Saturday, 2 March 2013

Catch Up

Well, I started raw again and I was good for 4 days, I was starting to feel really good! The bloating was going down, sleeping better, nightmares gone, IBS feeling better, not getting up through the night to go to the bathroom and I have to say that I was actually craving salads. My middle son, Adam is so kind and when he goes to Asda he insists on buying me treats and so as not to upset him, I eat them but then that triggered the processed cravings off which ended up being chips from the chip shop, whole packets of Jaffa Cakes and 2 bars of chocolate which then led to immediate negative effects; I was up to visit the bathroom through the night, hard to fall asleep and not a good sleep, IBS/constipation, bad dreams and bloating again, so once again, as of yesterday, March 1st 2013 I am back on the raw food wagon. I made a strawberry smoothie and I had a salad for my evening meal but that was all I had in total for the day which was no where near enough but I did feel better.

When I made the smoothie yesterday I made extra and I now have a jar of it in the fridge which I am going to have for breakfast this morning. I am going to stick with the raw, how many times have you heard that eh? But I am!!

I received an order yesterday from New Zealand; took two weeks to get here. A set of 6 DVD's by Chef Teton. I haven't watched them yet but I am going to do some housework and then settle down and watch one of them today.

I am going to get some things into the dehydrator today, I was thinking of maybe mushrooms and fakin bacon...YUM!

The sun has been shinning for days lately, LOVE IT!
My hubby and sons have gone out on a bicycle ride to look for a wooly hat that Adam dropped 2 days ago...MADNESS:) But at least it gives me the house to myself.
I have put a load of laundry on to wash and now I am going to get the vacuum out.

I have had a loss on the scales this week.

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Housework done.
I was in my kitchen before and I I looked at them, yep! The Jaffa Cakes but I resisted and had a banana instead. I have to have the naughty snacks in my house because my hubby and sons still eat these things. I don't mind them having these things as long as they eat healthy things also, and they do!! They even eat a lot of my raw food. I made cheesey nori sheets a few days ago and James LOVED them! I was totally knocked back because I didn't think James would like those.

I haven't watched any of my new DVD's yet because just as I was about to settle down to watch them my family came home:)

Back tomorrow


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