Friday, 8 March 2013

Staying Raw

Good morning! It is overcast today and I can hear the seagulls, infact, I can ALWAYS hear the seagulls, but then I will do because we live near the sea. I prefer the sound of the little birds more which we hear a lot of in our front and back gardens...LOVE them! We have birds nests in our hedges and tree.

Well I am now going to make a Moringa tea with the lemon again.

I didn't have anything to eat until later in the day at about 2.30pm which by this time I was really hungry and I was about to nose dive into processed rubbish BUT! I resisted the processed and decided to have this below:

Apple and coconut butter. I would normally have apple and peanut butter with honey but I chose coconut butter instead.
I need to think about breakfasts the night before so I don't get so hungry and tonight I have done just that so I made some raw granola tonight, just over 4 trays of it which is now in the dehydrator.

Not a lot has happened today, it never does actually which I can live with because otherwise bad just happens....oh dear, get the violins out:)
I am really going to make an effort and get out more, walking is what I am planning on doing.

Well that is it for today. I am going to get back tomorrow.


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