Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Monday To Today

I have been EXCELLENT with eating raw....WooHoo - oh! My yummy salad on Sunday evening ended up in the bin, why? Because when I had eaten about half of it I discovered a long hair in it, one of mine, not so bad you might think but NOPE! I don't care what or who's is in my food OUT IT GOES...BLEURGH! So out it went.

The raw has been starting to kick in in various ways. My visits to the little girls room has been a LOT better and easier!! So pleased about that!! I also haven't been feeling such a need for sleep throughout the day lately and on Monday night I had trouble sleeping, but that was because I kept thinking of my Dad, so when I did fall sleep I only had about two and a half hours which made me very tired throughout Tuesday. I slept a lot better last night because I was so tired but of course I woke up in the night to visit the bathroom and when I got up, I don't know if it was because I was so tired or what, but I felt so heavy and slow getting out of bed, as if when sitting up I was being pulled back type of heavy...hard to explain. I haven't a clue why that was. This morning I did have a morning nap and when I turned over to get comfortable I got very dizzy, now, I do suffer with sinus problems which can make me dizzy but I don't think it is sinus problems but having said that, because I have been so raw it could be the sinus/dizzy detox. I have been feeling very heavy and slow today also and sort of fuzzy in my head, actually, I felt sort of fuzzy over the last couple of days....puzzled
Is this detox??

Today, well, today..ummm After all my good work these last few days I have had some Minstrel chocolates from my middle son, Adam. He bought them for me today for a belated Mothers Day..bless him! I don't like to seem ungrateful, which I am not! So I did have them:(

I have been busy with housework over these last few days. I am wanting to polish my floors today but I dare not because Adam is insistent that I do nothing today for my belated Mothers day so if I start and polish my floors he will take the things off me and insist on doing it himself so I am going to do the floors tomorrow.

I am going to do a big grocery shop this weekend.

Back tomorrow.


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