohoo I think I will have to buy 4 nets of avocados when I go to Costco next.

Well, that is all for now, might be back later, if not then I will be back tomorrow.

Saturday, 9 March 2013


It is again dull and overcast with rain thrown in for good measure.

Up, showered, hair washed and dressed then down to the kitchen to check on the granola that I made last night and I have to say, it is DELICIOUS! I have nibbled on a little bit of that and a banana for breakfast.

When I made the family their evening meal I nearly made myself the same without thinking....OOps! I allowed myself to get hungry again. I had thought about just having what they were having but I told myself "NO!" I remembered that I had romaine lettuce already washed in the fridge...PREPARED! I made myself a lovely salad and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I feel so much better for not being lazy and eating what they were having....PROGRESS!!

This evening I decided to make some raw peanut and butterscotch fudge. I grated the cacao butter knowing I was grating too much but I also wanted to make a couple of raw chocolates. The fudge and chocolates are in the fridge now.

Back tomorrow

Friday, 8 March 2013

Staying Raw

Good morning! It is overcast today and I can hear the seagulls, infact, I can ALWAYS hear the seagulls, but then I will do because we live near the sea. I prefer the sound of the little birds more which we hear a lot of in our front and back gardens...LOVE them! We have birds nests in our hedges and tree.

Well I am now going to make a Moringa tea with the lemon again.

I didn't have anything to eat until later in the day at about 2.30pm which by this time I was really hungry and I was about to nose dive into processed rubbish BUT! I resisted the processed and decided to have this below:

Apple and coconut butter. I would normally have apple and peanut butter with honey but I chose coconut butter instead.
I need to think about breakfasts the night before so I don't get so hungry and tonight I have done just that so I made some raw granola tonight, just over 4 trays of it which is now in the dehydrator.

Not a lot has happened today, it never does actually which I can live with because otherwise bad just happens....oh dear, get the violins out:)
I am really going to make an effort and get out more, walking is what I am planning on doing.

Well that is it for today. I am going to get back tomorrow.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Day Or So

I had meant to be here daily but I lost track of things.
The feminine gentle time arrived which had a negative affect on my weigh in..BooHoo BUT! I wont give in and am back on track. Over these last few days I have still been eating loads of raw but what has spoilt things is that I have had the odd bit of processed chocolate for afters.

Today I have been raw and started my morning off with a lovely cup of Moringa tea with lemon...YUM! I did feel energised after drinking it. This tea is called the Miracle Tea and I think I will be buying and drinking more of it. I have to confess to still dozing off this morning but that is because when I get time of the month I am absolutely SOOO tired it's not funny but even without drinking this tea I have noticed less of an need to doze off in the day/morning, so clearly there is improvements there.

After a doze I had about 5 persimmons, cut up in a bowl and then 330ml of coconut water...GOSH! That stuff is good! For my evening meal I had a salad. I sprinkled some cheesey kale chips on my salad to give it a crunch...YUM!

I am attempting to create a weekly tracker chart to ensure that I drink the 8 glasses of water and juices per day and to have a daily salad and a raw meal and to keep track of any RAW snacks...not processed chocolate. I will keep you informed on that one and if I can I will put it on here for anyone to print off and use also.

As you know my Dad passed away from colon cancer last January 2012 and my Mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer last October 2012, well, my siblings have been advised to get a blood test to check for cancer genes, or something like that...I'm not sure, but anyway, I have an appointment to see my GP to get checked in about 2 weeks time also, so I will keep you informed on that.

Well, that is all for now and I WILL be back tomorrow!!

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Monday, 4 March 2013

Salad In A Jar

I found this on You Tube, talk about being prepared.


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Looking Older

It's been a nice Sunday. Our eldest son, Michael visited along with 3 of his Children, our Granchildren, Ebony, Ellie and Michael. I found out today from Ebony that her Mammy said that I apparently look older than Ebony's Grandad. My husband, Ebony's Grandad is 52 years old and I am 47 years old....What gives!?...HeeHee - Another reason to lose weight:)

My hubby cut the lawns today, washed the car and cut some ivy down that was getting out of hand growing on the back of our home. I have not done much at all...LAZY!

Today I have had a couple of Blackfriar flapjack bars from Holland & Barretts health food store but I very much doubt that these bars are healthy, vegan but not healthy. That is all I have had to eat today...durr
I am cooking the family a chicken dinner and I am going to have a delicous salad, I am starting to crave my salads again...WooHoo.

I need to buy a few bits and pieces tomorrow: Beetroot, carrots, red onion and aubergine so I will need to get those, I might even walk into about that then eh?!

Well, I watched 2 of my new Chef Teton DVD's last night, the √° la oils DVD's. I am going to watch one or two more tonight.

Well, that is it for today, actually, not a lot to report but report I will.

Back Tomorrow.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Catch Up

Well, I started raw again and I was good for 4 days, I was starting to feel really good! The bloating was going down, sleeping better, nightmares gone, IBS feeling better, not getting up through the night to go to the bathroom and I have to say that I was actually craving salads. My middle son, Adam is so kind and when he goes to Asda he insists on buying me treats and so as not to upset him, I eat them but then that triggered the processed cravings off which ended up being chips from the chip shop, whole packets of Jaffa Cakes and 2 bars of chocolate which then led to immediate negative effects; I was up to visit the bathroom through the night, hard to fall asleep and not a good sleep, IBS/constipation, bad dreams and bloating again, so once again, as of yesterday, March 1st 2013 I am back on the raw food wagon. I made a strawberry smoothie and I had a salad for my evening meal but that was all I had in total for the day which was no where near enough but I did feel better.

When I made the smoothie yesterday I made extra and I now have a jar of it in the fridge which I am going to have for breakfast this morning. I am going to stick with the raw, how many times have you heard that eh? But I am!!

I received an order yesterday from New Zealand; took two weeks to get here. A set of 6 DVD's by Chef Teton. I haven't watched them yet but I am going to do some housework and then settle down and watch one of them today.

I am going to get some things into the dehydrator today, I was thinking of maybe mushrooms and fakin bacon...YUM!

The sun has been shinning for days lately, LOVE IT!
My hubby and sons have gone out on a bicycle ride to look for a wooly hat that Adam dropped 2 days ago...MADNESS:) But at least it gives me the house to myself.
I have put a load of laundry on to wash and now I am going to get the vacuum out.

I have had a loss on the scales this week.

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Housework done.
I was in my kitchen before and I I looked at them, yep! The Jaffa Cakes but I resisted and had a banana instead. I have to have the naughty snacks in my house because my hubby and sons still eat these things. I don't mind them having these things as long as they eat healthy things also, and they do!! They even eat a lot of my raw food. I made cheesey nori sheets a few days ago and James LOVED them! I was totally knocked back because I didn't think James would like those.

I haven't watched any of my new DVD's yet because just as I was about to settle down to watch them my family came home:)

Back tomorrow