Saturday, 31 March 2012

Day 37 - Walked &....

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I walked into town and back this morning, that was after I got petrol for the car for the MOT on Monday. The petrol delivery guys are threatening strikes and of course an MP advised everyone to fill their tanks and jerry cans up, so of course everyone rushes out and empties the petrol pumps so there is NO petrol left for anyone else.....UTTER GREED!! But I managed to get some petrol this morning but I only got £10 worth so as not to be greedy, as long as I have enough for the MOT on Monday, then I'm happy but if I couldn't have got petrol then I would have had to cancel the MOT because of others GREED!...What is is the point of emptying the pumps? If there is going to be a strike then it isn't even going to happen until AFTER the Easter holidays and then they have to give 7 days notice before they can strike.....CRAZINESS AND GREED FOR SURE!!
It was on the news yesterday that a poor woman got 40% burns on her body when decanting petrol from a jerry can that the MP advised everyone to fill.
Anyway, enough of my ranting!

I am getting a 4 tier steel powder coated shelving unit today for my kitchen, it means I am going to have to move my vegetable trolley but I think the shelves would be better there and I will hopefully get my raw food packets etc and also things from my work tops onto the shelves, although it is ONLY a 4 tier shelving unit....we'll see. The 4 tier shelf is the only shelf that will fit in my kitchen because I have fitted wall and floor cupboards all around and then my American fridge freezer which pretty much takes up any remaining floor space.

Oh! I made the Protein balls the other day but before I got chance to take a pic of them....they were eaten, the boys loved them too, so that was that. I will make some more this weekend and take a pic.

I am going to make a positive effort to exercise as of Monday, I need to!

I got my shelves but I'm not sure if it looks tidier or not? But I am leaving the shelves there because I need them and that is literally the only place I can put them, AND I can also get my freezer door wide open whereas when the vegetable trolley was there I couldn't open the freezer door fully.
I have got some things onto the shelves that I had around my kitchen worktops and that I could not fit into the cupboards, I have also managed to put my overspill of raw food products on the shelves, so it's all good!
I actually already have 1 double and 1 single wall cupboard full with my raw foods, so extra shelving was very much needed.



And now I have more space on my worktops also which I am very pleased about, I don't like cluttered worktops, my clutter is now in one place....teehee.

I will be back either later today or tomorrow.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Day 35

I have had a banana and smoothie drinks today up to now and now it is lunch time.

I am going to get some housework done soon and because I am feeling like I want to get into my kitchen and make something I might make the protein bar recipe below.
I watched this on You Tube this morning, here is the recipe:

Protein Bar - LizYartur
1/3 C Peanut Butter
3TB Honey
1 C Oats, rolled
3 TB Peanuts, crushed
1/2 C Milk
6 - 7 Scoops Vanilla Protein Powder

Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl, except the crushed peanuts.
Add in the peanut butter, honey and milk and mix well, you may need to add a little more milk.
Shape into bars, balls, cookies.
Put into the fridge for an hour or so to set.

I have raw oat groats that I can roll/steel cut in my flaker and I will use almond milk and maybe cashew butter.

Go here: Sasha and sign up for your 3 free recipes and a free pantry list....FAB! Thanks for doing this Sasha! I got mine!

Right then, I'm off to make a salad for my lunch.

Back later

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Day 34 - Whoops!

Long time no hear/read eh?
I thought I would write a raw menu plan so here it is:

Daily Dietery Plan - ALL RAW

3 Smoothies per day

Raw granola

Lunches: Serve with vegetables
Wraps or rolls
Raw Soup
Raw Pizza

Main Meal: Serve with vegetables
Raw curry
Raw Meatballs
Raw Pasta
Raw Casserole

The weather has been THE BEST lately but it is set to get a tad cooler despite the fact that I read on, I think Yahoo that we were in for a hot weekend.....ummm.

I have been busy doing housework and not a lot else really.
I am going to have to sort out my raw food storage. I was looking at some great metal shelving in Costco but I just don't have the room in my kitchen or anywhere else in my home to put it, pitty because it would have solved a storage problem.

I am going to have to sort out some extra storage because I really could do with something. I have a small walk in cupboard but it would be too warm in there because of water pipes coming down the wall inside the cupboard that go to radiators.....ummm this is going to be something for me to think about and figure out I think.

Back later or tomorrow with pics of my days food.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day 26 - Mothers Day

We had Mothers Day on Sunday and my eldest son, Michael brought presents for me which included a box of Thorntons chocolates from my grandbabies. I also got 2 GORGEOUS cards, a grandma bar of chocolate, a bottle of Blossom Hill rosé wine, and a very cute tin with a cute little mug inside with pictures and words printed on it saying, 'Go to Grandma's! Home of the WORLD FAMOUS tea & sympathy'....CUTE!

Of course the Thorntons and the bar of chocolate has gone.

I decided to join, 'Kates Magic Bubble' where I can get 10% off my rawders, watch vids, get new recipe's from Kate and get lots of helpful information and answers to my questions direct from Kate. You can check it out here: Kates Magic Bubble although you wont be able to ask Kate questions, access her video's or recipes unless you join; the details are there at the Bubble.

