Saturday, 16 March 2013

Busy Day

Oh dear...uuurrrrggghhh..yaaaawwwwn, the usual hustly sound from the alarm, 7am time to get up. First the shower, so I shower holding the shower head above my head, hair soaked and ready for shampoo, I slowly lower the shower head to dangle in the bath...nope the new shower rail isn't fixed up yet. Shower done and getting myself sorted and dressed.

We are expecting a guy to do some work in the loft, "here he is," said my hubby whilst looking out of the window, my hubby goes to let him in and helps him with the tools, I sit at the computer. A while later...knock, knock...a parcel for me...woohoo I sign for my parcel then sit back at the computer. Knock, knock....another parcel for me....yeehaa, I go back to the computer....knock, knock - oh no! Oh yes it is, my sister coming to pick me up, she wants me to go to Bishop Auckland with her to visit a family member...urgh, I don't want to go...blaaahh:) I open the car door and plonk myself onto the seat, off we go. About an hour later we arrive. We stay there for an hour or so then take the hour long journey home. On the way back my sister pulls into a carpark, I find myself walking into Costa coffee...MMmm a nice cup of coffee. I glance at the clock and it is 5.30pm and finally home, I wasn't expecting to be out that long. As we pulled up outside my home, there he is, my eldest son, Michael fixing his car on our drive, actually, he was putting a toe hitch on his car. I open the front door and there is one of our grandsons running around having fun along with one of our grandaughter and baby grandson.

A couple of pics taken from my mobile of the country side. I should have taken a photo or two of the Angel of the North, next time.

Oh, I suddenly see another parcel on my desk, another parcel arrived whilst I've been out...woohoo

My first parcel was 2 jars of PB2, I know, not raw but less fat and should be helpful. The second parcel, a new mandolin, a Benriner mandolin...yeehaa and the third parcel is a bottle of Braggs apple cider vinegar. The other items I bought yesterday from Tesco; a small strainer which will be ideal for small amounts of fruits and nuts, I also bought a couple of smaller loose bottom tins, and the mug stack is just so cute I couldn't resist.

When we were at JTF yesterday I spotted these racks below, these should be good to put into my fridge I thought instead of having things stacked on top of each other and falling off and going every where, especially when I cut the nets open, so I bought two sets.

I glanced into my hall and oops!..heehee I have left a huge pineapple sitting on the cupboard in my hall, then I looked up and remembered, I just bought two light pendants yesterday which are called Pineapple pendants:)

These pendants are SOOOO much nicer in the real. I bought two of them, one for the hall and one for the landing..I LOVE them!

Well, that is me for today. I will be back tomorrow.


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