Saturday, 23 March 2013

Blowing A Gale

It is SOOO windy and has been for a day or two and getting worse.
We got up at 8.00am. I jumped under the shower, dressed, eyebrows on, hair sorted and out the door to do some grocery shopping at Asda. We were in there for 9.17am, it was PACKED. People were pushing and shoving...I hate that! All is good though! I'm happy , we are stocked up on some of the things we were running out of:)

When we got back from grocery shopping I put everything away and then got some laundry going in the machine.

That is all for now.

Not a lot else to report today. I napped and tidied around.
When I was in Asda this morning I bought some steak and gravy pies, so I cooked those and potato, carrots and gravy for the families evening meal. I had a salad and a banana for afters with a dusting of PB2, I know PB2 is not raw.

Jennifer Cornbleet Raw In A Rush DVD Review.
This DVD is just over 1 hour long and consists mainly of blender recipe's, smoothies, soups and salad dressings with a few salad recipe's thrown in. It has some lovely recipe's and easy to make too, one recipe has only 2 ingredients. There are no fancy ingredients so everything should be easily found is all or most supermarkets.
The DVD also comes with a Raw In A Rush guide covering, kitchen set up, shopping, recipe's and resources. A good DVD for the raw beginner!

Back tomorrow.


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