I am determined to feed my body with healthy raw foods, so this morning I started off with, 'Chia Up Love' which is the Chia Seed recipe. Everytime I have this it really helps with my loo stops...TMI - You can get some of Kate's recipe's for free here: Kates Recipe's

Right then, that is me for now but I will post those pics today and let you know of the rest of my day. Back later today

I fell asleep for a few hours this afternoon. I have noticed that I am not needing to have a sleep every afternoon now. I think the reason I felt so tired today is that it is lady time and at this time of the month, and the older I have gotten I find that I get extra tired during this time.
I definitely do have more energy through the days more often now.

Here is my latest rawder.
The vanilla protein powder can also be put into raw cakes and of course smoothies. I am sure Dara Dubinet has recently put a video up of a cake being made and they put a scoop of protein powder into the recipe.
The magic mix is going to also be used in a raw cake by Kate Magic, I will try and find her You Tube and put it below.

Kate's Crunk Crunch Cake You Tube

After watching the video again I noticed that it is Hi Trail I needed not Magic Mix but it doesn't matter I don't think.

Below is a pic of the Raw cacao brazil nut bliss spread that I bought form the Nutricentre and a few other bits and pieces, a strawberry slicer and food scoop to scoop all those lovely chopped goodies and put it all straight into the bowl.

Here is a pic of rice cakes that I am finding quite helpful for those times when I am unprepared. I know they are not raw but they are certainly better than a lot of things that I could grab when I don't have crackers or raw bread made.

Back tomorrow with some more pics of my latest Raw books.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Day 23

Oh WOW! Time flies.

Wednesday I received my new leather settee and foot stool for my living room. it is beautiful!! It is a 3 seater settee, I do prefer the look of 2 seaters better but my livingroom can easily take the 3 seater and it is so much better to lounge on, AND NO MORE squabbling from the boys because one is sitting further over than the other, they can have a full space between them.

I went out on Thursday and done a huge grocery shop. I had to take myself this time as my hubby couldn't get the day off work...boohoo - he normally comes with me....and does the driving...TeeHee but on Thursday I had to do the driving...humfff I like to take in the views....views! Here? Well, hey! There is always lots to see but this day I had to watch the traffic and where I was going instead. Ah well!

On Thursday morning I went to Asda where my intentions were to spend no more than about £70 on things like ink for the printer, shoes for the boys and toiletries, but OH NO! Not I, I ended up spending £153 buying things like cook in sauces, meats etc for the family - I did buy plenty vegetables also and lots of toiletries and hair colours.

I got back from Asda and put some fridgy things away and then I had to go to Sainsbury's to buy.....wait for it! DOUGHNUTS! Yes I did say DOUGHNUTS, JAMMY ONES at that. My hubby is a pain in the butt for the Sainsbury's jam doughnuts. Anyway, I had to buy a few boxes of those and take them to him at work, he did share them out with the lads which is something I suppose, it meant he didn't eat them all himself. I also found sweet white miso at Sainsbury's so I bought 2 packets of that...LOVE sweet white miso.

After dropping the doughnuts off for my hubby at work I then drove up to Tesco. I bought a box of mangoe's only to buy another huge box from Costco later in the day. I always buy Costco fruit and veg because it seems to be fabulous quality and the mangoe's at Costco are bigger and so much nicer so I just couldn't not buy another box of mangoe's at Costco. Anyway where was I? Oh! Tesco. I also bought my usual sweet onions; Tesco is the only place that I can find that sells sweet onions....madness! I bought fresh sage Oh! And coconut milk powder, I know! It wont be raw but it will be convenient....ARRGGHH! Am I getting caught up in the conveince food trap?!?!

I bought a few other bits and pieces also, Tamari, chick peas.
Of course because I was in Tesco I just have to pop into the Nutricentre. I bought a new book which I will post tomorrow. It was a book by Elaine Bruce who lives here in the UK and she runs her own Raw food retreat. You can visit it here: UK Centre For Living Foods. I have had a quick look through the book and it is very informative and covers things like rejuvelac, fermenting and sprout growing, as well as lots more. I also stocked up on Organic Linseeds, Organic Wheat, Raw Brazil nut bliss spread, Alfalfa favourite!

I came back home and put the groceries away. When my hubby came home from work we then went to Costco, hubby likes to go there.
We went into Costco and bought my usual fruits, vegetables, frozen foods etc - we also came out with a huge fireplace and fire....TeeHee My hubby took the fireplace and fire home because it took the full car and he had to tie the boot lid down. He had to come back to pick me and James up...teehee.

So that was my Thursday. It is always a busy day on our big grocery shop days, we don't always buy huge items like fireplaces and fires though.....PHEW!

On Friday I received an order from Raw Living...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that place! And the Nutricentre and Costco! My favourite places to shop! I will post a pic tomorrow of my rawder as my husband calls them.....good name for my raw orders, rawders.

