Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Day Or So

I had meant to be here daily but I lost track of things.
The feminine gentle time arrived which had a negative affect on my weigh in..BooHoo BUT! I wont give in and am back on track. Over these last few days I have still been eating loads of raw but what has spoilt things is that I have had the odd bit of processed chocolate for afters.

Today I have been raw and started my morning off with a lovely cup of Moringa tea with lemon...YUM! I did feel energised after drinking it. This tea is called the Miracle Tea and I think I will be buying and drinking more of it. I have to confess to still dozing off this morning but that is because when I get time of the month I am absolutely SOOO tired it's not funny but even without drinking this tea I have noticed less of an need to doze off in the day/morning, so clearly there is improvements there.

After a doze I had about 5 persimmons, cut up in a bowl and then 330ml of coconut water...GOSH! That stuff is good! For my evening meal I had a salad. I sprinkled some cheesey kale chips on my salad to give it a crunch...YUM!

I am attempting to create a weekly tracker chart to ensure that I drink the 8 glasses of water and juices per day and to have a daily salad and a raw meal and to keep track of any RAW snacks...not processed chocolate. I will keep you informed on that one and if I can I will put it on here for anyone to print off and use also.

As you know my Dad passed away from colon cancer last January 2012 and my Mother was diagnosed with bowel cancer last October 2012, well, my siblings have been advised to get a blood test to check for cancer genes, or something like that...I'm not sure, but anyway, I have an appointment to see my GP to get checked in about 2 weeks time also, so I will keep you informed on that.

Well, that is all for now and I WILL be back tomorrow!!

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