Thursday, 21 March 2013


I woke up at 3.48am with a migraine...OUCH! I took some tablets which helped ease things and I did manage to fall back to sleep. I slept until 9.30am.

I forgot to say yesterday as to why I have the chest pains. My doctor told me it was to do with my stomach. I do have Gerds disease and this is what causes the chest pains, and the fact that I was lying down at the time of some of the pains. I can help stop the Gerds by sticking to a healthy diet...all the more reason to stick to raw. Also the coughing, tiredness, dreams etc etc are all down to the medications I am having to take. I am taking Citalopram and Lansoprazole and these medications have a lot to answer for. I have had a lot answered for how I feel so often. I need to eat well and possibly get off these meds, I just know that I will feel GREAT!

My Mother went to see Jan De Vreis and he told my Mother that chocolate, cheese and milk cause blockages in the body and that one of the best things to eat are raw grated beetroot, carrot and apple. I had this for a meal a week or so ago and I enjoyed it.

I am going to vacuum and clean my floors today, but first, BREAKFAST...errm chia seeds I think.

Well, I didn't have chia seeds for breakfast, instead I had a yummy bowl of fruit: pineapple, blackberries, raspberries and mango and because I am constipated (TMI) I washed and threw a few medjool dates into the bowl. I did enjoy it!

This afternoon I had a nap, I will be so pleased to get off my meds so I wont keep getting tired, although raw will help in itself anyway, it seems to help when I am consistent with my raw.
For my evening meal I had a salad of romaine and nutritional yeast, I did also throw a few french fried onions on that I bought from Costco, my avocado's are not ripe yet:( no excuse because I didn't have to have the onions.

Well, that is it for today, back tomorrow:)


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