Back tomorrow

Monday, 12 March 2012

Day 18

I have been AWOL...Oops!I had a few niggly things going on last week, all sorted now and it is a new week and the sun is shining! Spring and Summer are difinitely on their way. Our clocks go forward at the end of March.

I had to colour my hair this morning, BOY! Did it need it!...The old natural blonde was a shining as bright as the sun today, well, grey but I call it my natural blonde...teehee. All done now!

I made Flapjacks last night...I know...BUT HEY! Don't flap....they are RAW Flapjacks and taste exactly like Flapjacks...UN...BEL...IEV...A..BLE! I have put the recipe below. No! It isn't my recipe.

Flapjacks - Kate Wood
300g/10oz Oats, soaked 8-12 hours
4Tb Agave Nectar
4Tb Plive Oil
4Tb Water
120g/4oz Raisins

Put everything except the raisins into the blender.
Blend to a porridge (you can eat it like this for breakfast if you want!)
Stir in the raisins by hand.
Spread onto a dehydrator tray lined with teflex, about 2cm/1in thick.
Dry for 12 hours then score into squares, four by five, or possibly five by five if you want to make smaller flapjacks.
Flip over and dry for a further six hours.
Store in an airtight container. Will keep for up to two weeks.

2Tb Carob Powder
2Tb Goji Berries, soaked 1-2 hrs
2Tb Bee Pollen
2Tb Maca Powder
2Tb Fresh Dates instead of Agave
1Tb Cinnamon or Mixed SpicE
2cm 1inch Fresh Root Ginger
10 Drops Orange Oil

I didn't add the raisins but what I did add was 2Tb Lucuma to my mixture...YUM!
When I had spread the mixture onto the teflex some of it was thicker in parts than other parts so I have to say, not to make them quite as thick as suggested in the recipe as the thicker parts seemed to be a tad soggy-ish in the middle after dehydration, whereas when I made them slightly thinner they were dried in the middle...PERFECT!

If you make these let me know if they taste like flapjacks, they certainly do to me!!

Today's eats
Strawberry and Banana Smoothie
3 Persimmons
Rich Tea biscuits....Not raw

Back later

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Day 13 - Nitty Gritty

WOW! I had a dicky tummy again yesterday, quite bad. I am wondering if it was a bowl full of chia seeds that I ate the day before...I know we should eat a portion size but I ate 2 portion sizes...I'm a pig!...teehee I find chia seeds are the best to help with IBS and really give me a clean sweep...teehee - TMI! Oh well, I've wrote it now.

I am currently drinking a strawberry and banana smoothie for my breakfast...YUM!

Strawberry and Banana Smoothie
30 Strawberries
1 1/2 Banana's
1 Apple
65 Red Grapes
2 Oranges

I am going to try to get time today to create a weeks menu plan for my family who don't eat raw, well, Adam and James will eat some raw but my hub...NOOO WAY! He wont eat raw except for lettuce, tomato and cucumber between two slices of bread....ummm Anyway, I will make a weeks menu for my family and a weeks menu for myself and see how well I can stick to making all of the delectable creations...heehee. If it works then I will create menu plans more often. I find that because I don't have a plan I stray off my raw course and then feel sickly after eating the processed food, then regret it and then start thinking that I have failed myself again! ANDNEVER enjoy the cooked food anyway.

Today's Food
750ml Strawberry & Banana Smoothie

Monday, 5 March 2012

Day 11 - Oops!

I have not blogged for a few days but here now....phew!

We popped out on Saturday morning and stocked up on a few bits of produce, always nice to buy good, fresh produce...motivating!! I popped out on Friday also and bought a couple of A5 size note books which is where I am writing recipes down what I have found on line. I am getting fed up with all the piles of paper with recipe's jotted down on them. I do have lots of raw food recipe books but sometimes we just happen to come across many good recipe's on peoples You Tubes and blogs.

Rota's today, housework and beauty. I might try and get out for a walk later today also.

I decided to make Dara's Cappucino tonic recipe that she has on You Tube but it tasted too strong for the moment anyway, so that ended up down the sink, shame!

Dara's Cappucino
Tea pot of Yerba Maté tea
2tsp hpd Cacao
Dash Reishi Powder
1/2tsp Vanilla Powder
1tsp Honey
English Toffee Stevia
3tsp Dandy Blend
1tsp Coconut Oil


I have another Coffee drink recipe from a lovely lady, Marsha which I will maybe make later or I will make it tomorrow morning, I will let you know anyway.
If you want Marsha's Coffee recipe then go here: Raw Bliss forum because I am not sure if Marsha would allow me to share it.

After Dara's Cappucino I had a Sharon fruit to calm my taste buds down....Whoa! That was strong, nice but strong.

What I have consumed today
7.45am Banana
8.40am 1/4 C Dara's Cappucino
9.50am Sharon Fruit

Friday, 2 March 2012

Day 8 - Feeling Good!

Yes, I'm feeling better now. I will be back throughout today.
'Weigh in' Page has been updated; I lost this week!

8.40am - Banana

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Day 7

I missed blogging for a day; I wasn't well yesterday but I feel quite a bit better today...thank goodness!!