Thursday, 28 March 2013

Update Lots

My cat, Peaches is walking a lot better but she is still leaning to her left side. Her meows are sounding different, she is drinking milk, not eating though, but she had made improvements! We take her back to the vets today, I will be back to blog about that later today.

I am starting to get the dizziness again:( but I am going to steam tonight because that usually helps. The dizziness happens because of problems with my ears. I have had ear troubles for quite some years now and this dizziness happens occasionally. I remember one time I was dizzy for 7 weeks but now I nip it in the bud as soon as it starts.

I came downstairs this morning to our dowstairs loo pipe leaking, so I have put an old dish underneath to catch the drips and hopefully it will be fixed later today. It is leaking fairly quickly and I am having to empty the dish often.

I am going to pop out at some point for a few groceries.

Peach is back home with medication; two different types. She was given three further injections at the vets. The next couple of weeks are the most important, if she doesn't improve then we need to think about letting her go to sleep forever. She has improved since yesterday so we have hope! Peach is asleep under James' bed at the moment, the injections seem to knock her out.

I went grocery shopping and I took James. I wanted kale but they still didn't have any...boohoo:(
HEY! The sun is out..WooHoo how long for is anyones guess but out it the moment.

Hubby came home and tried to fix the pipe in the downstairs loo, we are now waiting for the plumber...DOH!  Dynorod is coming in a few minutes. Luckily we haven't been flooded out but the downstairs loo floor will need drying out...could have been worse!

We managed to get Peaches first tablet down into her tummy. It is so hard to get cats to take tablets but what you do is swaddle the cat up in a towel and then open her mouth and put the tablet at the back of her tongue, we also put a little water into a small feeding syring and put water into her mouth as well as the tablet so she would swallow otherwise she just spits the tablet back out. Word of warning, you will not escape without injury to your fingers from your cat:)

When I was in Asda this morning I bought a file and punch pockets for a file I am starting for my raw, menus, weigh ins, motivation, raw food pyramids, food combining, detox, rotas, exercise and other logs etc. Below is a pic of my new has CUPCAKES on it...teehee

Have to say that I will be getting back to blogging about raw. We have nothing but things going wrong lately and I have been blogging about most of that for now.

Downstairs loo is repaired and plumber has just left:)

Well, that is all for today, so I will be back tomorrow. 

Back tomorrow.


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