Friday, 15 March 2013

Need Groceries

The usual hustle of noise from the alarm...6.00am...sigh...time to rise; I lie there for a few more minutes. About 10 minutes later I lift my body up and out of bed, slippers on and that baby step down the stairs - OH! It's weigh in today; i'll do that after my morning shower.

My hubby gets up and makes me my cup of coffee. I take a look online and OOoo - that looks good, and that...paid for, yep, I bought a few goodies; I will show you them when they arrive.

Time for my shower...grind, crunch, click, crinch, knee making it's usual noise, I need a stair chair, maybe not! Showered and now to step on the scales. Weigh in page updated.

Our car is due the MOT today but James needs to be taken to his ICT lesson, so Michael will take our car for the MOT whilst my hubby takes Michael's car to get James to his lesson and I will wait in for a visitor we are expecting. As soon as the visitor has been then we can go and buy some groceries. Michael is here, hubby is talking to me...I'm trying to give Michael money for the MOT and talk to Michael and listen to hubby, infact, everyone is talking, I'm getting in a tizz, right, deep breath..innn and out, take stock, right then all sorted and everyone is off to their places, Adam at college, hubby off to take James and Michael off to take our car for the MOT...PEACE AT LAST!

Well, what a day. I waited and waited, no visitor...ummm - I'll give him until 2.30pm.
Didilly dim dim dim dim dim diddly dim dim dim phone is singing away to me with the Miss Marple tune, Oh it's my hubby..Arrgghh..awwww...hummmfff the garage phoned him, the car has failed the MOT, we just bought the car in November I think it was, ah well, we will just have to sort it. More expense.
My son, Michael arrives with our car from the garage. He refuses for us to pay garage fees so he is going to sort what it needs.
Hubby arrives home with James, just need Adam home now. I reserved a couple of things from Argos, I glance at my hubby, "no problems my love, i'll go to Argos for you," he says, that is all I need to do, glance and smile:) We needed to replace the shower rail because the shower head holder snapped...grrr I also spotted some new light pendants for our hall and landing...gorgeous and even better in the real, so pleased with them!

2.30pm...nope! the visitor clearly isn't going to arrive, strangely enough I've had a feeling that he wouldn't turn up. "Lets go then," I say to the family, so we pile into the car and off grocery shopping we go. Costco is our first port of call. I swear that every time I shop at Costco my bill is getting larger £220.33 this time, that is ridiculous! I am going to ask my hubby to go next time with a grocery list so I can't buy everything in sight. I have GOT to cut this right down. Right then, Tesco and the Nutri Centre...homeward bound now...for now.
Unload all the things and then JTF. Oh! 2 of those and those, oh I need one of those, "go on then," I say to the boys, rustle, plonk, clatter into the trolley, fizzy drinks, popcorn and pringles go. Homeward bound again.

Now to start putting things away - oh! I need to clean the fridge first, Oh NOOO! Screeaacchh..I have shaved off 3 tiny slithers of glass from the edge of one of the shelves when I was pulling it out of the frame, well I like to clean things thoroughly. oh it's fine, no-one will get cut, the shaved parts of the shelf go into the frame...DONE! Yep, another job done and all the groceries put away and into baskets that I bought from JTF, I'll put photo's on here today or tomorrow.

Definitely time for bed now.

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